Legacy of Evil by Shadow Link
Summary: The continuation to "The Shadow of the Hero." Hyrule again must be faced by a growing shadow of evil, continued by Ganondorf's unknown, distant daughter.
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Awakening by Shadow Link
Legacy of Evil

Note: This is the continuation to my ever so cheesy fanfiction entitled "The Shadow of the hero." I am now in the process of revising it, from the version I wrote two years ago. Enjoy.


Hyrule was once again at peaceful times. No sign or hint of hostility in the land conveyed itself, except for the usual disagreement and conflict of the citizens.
"But how long will this peace last? How long will these skies stay blue and content?"
Thoughts of doubt lingered in the hero's mind. He was currently residing in Hyrule castle. A few days ago, he was knighted by the King of Hyrule, and deemed the protector of the sages and the entrance of the sacred realms. The royal princess of Hyrule, Zelda, was also one of his priorities. Link strided quickly down the castle steps, in unseen thought. A squire rushing by stopped and bowed politely.
"Good morning my good sir," he greeted respectfully.
Link smiled wearily.
"And a good morning to you too," he replied.
Link did not feel comfortable with this new way he was treated. To imagine that the months before, he was merely a poor warrior on a mission against an evil tyrant, sleeping on the ground on cold, damp nights, and scrounging for food and rupees just to survive the task. After some considerations, Link decided to take a walk amongst the citizens of Hyrule Castle Town. Hyrule Castle Town was a lively, cheerful place which always lifted Link's spirits. He traded through the rest of the castle, and through the tall gate. He finally arrived at the town. The atmosphere of the town was always never at resting. Commontion was always present. After Ganondorf's defate, Hyrule Castle Town and the castle were reconstructed. Even through the period of evil reign, the commotion and spirit of the town still managed to resurface. Link perused the cobblestone paths, taking in the sights and sounds. Many people who passed him by, greeted him with the upmost warmth.
"Oh hello Link!"
"Hey that's Link the hero you know!?"
"Good morning good sir!"
Link smiled back uneasily. He was not used to being well known, even to this day.
"Hey Link! Oh Fairy Boy!"
Link flitched, but turned around to the call. It was none other than Malon of Lon_Lon Ranch. She skipped over to Link, her eyes bright.
"I've missed you. I feel like I haven't seen you in ages."
"Yes, I as well," Link mumbled shyly.
"How has life been?"
Malon glanced at Hyrule Castle.
"Heard you're now living in the castle."
"Uh yes, I grew out of my Kokiri home," Link replied sheepishly.
Malon giggled.
"Oh Fairy Boy, you are so adorable. You could have any girl if you wanted to."
Link flustered. Malon winked flitaciously.
"I'll see you around. I must be off delivering milk."
Malon skipped happily away.
"Any girl that I wanted?" he thought.
Even though it seemed he was destined to be with Zelda, he could sense many females were still eyeing him. It seemed as though he could not speak to a girl, without her melting all over him or staring at him starry-eyed. He sighed tiredly and closed his eyes. Little that he knew, that he had collided into someone. He rubbed his temples and scrounged up quickly from the ground.
"I am so sorry, I didn't mean to-"
It was a dark haired girl, clothed in a purple tunic. A haunting look passed her eyes, as she collected items she dropped from the ground. A faded dream played out in Link's mind.
"Have we...have we met before?" he asked, starting to assist her with gathering her items.
"No, we have not," she answered bluntly.
She held a hand out, beckoning Link to stay away.
"It's okay. Really. You do not need to help me, I have everything under control."
The items were soon gathered, and the girl was poised to depart.
"Look, I'm really sorry about this..." Link started to apologize.
A pained expressions crossed her face. She looked at the ground, avoiding his eyes.
"It's alright. No worries. This is just another thing to forget."
She swiveled around and left hastily. Link was left, confused.
"I've never seen a girl act so coldly towards me, I wonder if I have ever done anything to upset her..."
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