Sage Advice by Macorum

Link is beeing told a prophecy about his quest as an adult.

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Sage Advice by Macorum

Beyond the doors of this temple

Resides the sword of evil's bane.

In the hands of a wielder of Courage

Can it overthrow evil's reign.


In order to do that, the wielder must

Awaken the sages that sleep

Within the hearts of five temples

Where evil has made its keep.


Within the forest of your home

Rests a friend of your past.

You will meet her again, only once,

But the meeting will not last.


In the pits of a fiery volcano

Struggles your Brother of old.

You will find him in peril,

Then you'll face dangers untold.


Deep in the heart of the lakebed,

Your fiance awaits you.

She will show you the way to Morpha,

But after she'll be forced to reject you.


In a desert oasis resides a thief,

Waiting for you to arrive.

After you conquer two witches combined,

She will expect your good-bye.


Beneath a graveyard of royal line,

A brutal monster sulks in its lair.

Defeat this beast and you will meet

The guardian of your princess fair.


In this temple where you found the sword

Will be a friend you have not seen in years.

She will then remove her disguise

And relinquish many of your fears.


Unfortunately, your quest hasn't ended.

It has only just begun

I fear that Ganondorf will be the victor,

And the day will not be won.


Have strength, young hero, as you go forth

And throw down the evil of yore.

If you defeat him, good will triumph,

And that should settle the score.

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