Hope by Love421
Summary: Its is a stroy of being lost and finding yourself
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Hope Here by Love421
Hope, I feel as if it has left me, like i am dead inside, like i cant breath, but then you come to me. I feel your presense within ME calling to ME, yelling my name i start to run, it fades out, i am lost yet agian. I hear you agian, i hear you calling my name as if you knew me, but how can I say that I dont even know myself. I run faster, faster, faster and then i am there i am looking at you but you do not seem familer to me. But then i realize this was a hard long dark journey, you are me, the me that i want to be, you give me strengh to stand out of the crowd and be my own person, you make me warm inside. I am no longer dead, you are there, you keep me unique. Youe keep me, me
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