Was It Real? by shurfoot
Summary: Link dreams of things. actually i dreamt it. i had to write it down.
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Was It Real? by shurfoot
Silk Hollies was a wiry little man. He was leading Link, Violet, Louis and Zero through a forest. There was a very long crane with a light over their heads. They were then on an island, water surrounding them. Silk decided to dive in, it was the only way to get to Izma to make sure they would save the world.
Link and the rest followed him. Underwater was a sunken ship. Silk went through a hole in the concrete floor, but Violet stopped them. A giant squid was looming underneath them. Violet, being an inventor, set up long pieces of sharp wood and tipped the boat. The wood pierced through the squid, just as planned.
The group then went through the hole, and found themselves in a dark room. Izma was making Silk dance, and asking him questions. But if Silk answered incorrectly, his soul would be hers. Unless someone answered correctly. He already got one wrong.
"Wouldn't you like me to be Mrs. Hollies?"
"Wrong. Am I really lovely?"
"Wrong. You lose." Silk was sucked into a vortex. Izma turned to the rest of them. Link was so scared he said, "No, no no no." he was sucked into the same vortex. Violet began singing and was sucked into the vortex. Louis was the one to get everything right and everyone was returned.

Link woke up, only to find Silk's face right infront of him.
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