Why Bother? by MegaPunkRockerPrincess
Summary: My final things to say to apologize.
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I am truely sorry. by MegaPunkRockerPrincess
I would like to tell you all that you really hurt my feelings. I felt horrible and ran for bedroom after reading some of your reviews. I stayed in there all day, and cried. I am crying now as well. And I personally do not blame you for hating me. Yes, I am a big prep, I love Hilary Duff, and my absolute favorite color is pink and truthfully, I do not even like Zelda that much.

So I had a girl from school, one you may know by reading her works here, (Sage of Light), help me on an apology poem. I did not blame her for being reluctant to help me, for she is punkish and hates me and several things I like, (such as Hilary Duff, Cheerleading, etc.) And I am sorry for wasting your nonexistant lives. So, why even bother apologizing, I was just having some fun with you Zelda freaks.
:) The last thing I plan on writing here.
Oh, and burn, you can FRIH.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Why Bother*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

I would give you forever, I'd give what it takes, to erase this mark of black, If I could, I'd do anything I could to take it back, I'm sorry for acting out of place, for acting like a freak, I can tell you all love zelda, and I've been such a geek, All I ask is for forgivness, from our Lord, the father, but as I sit and write this poem, I realize, "Why bother?"

Thank you, and-woot.
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