Take me Away by Supreme Ruler
Summary: its an *okay* poem...but it sounds better when you sing it...well, thats what i think...please r&r! ill love yahz for it!
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Take me Away by Supreme Ruler
I looked into your eyes.
We said our goodbyes.
I'd think about us.
Our relationship was in such a mess.
I'd think about you,
and all i would say,
was take me away!
I'd be with you any day.
Will you stay with me?
So we could be,

I'd think about us.
I'd think about trust.
All i am saying is,
will you take me away?
I'd be with you,
All i wanted to know,
is that,
could we stay with eachother?
So that we could be together,
So take me away!
All i am saying,
is that i love you.
So take me away.
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