Ganon's Worry by Iorn knuckle rokz22
Summary: My first creation! This is about Ganondorf worrying more and more about link as time progersses. I hope you enjoy it!
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Story Notes:

Okay, its my first story!

I hope im off to a good start! All L.O.Z. stuff belongs to nintendo

Poetry belongs to whoever invented it. 

Chapter 1 by Iorn knuckle rokz22

        That Link,

He is a fish, caught on my bait

He is on my gril

Waiting to be gobbled up.

He is coming

slowly but surley.

I am looking forward to this.


       What is this feeling?

Has a sage been awakened?

I feel weak!

I feel worried!

...But I must perservere!

I am the king!

I am the ruler!


         He is here.

I sense his presence.

There he is.

I feel weak...


         How did this happen???

I am through!

I was ten times bigger!

I destroyed the castle under his feet!

I used the Triforce!






End Notes:

I hope you liked my first story! Please don't be hard on me if you didn't like it.


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