Moving Shadows by ChEnO
Summary: A shadow has begun to fall across the land of Hyrule. It is up to the chosen hero and a group of legendary warriors to save the day
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Prolouge by ChEnO

The tensions in the court were extremely high as two men in black stood before the king. They, along with a few others, were being placed on trial.
“Your highness, for generations the Royal Guards have served and protected your family from danger,” the younger of the two said, “how can you be treating us like this?”
“Roam,” the other beside him said chewing his thumb nail, “I advise that you keep your temper.” Roam glared at the man beside him and huffed out a breath of smoke. The king took this moment of to make his move.
“It is true that your families have served mine for well over a hundred years. It has come to my attention that the royal guards create more evil than good. After what Aron told me last week I believe that it is best that we let all of you go,” he said in a booming voice.
Roam and his partner exchanged looks. Aron simply shrugged his shoulders. Roam looked up to the Princess for help, but she just gave him a sympathetic smile. Aron stopped chewing on his nail.
“If I might say something,” he began, the king nodded, “It’s true that I saw a cult being lead by one of our former guards, we are not all like that. We are loyal to those who trust us. Your highness, my comrades that stand in this room with me today have been in the guards since they were old enough to walk, they have been training their whole lives for a moment like this to prove to you that they are capable of living in the footsteps of their parents…”
The king cut him off, “That is exactly what I’m worried about.” All the eyes in the room fell on a girl in her late teens wearing the same black armor of the other guards. She looked down at her feet and tried to blend into the wall.
“Diana is nothing like her father or her sister,” Roam snarled.
“It’s true,” Aron said, “Diana has been my appetence for three years now, and though she shows incredible talent, she truly the complete opposite of both Scarlet and Lord Ganondorf.”
Everyone in the room gasped. Aron looked around at all the eyes that were now set on him. The king just looked at him, fury filling his eyes. Roam sighed and rubbed his brow.
“Oh right, not aloud to say his name in the high court. Forgot,” Aron said in an unapologetic tone.
“Let it be known to all those gifted with special powers, not just the six who stand in this room,” the king said, the Royal Guards exchanged nervous looks, “that Hyrule is capable of surviving without your aid. Full duty of protecting the land will fall to the Palace guards and those willing to join the army.”

“Forgot you weren’t allowed to say his name in the high court,” Roam mimicked. He, Diana, and Aron sat in a bakery. Aron was sitting next to Diana eat an apple pie by himself. His knees were pulled up to his chest and he was tapping his fingers nervously.
“Even Hyrule’s greatest sorcerer can forget,” he said with a mouthful. “Do you have any idea where you’re going to go now that we no longer have the palace?”
“I haven’t given it much thought,” Roam said, “I guess I’ll just find a cheap apartment here and work with a blacksmith. They’re always looking for fire sages.”
“You can stay in my house,” Aron offered, “I was planning on taking Diana out to my cottage by Lake Hylia to get away from,” he looked around and narrowed his eyes, “people.”
Roam smiled and looked at Diana who hadn’t said much since they left the castle. He put his hand on top of her hand.
“Smile,” he said, “it’s not you’re fault. It was bound to happen someday.”
“They all hate me,” Diana said. Aron finished his pie and began dropping sugar cube into his tea.
“They don’t hate you,” he said, focusing more on the tea than her. Aron seldom looked at people when he spoke to them.
“Did you see the look Ashleigh gave me while we were leaving?” Diana argued.
“Can’t say I’ve ever paid attention to Ashleigh,” Aron said, taking a sip of his drink, “Now Roam, about a place to stay…”
Roam shook his head and stood up. “Thanks for the offer Aron, but I think I’ll do some traveling, maybe head to the underground world… My father still has a house there. If that doesn’t work out I pay just break into the one you own down there.”
Aron smiled, “Do as you wish. But either way you’re the one who’s going to have to find the Chosen Hero.”
“What?” Roam asked.
“I explain later. Right now Diana and I must go get ready for the move.” He stood up and dropped some rupees onto the table. Diana followed him out the door shrugging at Roam as she did.
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