It Came From No Where by Lafetia_Dark_Links girl
Summary: Zelda and Link are to be married,but things SO go worng!Could Dark Link be involved?
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Proluge by Lafetia_Dark_Links girl

Link was walking through the beatuiful Court Yard,awaiting Zelda for their finial date.Why?Because Link was going to ask her hand in marriage today,at the end of the date.
"I hope she comes soon.How long does it take for girl to get ready?"He pondered the yard.
Zelda finially arrived coming out of the door."I'm ready,how about you?"She said,dressed in.....a little pesant's gown?
"Um,I don't want to be rude,but.If it took you so long to get ready,why are you wearing a pesant's gown?"Link asked,as he took her hand and led her out of the castle Court Yard.
"I don't want any one to disturb us tonight."She said.
"Ah,yes.That's a good reason."Link said,remebering what he was going to ask tonight.
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