Zelda's Journey through the worlds by Sailor Darkness
Summary: Basically Neo Queen Zelda goes across the universe recruiting heroes and heroines to help save Crystal Hyrule which she rules. I don't own legend of Zelda or the sailor scouts or the Teen Titans or any of the heroes.
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Chapter 1 by Sailor Darkness
The Queen of Crystal Hyrule -Neo Queen Zelda- sat by the window of her bedroom waiting for her foe's arrival. She had waited this long she decided she would travel across the universe recruiting heroes and heroines to help her protect Crystal Hyrule. She knew if she lost this battle she would lose it all. She started packing. "Where are you going?" asked her advisor Impa. "To get help for this world. I can't fight him alone so I will travel the universe in search of heroes and heroines. No my old friend I must go alone." said Neo Queen Zelda. "Be careful. We will try to hold him away from the palace as long as possible." said Impa. "Thank you." said Neo Queen Zelda. She set off heading for Earth...
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