Legend of Zelda: A Hero's Curse by Gianni
Summary: When Hyrule was saved by the dark lord, and the Hero left for his quest to search for his long lost friend, chaos ensued.
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Chapters: 1 Completed: No Word count: 374 Read: 4814 Published: Aug 22, 2008 Updated: Aug 22, 2008
Story Notes:
After OoT and MM but pre WW
Preface by Gianni
Author's Notes:

This is what happened when he left. Link I mean. Also when they go back in time the people don't know that Ganondorf was about to take over Hyrule. He takes over it when Link pulls the sword remember? If you played the game.

~~ means a quotation

== means a contradictory statement

End Notes:
This is my interpretation of what happened when the two returned back in time and how he left. Now we're about to travel 100 years in time so bear with me!
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