Hyrule's 9/11 by lightofdin64
Summary: I just remembered that today is 9.11 (yeah, i'm slow), so i decided to dedicate a poem to the dead and survived of that day. Hyrule is also tributing. Enjoy!
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n/a by lightofdin64
What to do? What to say?
I've gone and everyone's away
Our treasure is missing
And we can't make up for what's not there

Just live and grow
No one's in the total deception
Just grow and die
In the peace of the masters

Maybe if we live today
We can fight tomorrow
For a world that might not be ours
But hearts count

So it won't matter if you cry
eat till you drop
play the day away

Just live, live, live


*The main message of the poem is to not dwell on the past (but keep remembering), and just basically keep on living. I hope you liked it.
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