Adventure off my comrads by MegaPunkRockerPrincess
Summary: Adventure of mi friends!
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deo let me go ater by MegaPunkRockerPrincess
Deo smiled. I smiled. Cara smiled. She says. Weeee run car. I syas. Why musty go? She says We....Run...Car. I says. Why.. musyut.. go? She saids cooly. WE..................RUN..........
CCCAR!!! I say TEEN TItANS GO!@_o Sara burberd loud at my face. then we go to zelda. SHe says RUN...CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cara smiled. Deo smiled. Mary smiled. Deo let me go ater!!)(^&)(!!!)!#(&!(*^(!%*^!%$(_(*&~+_$%&*()_P~^$^% .. Deo farted. We alll deyed.

Ganon gradually approached us all as we trembled in the immense shadow of fear that seemed to surround us. "Ganon! Do not come closer!" Zelda screamed. Mary looked around for a solution, and found a sparkle of silver in the distance. "Link's sword!" she thought. The warrior girl lept forward and raced to beat the dark king to the master sword. "Cara, HELP!" she shouted as ganon advanced on her.

Cara smiled. I smiled. Ganon did dy nd we all flew home in a bird. Bird Seememed beg and large.
I'll right more l8ter.

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