Wrongly Accused by Supreme Ruler
Summary: Someones Murdered? Link is wrongly accused. He befriends a Bounty Hunter who went looking for him. Together they search for the true killer. A new love forms, but how can it at such a terrible time? PLease Read and Review!!
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1. Chapter One by Supreme Ruler

2. Chapter Two!!! by Supreme Ruler

3. Chap-eh-ter Three by Supreme Ruler

Chapter One by Supreme Ruler
Wrongly Accused
Chapter One

A small ball of light hovered over a young teens head, calling out loudly, “Link, wake up!”

“I’m awake…” The young teen called Link groaned as he rolled over in his cot.

“No you are not. Link, we have to see King Edward this morning. He wants to speak with us about plans to marry off the Princess.” The small ball of light squeaked, and began to bounce up and down on Link’s head.

“Us? Navi, I think King Edward wants to speak with me about the plans to marry off Zelda.” He swatted at Navi, and sat up on his cot. “I’m awake!”

“Link, please, it is Princess Zelda. Call her by her appropriate name. Oh, by the way Link, on our way to Hyrule Castle we need to stop by Lon Lon Ranch to pick up some milk. Gwyneth wanted me to bring it by on our way.”

“Listen Navi, how about you get some milk and take it to her yourself. I know that King Edward won’t be all the eager to see you again.”

“But I am just a small Fairy. I do not have the strength to, oh please Link!”

“Whatever. Let’s get a move on; I don’t want to be late!” He jumped up, throwing on his floppy green hat, and brown leather boots. He hooked his sword and sheath on his back, along with his Hylian shield.

“Link? Honestly, do tell; are you really going out looking like that?! You do not even look—”

“Shut your face! I look fine. If someone wasn’t complaining all night I could have gotten some sleep. But no! A certain little fairy was complaining because she hadn’t gotten news if she was accepted into the Fairy Court.” Navi narrowed her eyes, but let the insult go. She took a head start, and flew out the window of the tree house. Link shuffled towards the door, and then pulled back the cloth that covered it. He walked onto the balcony and climbed down the wooden ladder. Once he reached the ground he sprinted over to his beautiful rusty red horse, Epona. He mounted her, and exited the Kokiri Forest.

He rode across the Hyrule field and up to the gates of Lon Lon Ranch.

“Who might you be, Boy?” Said a pudgy looking man that sat at a post by the gates.

“Link, and my fairy companion, Navi. We are here to pick up some milk for Gwyneth.”

“Ah. Yes, of course…” The man picked up a package wrapped in brown paper and handed it to Link. “There you are sonny. Be careful on your ride. Farmers say a storm should be coming in by mid day.”

“Thank you Sir. I bid you good day.” Link turned Epona around and they headed off towards Kakariko Village. They slowed down as they crossed over the small stone bridge. They trotted up the stone steps, and Link dismounted. He patted Epona on the neck and whispered for her to stay put for a little while.

“Let us hurry Link, or the King will have your head if you are late again.”

“I’m hurrying.” Link sprinted up the stone steps and entered the village. He quickly made his way towards Gwyneth’s hut. Once he reached her hut, he knocked on the wooded door, and waited patiently.

The door creaked open, and an old woman was visible.

“Gwyneth, how good to see you! I brought the milk you asked for.”

“Why thank you young Link. Please, do come in. I could make you some tea if you like?”

“No thank you. Navi and I are already late for a meeting with King Edward. He wants to discuss Princess Zelda’s wedding plans.”

“Ah, yes. Who is she getting married to?”

“I’m not sure; I’m hoping that King Edward has found someone.”

“Well, please stop by again sometime soon.”

“I will. I bid you good day Ma’am.” Link quickly headed back to Epona, hoping the King wasn’t too angry with him.
Before Link exited the Village he heard Navi say: “Oh look Link! A pack of rampaging chickens.”

“Ha, ha. Very funny Navi.” Link pretended to laugh, and added in an undertone, “yeah right. A pack of rampaging chickens. You have a wild imagination.”

A scream echoed through the village, “oh no! A pack of rampaging chickens!” A random villager yelled.

“Take cover everyone!”

“Run for your life!” Link heard villagers scream and yell. He turned around and truthfully, a pack of freakishly obese rampaging chickens was heading straight for them.

“Oh shit! Navi you were right! What do we do?” Link screamed as he stood in place and watched the freakishly obese rampaging chickens grow closer.

“Uh, I do not know!” Navi squeaked.

“Maybe I should tell them to stop? Freakishly Obese Chickens! Do not come any closer!” The chickens just gave Link a funny look, and advanced towards him.

“Link, it did not work! Oh no! We are going to die!”

“Navi, shut up! Maybe I should distract them? But with what?”

“Uh, food?” Navi asked.

“Good idea!” Link looked around for any kind of food. He spotted a small crate full of seeds. He ran over to the crate and busted a large hole in it, and watched the seeds flow out. Sure enough, all of the obese chickens wobbled over to the seeds and began pecking at it. “Someone lock them up!” A small group of men sprinted over the chickens and carried them off somewhere.

“Thank you good Sir! We greatly appreciate you helping us out with the rampaging chickens.” Said a man in the growing crowd.

“You are very welcome. Now I must go, I’m late for a meeting with King Edward.” Link sprinted down the stone steps and mounted Epona. “Navi, we must hurry!”

“The King will have your head for this!”

“Navi, shut it!” Link rode towards Hyrule Castle, once he reached the gates he handed Epona over to the guards. “Take good care of her.”

“We will Sir.” A Guard answered as he walked Epona over to the stables.

Link rushed into the market, greeting people he knew along the way. He quickly walked into the Castles court yard and paid the guard at the gate ten rubies. Once he made it into the meeting room, everyone stared at him. Link noticed he had a few chicken feathers on his tunic which he quickly brushed them off, the bowed to the King, and sat down.

“Link! It is good of you to join us! Please state why you are late.” The King asked in his deep booming voice.

“I have four words to say to you Your Majesty.” Link said.

“They are?”

“Freakishly obese rampaging chickens.” Link answered.

“Hah! That is funny! You are a very funny boy Link!” The King’s laugh echoed through out the high ceiling room.

“Your Majesty, I was serious.”

“Oh course you were! Sir Ralf, please send for my daughter, Princess Zelda. Link! Let us get down to business! We have found someone to be Zelda’s Husband. His name is Prince Talon Kosacah. He is a very fine gentleman.”

“When will the wedding take place?”

“In a month or two. It will be beautiful. Flowers everywhere! My only daughter, my pride and joy! Getting married!”

“Your Majesty!” Sir Ralf panted as he ran into the meeting room.

“What is it Sir Ralf?” asked King Edward.

“The Princess! She’s… She’s…”

“Out with it boy!”

“She’s dead!”

“What?!” The King screamed.

“She was found with a dagger sticking out of her chest. She was in her room. Her… Her body was still warm when I found her.”

“No! My baby girl dead!”

“No… Zelda! Your Majesty, I am truly sorry.” Link whispered. A few tears leaked out of the corners of his eyes.

“You!” King Edward pointed menacingly at Link.

“Me?” Link asked.

“You killed her! You were jealous! You were jealous because you knew you could not have her, so you killed her. You made sure that if you could not have her no one else could! Guards! Arrest this murderer!”

“But—No! I didn’t kill her! I’m innocent!” Link screamed as the guards dragged him off towards the prison cells that were hidden under the castle.
Chapter Two!!! by Supreme Ruler
The Guards highly polished leather boots echoed off the stones as he walked up to a newly familiar cell. “So, are you ready to confess that you killed the Princess of Hyrule?”

“No. Because I didn’t do it! I swear to you! Why would I want to kill her? Obviously, think about it? When would I have time to do that? Navi and I brought Gwyneth the milk she requested and on out way out I turned around and saw a pack of freakishly obese rampaging chickens. Ask the villagers if you don’t believe me!” Link yelled to the guard as he got off his uncomfortable cot in the small cramped cell, and walked up to the iron bars.

“I will get someone right on that. The cook will bring you down something soon…”

“Ah, food!” Link cried.

“…If she feels like it.” The guard smirked at Link, and then walked off to torment other prisoners.

“Oh my! That terrible man! What do we do Link? They will execute you if you are found guilty!” Navi chirped from inside a small cage that hung from the ceiling.

“Yes, I know. They’ll execute you too…”

“But… why?”

“Because the King doesn’t like you.”


“Shut up Navi. I don’t want to talk about it.” Link walked back over to his cot, and laid down. “Hmm… Maybe we should break out? But how? Those Iron bars are too heavy to break alone. I guess I’m just going to have to be executed…”

“Uh, Link? I thought you did not want to talk about it?” Navi asked, gazing down from her cage.

“I said that I didn’t want to talk about it to you.”

“No you did not. You said ‘Shut up Navi. I don’t want to talk about it.’”

“Whatever. Listen to your own words, and shut up.”

“My own words? What do you mean by that Link?” Navi asked.

“You said ‘Shut up Navi…’ So listen to your own words, and please shut your face!”

“But you know I was repeating what you said, so technically it was your words. And I believe it’s ‘Shut your mouth,’ not ‘shut your face’.”

“Navi, you better be glad you’re in a cage right now…”

“Is that a threat?”

“Yes it’s a threat! Now if you don’t shut up I will make sure that you don’t have mouth to talk from.”

“Alright, alright. I will shut up.” Navi fluttered down to the bottom of her cage and began snoring.

“Navi, stop that!” The snoring continued on.

“I said stop it!”

“Uh, stop what?” Navi asked groggily.

“Oh don’t tell me you fell asleep that fast?”

“Yes Link, I was quite tired.”

“Well, if you’re going to sleep, then don’t snore.” Link said.

“Snore? Who said I snore?”

“Oh my goodness! Navi just don’t make any noise at all!”

“Alright!” There was silence for about five seconds before Link could hear Navi inhaling and exhaling.

“Stop that Navi!”

“Stop what?”

“That noise!”

“What noise?” Navi began to breath loudly again.

That noise!”

“My breathing? So you want me to not breathe?”

“Yes Navi, I don’t want you to breathe.”

“Alright.” Link and Navi sat in silence for about a minute
before Link looked over at her and noticed her small fragile face was turning blood red.

“Oh Navi, I guess you can breathe now, just don’t breathe loudly.”

“Thank you!” Navi began to breathe quietly.

You could hear the light sounds of footsteps drawing near. A strange young man stepped out from the shadows, and looked into Links cell. His face was half covered, and you could only see his eyes. He wore a strange blue and white outfit which had a red eye on his chest. “You two bicker too much.”

“Who are you?” Link asked the strange young man.

“I am Sheik, of the Sheikahs. Be quiet Link, I can get you out
of here.”

“How?” Link whispered to Sheik.

“By unlocking the door.” Sheik answered.

“Right, I knew that.” Sheik took a ring of old keys off the hook by his cell, he randomly picked a key and fitted it into the lock and unlocked the door. He pulled open the door and motioned for Link to hurry out of the cell. Link jumped off his cot and was half way out of the door before he heard a voice.

“What about me!?” Navi called from inside her cage.

“Oh yeah! Sorry about that Navi, I guess I forgot about you. Sheik, do you have the key to Navi’s cage?”

“Let me look.” Sheik picked another random key, and walked over to the cage that hung from the ceiling. He inserted the key into its lock, and unlocked the cage. Navi flew from the cage and perched on Link’s shoulder. “Quick, we must hurry.”

“But why are you helping us?” A confused Link asked.

“No time for questions.” Sheik brought Link to a small hold in the wall and pointed to it. “Crawl through that hole. Once you reach outside you will find your horse. I want you to go to the Shadow Temple. But before you enter Kakariko Village disguise yourself in this black cloak.” Sheik handed Link the black cloak. “Hurry!”

“But Sheik, why do I have to go to the Shadow Temple?” Link asked quickly.

“I will meet you there and explain everything to you.” Sheik pushed Link down and into the small hole. “Go now!”
Link crawled through the hole, and came out the other side. He ran over to Epona and put on the black cloak. He quickly mounted her and was off towards the gates. Link passed though the gates with only a funny look from the guards. The Market was strangely empty, but he let it go. Link could feel Navi squirming around in his pocket, and her muffled voice. “Link? Why are we going to that creepy temple? I do not think we should trust that man.”

“Shut it Navi! He got me out of that cell and you out of that cage. We are going to ‘that creepy temple’.” Link said as he pulled out of a sharp left turn, and slowed down as he made his way over the stone bridge.

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Chap-eh-ter Three by Supreme Ruler
Link rode over the bridge and led his horse over to the Stone stairs leading to Kakariko village.

"I think it would be best if you stay here, Epona. I'm a wanted man, if I brought you into the village, I'm sure I would get arrested... For something I didn't do..." Link added in a small voice. He dismounted Epona, and tied the reins to a small tree hidden in the shadow of a large earthy hill. Navi was still squirming annoyingly in his pocket, so he decided to have a little "talk" with her. Link plucked her out of his pocket, and chucked her as far as he could, earning him a splash when her small body hit the river many yards away. "Navi, with your energy, and constant need to talk, I think it would be the best, for both of us, if you stay there. You may give me away..." Link called after his chirpy faerie who was struggling to fly of the river, but the water was keeping her down. He jogged over, and up the stone steps, throwing a comment over his shoulder as he went, "Don't drown! I might need you in the future."

Link made sure the thick black cloak concealed his body, and the hood was up, sending his face in a world of Shadow. Many guards and villagers looked at him suspiciously, debating silently to themselves if he was actually Link. They muttered to themselves, and went back to their business, figuring that he was some traveler or something.

Link kept walking straight, until he walked up some more stone steps and reached a well. There, he turned right and walked a little ways, then turned left, and entered the grave yard (correct me if I am wrong on this, it's four, no, past five in the morning and It's been awhile since I've played OoT. Plus, I was never good at that village, always mixing things up..). 'Wait a second....' Link thought, slapping himself on the head. He pulled out his ocarina and began to play. The warping song (forget what it's called....) sent him to the entrance of the Shadow Temple. There, Sheik was waiting for him.

"Where is that pestering faerie of yours?" The man asked.

"Heh... Just floating around..." Link replied as he leaned against the cave wall, and slid down into a sitting position. "Why am I here?"

"Well, as you know, the Princess is dead. And you are believed to be the killer--"

Link cut Sheik off before he could finish his sentence, "Yes, yes, I already knoooow!"

"Please, Hero of Time, let me finish. I have a theory... that Zelda is not dead. That a powerful sorcerer either render her in a state of unconsciousness, that stopped her breathing, and ceased her pulse, made her skin turn icy cold and pale... Basically making her look dead, when she's not. And when she is set in the Royal Families tomb, steal her. Easy as that. Another is that he is simply using magic, and created a lifelike puppet that looked like the Princess, and took the real one away. Or...." Sheik paused, debating whether or not to continue with what he was saying.

"Go on," Link pried.

"Or, the Princess is really dead. And to why I have asked you here, is because I want you to find her Killer, or kidnapper. Simple. You're the Hero of Time, the one who Banished Ganondorf from this Realm, surly you can do it?" Sheik crossed his arms, and send a piercing stare at Link.

"If it is possible that you are right, about a sorcerer sending Princess Zelda into a 'death' state, do you think I can save her?"

"It is best if you start her search. I am sure the funeral would be going on around this time, and if she was put under some kind of spell, or fed potion, then whomever is the culprit will most likely be waiting in the tomb." He sighed and began to sink into the shadows. "Go to the Gerudo's, they shall send you to a place... A place of unknown origin... And there, they will help you with your fighting skills. You will be there for a period of thirteen days, and after that, you shall begin your journey."

"But after this stupid training that I do NOT need, where am I supposed to go!? I haven't a clue where to start!" Link yelled after Sheik as the darkness began to consume him.

"That is for you to decide."

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