Dark Lovers by Koukris
Summary: Link: Are you implying that I'm evil???? Koukris: *innocent eyes* No....whyever would you think that?
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Dark Lovers by Koukris
When the Night calls to me,
I feel his power.
Drawng me like a hunter
Through the darkness.

However hard the day has been,
The Night soothes my worst fears.
I love my power.
I love the night.

Night is my friend,
Yet Night turns on me like an enemy.
No matter what,
The Night has me in his icy embrace.

I am one with the Night,
I am one with the stars and the moon.
I forget all my fears,
I forget all my hopes,
I am one with the Night.

I love Night,
Night loves me.
Why does no one see that?

I love my power,
I love the darkness of Night,
I am forever in his grasp.
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