Hilary Duff Fell In Love With A Llama by Tina the Llama
Summary: Hilary Duff fell in love with a Llama
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Weee by Tina the Llama
One day Hilary duff was coming out of Walgreens
( with a bag of fatning chocolate) when she was eating she got hit by a car. She awoke in the hospital to find a Llama in her room. Cause her stupid sister Haley bought it for her. Hilary said it was the most handsome Llama she had ever seen ( evem though it was female) she fell in love with it. And they both had so much in common. They both smelled, pied whenever they wanted, and cant sing, so a week later Hilary married the Llama then they adopted a Platapus and named it Aaron. But after the adoption the Llama left Hilary for someone else. And who was that Lidsney Lohan
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