Just What I Wanna Say by lightofdin64
Summary: A sweet number from Link to Zelda. If anyone watches the anime Gravitation, sing this to the tune of the opening song Super Drive by Yosuke Sakanoue (except the last four lines)
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none by lightofdin64
Underneath the opression, but with the good always the bad
it's getting better every second that I know you and it's so true
that's true,

No, please don't tell me no because I'm so in love with you
No, don't never smile again because that's what I most enjoy

As I cross over to you, my heart swells with deep passion
And if I want to will you let me embrace you every single day
that's right,

No, your touch is so tender and I long for it for eternity
No, please don't run away, I would only chase you till I die

Say, say you'll let me be by you for all of the time I live
Say, say you'll kiss me and let me be your lover

I want to spread my wings, and feathers lightly caress you
And with me I see the dawning of a new era that holds you
that's right,

No, don't ever sell your soul, because I want it for myself
No, I won't ever let you go because you see I want you so badly

Say, say unto me you'll forever be always with me
Take all the world and subtract the frowns and I'll get you

Say, say I will take the whole universe we hold
And I will unto you forever love you and I'll always feel that way

I'll always feel that way
I will never change
I'll always feel that way
And I'll forever be with you
I'll always feel that way
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