Bunny by Ikokou
Summary: A poem about Link and a bunny... kinda cute...
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~ by Ikokou
Link was walking through Hyrule Field one day
And stumbled on a rock.
As he looked toward it,
He saw a bunny.

"Aww, what a cute bunny,"
said Link
"I wonder where you came from,
So I'll take you home with me."

Link walked in his house
Set the bunny on his bed
Turned around to write a "bunny found" poster
And heard a loud ::CRUNCH::

"Bunny, what did you do?!"
Link cried in agony
Because when he turned around,
The innocent bunny ate his bed.

"I am hungry" said bunny
"Bunny, you can talk?!"
"Of course I can you fool,
I am a demon bunny!!!"

Link stared at the bunny
Astonished and bewildered
"And now, Link," the bunny said,
"'Tis time to meet your doom!"

Link pulled out his shining sword
And pointed it toward the bunny,
But as soon as he did,
The bunny hopped away.

"Whew," said Link
"No more demon bunny"
Link turned to look in the mirror,
"AAAHHHH!!! That bunny stole my hat!"
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