Saria by Sairasfairy
Summary: About the life of Saria
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Saria's Life and Rebirth: Chapter One by Sairasfairy
In the forest is a girl
with green hair, clothes, and fairy
for her name was Saria and to
that meant that she was the most beautiful
girl in the forest of the Kokiri.

In her life she had a friend who saved her
from the temple demon.
The temple demon was known as Phantom Ganon
and to me that meant he was stupid.
But before she was saved from the temple
she gave her friend a Fairy's Ocarina
so he could talk to her.

In a way I miss her to the point
I shed a tear. But I remember the times
that were good at which she was alive
so I say to her if she was alive
welcome back Sage of Forest.
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