Near the Water's Edge (Part One) by lightofdin64
Summary: This is a poem based on Alexandra Spears's story "Afterward." Great job Alexandra! Hope you like this! (This is part one. I'll write part two when I read the second part of the story).
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n/a by lightofdin64
Into the light
I find his dark
Mother is gone
She says too much

Claims of the little sister
That shows me how her world is like
Claims of the youngest daughter
Mother recieves the chemical bite

Oh, the angry soul
Perched on the highest of icebergs
Can we knock it down
Without destroying our love?

Oh, the worshipped devil
Wants you and I
Can we beat him down
Without flowing with his blood?

My honest truth
I do want you
My mother's eyes
See me and you

Under the deep
Into the light
Escape the dark
Escape a fight

Without you, I could never float
This womb is precious, save me
Save sister, save mother, fight
The hinderance that bought Mother's blood

Without you, I could never fly
This womb carries something of yours
The wrong or right answer is never enough
Together, we could build a bridge!

The silence speaks
Hug my blood
The newborn peaks

We'll never know
Near the water's edge
Our hopes do flow...
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