Draconas and Zelda by Zelda_dragon15
Summary: Zelda and Draconas the dragon king? Is it a match? (It's kinda short but I don't care)
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Draconas by Zelda_dragon15

Draconas watched Zelda through his magic Mirror in his world. Zelda was crying. An old woman tried to comfort her but couldn't. "Saria. How I wish you here to play the song we share." said Zelda through her tears. Draconas appeared in the room at the same time Saria appeared. "Impa..." Zelda's voice trailed off. Her golden hair shone in the candlelight. She rose from the bed and walked over to Draconas. Her blue eyes suddenly began sparkling. "Link. I've found you again." said Zelda. Her small hand touched Draconas' cheek. Love blossomed between them and 9 months later Zelda gave birth to a baby boy whom she named Draco.

His adventures are a  whole new story.

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