Saria by Sairasfairy
Summary: For when she had power and what she did with it.
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Saria's Life and Rebirth: Chapter Three by Sairasfairy
When she had the power
I saw fear in her eyes
for that fear was that
she could never be seen again.

But one made her believe that
she could be seen again and that
one was her friend who was in
search for the sacred medallions in
which he would defeat Ganondorf
with and to me, Ganondorf was a dwarf.

After she was saved
I saw from a glance
as she handed over
the Forest Medallion.

I think to her abilities
she saw me at a glance
as I flew away and smiled
for I knew she was to never
see me again until Ganondorf
was defeated and sealed away
for good.

I later found out that the seal
was broken by him
luckily when I was assigned to her
I was only 1000 years old.

Fairies live forever so we are not
effected by evil magic. 1000 years later,
I figured that she would return to this world
of the living but I figured wrong because
I ended up becoming a Great Fairy.

I could not reveal my true self to the
returning warrior for if he knew
he would die along with the princess
and Ganondorf.

I really wanted to but I could not
for if I did, I would lose my position
as a Great Fairy. Now I am glad that
I did not tell him a thing. For now I say
this Saria, please come back.
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