ZeldaRap by AznKhoa13
Summary: A little rap about Link saving Zelda and telling that he couldn't be happy without her
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No name by AznKhoa13
Ain't nothing that bothers me
Ain't happy like I should be
So strong and deep
Making my way through the fields
To save my princess from his darkness
Ain't nothing that bothers me
Nothing could get me happy
Getting him down from his throne
An evil laugh is what he did
And killing I just did
The Evil Lord of these lands!

No more rest for me
In this world
Use my sword
To kill them all
Ain't nothing that bothers me

Just behing with the one I love
Ain't happy like I should be
Of course not¨
'Cause she told me
You shall now
Be happy
'Cause you know your his daddy
End Notes:
In the end is a part of my brother's life cuz he as never been happy since I know him but when his girlfriend got pregnant, he was all happy and still is!
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