I'm me by Xelloss
Summary: I'm resubmitting this on occord that I can't see anything. Hope you guys like it, blah blah blah and... Yeah.
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Chapter 1 by Xelloss
Author's Notes:
I don't claim Link as my own, or anything Zeldaish, isn't mine. Make since? No? well just be happy my things come through safe and sound...ish.

I’m not pretty,

I’m not smart,

I’m not fast,

I’m not fit,

I’m not tall

Or about to fall.

I’m just me

And that’s all.


I fight

I’m never right

I never talk at all

I can’t

I’m slow

And short

But I’m me

That’s all.


My eyes are murky

My hair is dull

I’m covered in scars

But I’ll never fall

I’m me


Some say I’m not hylin

Some say I’m evil

Some say I’m good

But none of those are right.

Can’t they see?

I’m just me.


An elf with scars

And eyes full of tears

Living though seven years

Of nothing but hate

They promised me the sky

But I sunk like a stone

I’m me


I’m not smart

Or fast

I don’t play sports

Or go to school

I’m the Hero of Time

That’s me

That’s all.


I’m me

And I’m alone

No ones there

For me

I don’t understand

I’m always there for them

Don’t they care?

Am I just a passing trend?


Can they see me?

Or is it like I’m not there?

Help me

I have wounds that refuse to heal


A mind that won’t take peace

I’m alone in the world

See him there?

With that fake smile,

That’s me


I see a light

Am I finished?

Did I fall?

Before I leave



My name is Link

And I’ve lived a lie

Thinking I was someone else

But now I realize

I was only

What you wanted me to be

So hear me now,

No more will I change

For now I realize

I’m me.

 And this is my Legend.

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