Shadow and Light 2: To Kill An Angel by Red Sparrow
Summary: “When there is Shadow, there shall always be Light to combat it. When there is Good, Evil will always rule against it. When the Angel of Destiny is slain, the forces shalt be thrown out of balance. When that time comes, the savior shall fall into darkness, taking with him the souls of all who dwell in this realm.” Zelda celebrates her 17th birthday and gets the surprise of a lifetime. (Read Shadow and Light 1 First! [WARNING: Graphic Violence, Strong Language and Suggestive Themes])
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1. The Best Birthday Gift by Red Sparrow

2. The Price of Friendship by Red Sparrow

3. Love Hurts by Red Sparrow

4. Irony by Red Sparrow

5. Link the Archer by Red Sparrow

6. Being an Adult by Red Sparrow

7. Rainy Night Interlude by Red Sparrow

8. Heart to Heart by Red Sparrow

9. Malon's Time to Shine by Red Sparrow

10. Secret Agent Malon by Red Sparrow

11. Premonition in Kakariko by Red Sparrow

12. Revelations by Red Sparrow

13. Losing it All by Red Sparrow

14. Royal Decree by Red Sparrow

15. Lead Me to the End by Red Sparrow

The Best Birthday Gift by Red Sparrow

Chapter One
The Best Birthday Gift

One week after the events chronicled in Shadow and Light...

“Happy Birthday, Zelda!!” the entire royal dining room shook from the sound of so many people yelling at the same time. Zelda stood up from her table and blushed, she stood there for a few more moments until her father cleared his throat and grabbed her arm, pulling her back down. Around her were the other sages along with Link and her father. They were all wearing expensive looking clothes.

Zelda looked at the others and smiled happily, “You guys are the best!”

Link and the others laughed, “You don’t need to thank us, Zelda. It’s your birthday! You’re SUPPOSED to have a party.” Link said.

“Well,” she glances at the large pile of presents behind her, “let’s hope you guys got me something BESIDES expensive jewelry, it’s getting old.”

Nabooru blinked and excused herself, snatching her present from the pile and telling the others, “I’ll be back...I gotta exchange this!”

Her father smiled and said, “Just wait...I just know you’ll love the gift I have in store for you.”

There was a tap on Link’s shoulder. Link turned to see Saria wearing an expensive green dress adorned with jewelry. Saria wore an uncomfortable expression.

Link looks Saria up and down and says, “Wow! Saria, you look great!” the others whistled and clapped. Saria blushed and smiled nervously, “T-thanks...” she then sat down in her reserved seat. The seat was to Link’s left. Link was sitting across from the king, Daphnes, with Zelda to his right at the head of the table.

Saria stared blankly at the various utensils before her. She didn’t know so many different forks existed.

Link looks at Zelda and asks, “So, this is your seventeenth birthday, how’re you feeling?”

She smiled, “I feel relieved to still be alive, if that’s what you mean. And...” she held Link’s hand from under the table, “I’ll be looking forward to your present...”

Impa cleared her throat, “Ahem.”

Zelda and Link looked at the others staring and blushed, they both said in unison, “Sorry.”

Daphnes offered Link an expensive looking bottle, pouring the drink into his glass, “Give it a try, Link.”

Link smiled politely, not daring to refuse the King’s offer. He took a little sip. It tinged his throat slightly, but had a faint taste of fruits.

Link smiled and poured himself some more as Daphnes laughed.

Daphnes then stood up tapping his glass with his spoon to get the room’s attention. The room went silent as the hundreds of guests turned their attention to the King.

“Everyone,” Daphnes said, “friends and family, I’d like to thank all of you for being such splendid guests for my daughter’s seventeenth birthday. As I look at her now, I see that she has blossomed into a beautiful young woman.” Zelda nodded and smiled. Link nodded in agreement while taking another sip of his drink.

“That is why...” Daphnes took his daughter’s hand and stood her up, “I’d like to use today to announce her fianc!” Link choked on his drink.

Saria, who had been struggling with the forks, drops them in absolute shock. The other sages' jaws drop. They looked shocked as well.

Daphnes gestured across the next table and a handsome looking young man stood up, “My daughter will be engaged to Prince Derek of Aria!”

Derek bowed.

Zelda was speechless.

Seconds later the room was filled with claps as Zelda sat back down silently. The King went over to congratulate the lucky bachelor.

A smiling Nabooru returns and sets her present down on the table, “Hope you like this, Princess, I got it for a real cheap price. It’s practically a steal!” Her smile slowly faded, “...did I miss something?”
The Price of Friendship by Red Sparrow
Chapter Two
“The Price of Friendship”

“Link?” Saria’s voice echoed around the woods. She walked into the place known commonly to Saria and Link as “Saria’s Secret Spot”.

She spotted Link sitting on the stump. She walked over and plopped down next to him, “Hey.”

Link didn’t look up and said in a dull voice, “Hey.”

Saria put a hand on his shoulder, “Look, Zelda’s looking for you.” Link stood up and sighed, “You know, I never thought this day would come. As soon as I get out of one tragedy, I’m thrust into another.”

Saria looked at Link, she hated to see him so down. She also knew that, despite the front that she had put up, she couldn’t deny that she still had some feelings for him. But she knew she couldn’t do that. It sounded too greedy. Saria walked up to Link and looked up at him. He was so tall compared to her. This reminded her about how she looked like to everyone else, a small child.

“Link, I wish I could help you through, but...” Saria held her arms nervously, “I’m not quite sure what to say.”

Link knelt down next to her, “Its ok. I’ll I usually do.”

Saria sighed, “Listen, Link, I never want anything bad to happen to you....but...” Saria swallowed, “maybe it’s time you let Zelda go. Theres nothing you can do. I...know how you feel about her, but you should think about Zelda’s feelings, too. How do you think she’s feeling right now? She finds out she’s engaged with some guy she doesn’t know, and now the person she turns to disappears. You should go back. You should be with her and help her through. It’s the least you can do. If you aren’t doing it for yourself, do it for Zelda.”

Link went quiet and nodded slowly. He walked towards the exit and Saria called out to him, “Wait...”

Link stopped and turned, “Yeah?”

Saria thought for a moment and shook her head, “Nothing, forget it. Go on.”

Link smiled to her and turned back, walking out. Saria sighed angrily to herself, “Stupid girl!” she fell on her knees and shook her head, embarrassed about what she was about to say, “You almost made an idiot out of yourself! Confessing your love right here? That’s just wrong.” She scolded herself.

“But still...” she lamented, “...I can’t help but wish.” Saria sighed, “Oh...what ever happened to the simple days? I guess I can’t seem to forget him as easily as I thought. Link sees me as a friend and nothing else. All I can do is hope. Oh, I guess this is the price I have to pay for friendship.”

She glanced towards the passage Link had gone through minutes before. She got up, brushing her clothes off and decides to head home and sleep on it. She knew it was going to be a very, very long day tomorrow.
Love Hurts by Red Sparrow
Chapter Three
“Love Hurts”

Link walked into the castle, he asked a guard if he had seen Zelda, the guard pointed towards Zelda’s courtyard. Link sighed, “I should’ve known.”

Link walked towards the courtyard, making his way through the garden. As he turned the corner, he ran into someone. Link backed up and found that he had bumped into Derek, the prince engaged to Zelda. Link looked at Derek for a moment. There was something strange about him, but Link couldn’t quite figure out what.

Derek smirked, “And just who do we have here? I saw you at the party earlier today.”

Link nodded slowly, “I’m guessing you’re Prince Derek?”

Derek smiled, confidence showing brightly, “Yes...the one and only. May I ask what you’re doing here?”

Link spoke politely, “I’m just going to meet with someone.” Derek inquired, “Someone, eh? Does it happen to involve MY Zelda?”

Link knew right there that he hated this cocky jerk, but he did his best to be respectful, Derek was still royalty after all.

Derek waited for Link’s answer, Link tried to walk around Derek, but he blocked his path. Link sighed, “Please...just let me talk to her for a bit.” Derek crossed his arms, “You know what? You’re acting rather rude. You’re lucky I’m a nice guy, or I would’ve called the guards on you and have you hanged.”

Link clenched his fists. Derek laughed, “And no, you can’t see Zelda. I’m not allowing her to see anyone for now.”

Link quickly snapped back, “What do you mean ‘allow’?”

Derek sighed, looking at Link as if he were stupid, “Because she’s MY girl and I’m not going to let any other man bother her, she’s mine after all. Women need a man’s guidance...otherwise they’ll just end up helpless.”

Link wanted to punch out the prince right there, but he knew it wasn’t completely worth it. Link gives up and turns to leave, Derek called out after him, “Oh, and if I catch you around her again, you’ll regret it!”

Link stormed out of the castle and walked right past Zelda, who had snuck out to find him. Zelda turned and called out to him, “Link!”

Link kept walking. Zelda made a face and ran towards him, she caught up to him and turned him around, “Hey, Link! I was looking all over for you!” Link stayed quiet. Zelda looked confused, “What’s wrong?” Link didn’t respond and stared at the ground.

“Hey, look at me, will you?” Zelda pleaded, pulling Link’s face to hers, “I have a plan to escape. We’re going to run away together, ok? I’ll stop being a princess, and I won’t have to marry Derek! We’ll finally be happy!” Link still remained silent.

“Link?” Zelda said with an angry tone “Didn’t you hear me?”

Link looked Zelda in the eyes and spoke, “Zelda, we knew today would happen. And we both knew we wouldn’t interfere with it when it did. You can’t just run away now, it’s your duty as a princess to marry him and unite the people. Don’t be so selfish.”

Zelda stepped back, biting her lip. She stared at Link with a hint of hate, “I’m disappointed in you, Link. I thought you loved me as much as I loved you. I guess I was wrong! You’re useless! You’re a coward! I never want to see you again!!!”

“You just realized that now?” Derek’s voice came from behind Zelda.

Derek walked up to the both of them and put an arm around Zelda’s waist. Zelda looked at Link and then stared at the ground. Derek grinned at Link, sensing victory. Derek kissed Zelda lightly on the forehead and said, “Zelda, please go to your room and get some rest.”

Zelda looked at Link for a moment and said, “Alright...” and in a last attempt to get back at Link, she kissed Derek on the lips, glancing at Link from out of the corner of her eye. Link didn’t show any emotion whatsoever. His face was blank. She broke the kiss and hurried off towards the castle.

Derek watched her go and turned back to Link, “She's so easy to manipulate, it's almost a shame. Just say the right words and she's merely a puppet on a string. Don’t you see, Link?” Link figured Derek had heard part of the conversation and had caught his name, “It's amazing how quick a girl can turn on a someone she loves at the last moment. That's why you have to keep her in check. Besides, you’re useless. Just give up on her.”

Derek smiled and backhanded Link from out of nowhere, cutting Link’s lip. Link held his ground and simply took the hit without any protest.

Derek laughed and walked away, leaving Link alone.
Irony by Red Sparrow
Chapter Four

Zelda sat inside her room alone. A few pictures lined her wall. On her study was a framed picture of her and Link. It was taken on their little vacation to the town of Windfall, it was full of memories.

Zelda was in her nightgown, rolling the ring Link gave her between her fingers. She was deep in thought. Maybe she had overreacted and had acted before thinking?

She felt so stupid. She shouldn’t have treated Link that way. He didn’t deserve it.

There was a knock on her door.

“Who is it?” she asked.

The door opened, “It’s me.” Zelda heard Link’s voice and turned, “Link?”

It was Derek. Zelda sighed to herself for getting so worked up. Derek blinked and looked behind him, “No, I’m Derek...remember?”

Zelda smiled sheepishly, “Sorry, I’m just...not quite myself.” Derek asked, “Why are you still up?” Zelda glanced down at the ring in her hand, she said, “Oh, I just...couldn’t sleep, that’s all.”

Derek pondered something, “Is something on your mind?” she glanced at him and shook her head, “Yeah. But, I don’t want to talk about it right now. It’s personal.”

He smiled understandingly, “I understand.” He walked up to her and sat beside her on the bed, “This day has probably been a very stressful day for you. I mean, I’d be too if I just found out I was engaged to someone I never met before.”

Zelda looked at Derek for a moment and nodded, “Are you feeling the same way?”
Derek smiled, “Of course. I’m trying to cover up my feelings so I can help you through. That’s all.”

Zelda glanced back down, “Oh, thanks.” She placed the ring on the study.

Derek inquired, “I take it that that isn’t the only thing on your mind?” Zelda shook her head, “I’m sorry, but...I don’t feel like I can tell anyone about it right now.”

Derek places his hand on her’s “Look, I know that you just knew me for one day, and I’m still a stranger to you, but just know that, since we’re engaged, you can be open to me and tell me what’s bothering you, okay? I’ll try my best to be helpful to you.”

He gave her hand a squeeze and kissed her lightly on the lips, before heading for the door, he opened it and said over his shoulder, “Good night.”

“Good night.” Zelda replied.

Derek left the room and shut the door, locking it behind him. Zelda touched her lips.
She whispered to herself “...That kiss...”

The kiss was full of memories. She glanced at the door and then back out her window. She sighed, “I don’t know what to do...” she touched her lips again, suddenly, she realized something terrible, “Oh no...Am I...falling for Derek?”

Derek walked down the halls towards the guest’s quarters. He stopped in front of his room and pulled out a key and unlocked the door, stepping in.

He locked the door behind him and turned back around. He jumped in surprise, seeing someone standing in front of him.

Derek sighed, realizing who it was, “Chancellor Gale, what are you doing here?”

Gale smiled and spoke, “I’m here to reconfirm our deal.” Derek shook his head and nodded, “Yes, I know. You’ll get the crown and I get the money. Don’t worry too much. You’ll be the new king and I’ll no longer be cursed with my wretched title.”

Gale nodded, “And the Princess?” Derek smiled, “Don’t worry about it, she’s easy prey.”

Gale handed Derek a scroll. Derek opened the scroll and asked, “What’s this?”

Gale replied, “It’s directions to the Temple of Sages, like you requested. One of my people managed to get his hands on it.”

Derek nodded, “Yes, thank you.” Gale walked by Derek and opened the door, before he left, he added, “By the way...”

Derek placed the scroll down on the counter, “Yes?”

“Just what are you planning to do there?” Derek smiled, “Don’t worry about it. I’m just going to do a little bit of ...investigating.”
Link the Archer by Red Sparrow
Chapter Five
“Link the Archer”

Link trudged down Hyrule Field, walking towards the Kokiri Forest. Link hadn’t talked to Saria since the party and she must’ve been worried about him.

He heard the clatter of wooden wheels on dirt behind him. He turned when he heard a voice call out to him.

“Hey, Fairy Boy” It was Malon, “you’re looking pretty down. Need a lift?”

Link nodded and climbed into the wagon. He joined her in the driver’s seat. She started the wagon up again. Malon glanced at Link and said cautiously, “I...heard what happened at the party.”

Link looked at her and sighs, “It’s the talk of the kingdom, huh?”

Malon nodded slowly, turning her attention back on the road, she spoke, “Yeah, you two were Hyrule’s “perfect couple”, I guess. I’m not into gossip, but I hear things while at the marketplace.”

Link shook his head, “Derek...he’s such a prick. I felt like knocking the bastard out back there.”

Malon raised a brow, “What? At the party?”

“No, it was earlier tonight. The way he talked about treating her...” Link said.

Malon nodded slowly, finally getting it, “ he’s the old-school type.”

Link shrugged, “You could say that.” Malon glanced back at Link and asked, “So, where do you want me to drop you off? The Forest?”

Link thought for a moment and replied, “I don’t know...”

Malon smirked and said, “You don’t know?” Link nodded with a sorry look. Malon sighed and shook her head, “Oooookay, then. How about you spend some time at the ranch?”

Link agreed solemnly, “Alright.”

They rode in silence together until they reached the ranch. Malon drove the wagon through the gates and stopped in front of the barn. She glances at Link, who was deep in thought. He didn’t seem to realize they had reached their destination.

Malon poked Link, “Hey, we’re here.” Link looked up and glanced around, “Oh, sorry.”

Malon hoped off the side of the wagon and walked to the back, she knew how to get Link’s mind off of the troubling subject, “Hey, Link...mind giving me a hand?”

Link smiled and nodded, hoping off the wagon and joining her. Together, they unloaded the milk crates from the wagon. After less than half an hour, they finished. They both were sitting on the horses’ barricade fence outside. The moon shined down and reminded them both of the time they first met.

Link glanced at her and asked, “Do you still sing to the moon?”

Malon smiled and looked up at the moon dreamily, “Yeah, but not every night. It’s only when I’m feeling lonely.”

Link questioned this, “Lonely?”

Malon nodded, “Yeah, I never got to make any actual friends. Sure, there are those nice people I chat with between deliveries, but other than that...” she glanced at him, “I don’t really have anyone else. It’s all the work I have to do. It’s getting to me, that’s all.”

Link raised a brow and asked with a faint smile, “What about me? We hang out everyday, I always thought of us as friends.”

Malon smiled back at him sheepishly, “Oh, right...I...uhm...didn’t think about that. I thought you only came because you wanted to check on Epona.”

Link shook his head and smiled, “No, it used to be that way. You’re saying you didn’t think I was your friend? That’s so hurtful.” Link joked.

Malon turned red, “Sorry. I guess I couldn’t believe I had a friend, that’s all. Anyways, enough about me being a lonely farm girl with no life, it’s making me feel bad.” She smiled at him.

Link pulled out his fairy ocarina, Saria had made him a new one ever since Ganondorf destroyed the last one, “You wanna do a little duet? I’ve gotten better since last time.”

Malon smirked, “...which was about a month ago? Alright,” Malon jumped off the fence and landed softly in the grass, “just don’t play too fast, ok? ‘Cause last time you almost made me pass out.”

Link laughed softly, “I thought it was funny.”

They spent the next hour playing and singing, eventually, they tired and had to take a breather.

Link replaced his ocarina and said, “We were pretty good.”

Malon looks at him shrewdly, “’Pretty good’? We were great! I never sang that hard my life, having an instrument in the background just sorta woke something up inside.”

Link laughed, “You got way too into the music.”

Malon countered, “Yeah? Well, I saw your face and you were really into it, too.”

Link shrugged, “At least I can admit it.” He glanced at what looked like a bull’s-eye with a few arrows strewn all over the field. He asked, “What’s that? Are you trying to get into archery?”

Malon replied with an embarrassed tone, “Oh, that? Uhm...yeah, I guess. I’m not very good at it. I forgot to clean up because I lost track of time and had to rush to my next delivery. I saw you shooting while riding on Epona once and I knew I had to try it.”

Link hopped off the fence, “How about I give you some pointers?” Malon smiled and followed, “Alright, Fairy Boy, teach me.”

Link picked up Malon's bow from the grass and pulled an arrow from the ground, “Alright, first show me how you shoot.”

Malon smirked, taking the bow and arrow, “I thought you were supposed to teach me, not the other way around?”

Link matched her smirk, “Just shoot it, Red.” Malon blinked and smiled, “Oh, Fairy Boy gave me a nickname!”

Link shook his head. Malon fired, missing the target completely, the arrow flies and lands somewhere outside the ranch. Link blinked and pointed to the target, “I hope you know that you’re supposed to SHOOT the TARGET.”

Malon sighed and replied angrily, “Just shut up and teach me before I shoot you.” Link laughed, "With a shot like that? I've got nothing to worry about, then."

Malon pouted, angry and embarrassed, "Well, you're standing mighty close, I can still smack you with this bow, you know."

Link smiled and pulled another arrow from the ground, “First off, your stance is off.”

He handed Malon the arrow and stood to her back, taking her hands and guiding her body into the perfect stance. He talked her through it, “Alright since you’re right handed, stand like this. Now, keep your feet shoulder width apart. Now relax.”

Malon looked at Link over her shoulder, “Wait, I saw you and you did it the other way.” Link sighed, “That’s because I’m left-handed.” Malon blinked, “ are?”

Link raised a brow, “ I was saying. It doesn’t really matter. It’s just that this way is easier for you.” Malon turned red as Link continued, “Now, this is called ‘nocking’ the arrow.” Link moved her hand and makes her place the arrow on the bowstring “See? Keep your fingers relaxed. Don’t get too tense, ok?”

Malon felt hot all over, Link was so close to her. She hardly heard a word he was saying.

Link kept talking, “Keep only the thumb and index finger on the arrow and relax...”

Malon’s mind began drifting, and she blushed.

“And...There you go, see?” Link said after he was finished and stepped back from her. Malon snapped back to reality and looked at the Bull’s-eye. An arrow was impaled right in the center red, she blinked and looked at her hands, they were still in the firing stance. Malon smiled, reverting from her stance, “Hey, I finally did it!”

Link smiled, “Good, now do it yourself.”

Malon blinked, glancing at the target with an arrow stuck dead center. She looked back at Link and said with an embarrassed tone, “Uhm...would you mind showing me again?”
Being an Adult by Red Sparrow
Chapter Six
“Being an Adult”

Saria slowly opened her eyes. Daylight was shining through the window. She sat up and yawned. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and yawned again. She notices something on her dresser.

...A note?

She reaches over and takes it.

It read:

Saria, meet me at the Temple of Sages, I’ve got some news for you. It’s sort of personal. It’s about you and Zelda.

Saria figured it was Link, the note was straightforward in a way and the writing was definitely Link’s. She got up, dressed in her usual green clothes, and left the forest.

A few hours later, she reached the temple.

She stepped through the doors, shutting it behind her. She glanced around, seeing no sign of Link. Maybe he was in the archives? She walked towards the archives, turning through several corridors. Finally, she reached her destination. Saria saw a faint glow as she parted the double doors. She stepped through, seeing someone rummaging through the books. It was definitely not Link.

“Hey.” Saria said. Suddenly, a strong arm grabbed Saria and a funny smelling cloth was put around her mouth. She inhaled the foul smelling scent and her mind was filled with one thing.

I’m being drugged...!!!

She resisted, she made one sound before everything went black, “Mmph...!”

She heard a voice, it seemed so far away. There was a weird taste in her mouth. She unconsciously swallowed it away. There was something clamped around her neck, it was cold and hard.

She was lying on her side, her eyes slowly opened.

Her eyes hurt as they adjusted. She slowly rose, the iron chains rattling slightly. Her arms were tied behind her back with a strong rope that scratched at her skin. Triple knot... she thought to herself.

Her legs were chained to the wall by the shins. The steel was cold. She was chained by her neck also, like a collar. She couldn’t turn her head to look around, so she settled with turning her upper body to allow her to look around.

There was a very muscular and extremely tanned man sitting on a table, thumbing through some books in front of her. His face was severely cut up, the cut’s weren’t recent, and in their place were dark scars.

Beside him was someone important, she could tell because of the way he dressed. The first man noticed Saria and tapped the other man. That man looked up from the book he was reading and turned, revealing Derek’s face.

Saria was still feeling the effects of the drug and it hurt to speak. Her throat was dry.

Derek stepped down to the floor, walking casually over to her, he kneeled in front of her, “Hello, there. Have a nice nap?” Saria glared.

Derek laughed, “I’m sorry, Saria, I know it’s rather rude to drug you and chain you up like this, but I can’t have the Sage of Forest blowing some hot wind at me.”

The man behind him laughed.

Derek tilted his head slightly, “Come now, Saria, I know you can talk.”

Saria replied softly, her throat hurt, “How do you know my name?”

Derek smiled, “Let’s just say I know you more than you know me.” He stood back up and glanced around the archives, “Like those chains? I figure that this place could use a bit of decoration. How is it? Comfy?”

Saria struggled a bit, “I’ll manage.” she replied coldly.

Derek nodded, “Good, good. Now then, on to business matters, I can’t seem to find the log book. Mind telling me where it is?” Saria stayed quiet.

Derek smirked, as if expecting the silence, “ about you tell me exactly what happened about a week ago? I know you know what I’m talking about. And please, don’t spare the details.”

Saria kept mute. Derek knelt behind her, and suddenly grabbed her by the hair, yanking her towards him painfully, Saria let out a whimper. Derek leaned in and looked her in the eyes, “Saria...I honestly don’t want anything bad to happen to you. You’ve been good to me. Just tell me what happened a week ago. Or...” he gestured his head towards the man behind him, “Kerst will use his methods to get it out of you.”

He let go, strands of Saria’s hair fell to the floor, “I advise you pick the first option.”

Saria yelled, “Go to hell!”

Derek raised a brow and laughed, “OH. This is the first time I heard you use that kind of language. You must think you’re a grown up don’t you?” Derek narrowed his eyes and said in an acidic tone, “I know you better than you think. I know exactly how to hurt you. I know how you think. I know everything.”

Kerst tapped Derek’s shoulder and handed him a book. Derek takes the book, thumbing through it, he nodded at Kerst, “Good, you’ve found it.” He looks at Saria, “I guess we didn’t need you after all. I guess I jumped the gun with that note.”

Saria didn’t say a word. Her heart was pounding in her chest. They didn’t need her anymore. She didn’t like the thought of that...what were they going to do to her?

Derek shuts the book and kneels in front of a chained and helpless Saria, he patted her on the head and said, “Look at’re trying your best to seem grown up, you’ve even braided you’re hair. How long did it take you to grow it that long? You look good with you’re hair down like that. I’ll tell you what...”

He gestured at Kerst and said, “Since you’ve been such a good girl, and have been oh so nice to me, I’ll do you a favor. My friend here will show you the pleasures of being an adult.”

Kerst laughed and looked at Saria hungrily. Saria shouted, “You’re sick!!!”

Derek laughed, “I know you’re curious, Saria. You want to be a grown up so much, so this is a gift from me to you.” Saria struggled furiously in her chains, “Get away from me!!!”

Kerst walked slowly towards her. Derek spoke, “Don’t be afraid, Saria...I’m sure he’s gentle. Besides, you’re going to do him a big favor. You see, he’s very stressed out and wants to relieve that stress.”

“FUCK YOU!!!” Saria shouted. Derek agreed, “That’s the right attitude, Saria!”

“NO!” she screamed. Kerst grabbed her by the hair and yanked her face towards his, she couldn’t do a thing, not even look away. He pulled her head closer and licked her from her chin to her forehead.

“Here.” Derek said. Kerst turned and caught a vial, “What’s this?” he asked.

Derek replied easily as he headed out the door, the book tucked under his arm, “Use this if she faints. I want her conscious throughout the entire thing.” Kerst grinned, showing decayed teeth.

Derek stepped through the door, shutting it behind him as Saria’s screams echoed down the hallways.
Rainy Night Interlude by Red Sparrow
Chapter Seven
“Rainy Night Interlude”

Derek glanced at the door. He was across the hall from the archives, he was in the study. The screams had stopped for ten minutes already, but he didn’t think about it too much. His interest was in the log book. He read the most recent one with absolute interest, reading over each and every word with precision.

“Shadow...and Light,” He muttered to himself “the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. I pity you, went from hell and back, only to have hell knocking at your door a week later.”

Each word he read only reassured his conviction. He heard something on the other side of the door. It would either be Kerst or Saria. He knew enough to never underestimate the sages. He kept his hand on the handle of his sword, glancing at the door out of the corner of his eye.

The figure stepped in, it was Kerst. Derek smirked and relaxed once again.

Kerst had a scratch mark from his cheek down to his neck, he laughed to himself, “Damn that girl. She’s feisty. But she’s got a great set of lungs, she’s a screamer!”

“I heard.” Derek muttered.

Kerst shrugged and rubbed his hands together, “Yeah, but I punched her in the gut a few times to shut her up. I did it till blood started coming out of her mouth.”

Derek raised a brow, “She still alive?” Kerst nodded, holding up his hand, it was bleeding, there was a bite mark, “Yeah, she fainted about five times, I used the drug, but she bit me and I spilt the rest.”

Derek shook his head and said with an annoyed expression, “I give you a simple job, yet you still manage to screw it up.”

Kerst gave Derek an angry look. Derek sees this and stands up, facing Kerst.

Kerst, the larger and more muscular of the two backs down immediately, “I’m sorry.” Derek nodded slowly, stepping down, “Don’t let it happen again, or I’ll kill you.” Kerst knew he wasn’t just saying it as an empty threat.

Derek glances back at the book. Kerst asks cautiously, “Did you find anything interesting?”

Derek looks at him out of the corner of his eye, “Yes, actually...I found something very interesting.” He stands up and takes his cloak off of the table, “Meet me at my quarter’s tomorrow morning, we’ll seal the deal there with the chancellor.” He slips the cloak on and heads for the door.

Kerst questioned something, “Hold on.”

Derek stopped. Kerst continued, “That girl...I know for a fact that you never stepped foot in Hyrule. You said you knew everything about her. How? And this did you know where to find it?”

Derek stood there silently for a moment before replying, “Let’s say that a little songbird sang for me. And...” he added, “if that songbird turns on me, I'll just have to clip it's wings.”

He continued, “As for me knowing the girl...haven’t I taught you anything? Deception will always be your greatest asset. Keep that in your head.”

“What do you want me to do to the girl?” Kerst asked.

Derek sighed, annoyed, “I don’t really care, kill her if you want.” He tosses him a knife “Slit her throat and dispose of the body.”

Kerst eyed the knife in his hands and spoke, “I have a better idea. She’s still useful. I know some people around Hyrule who would love to get their hands on some fresh young girls. I’m sure we’ll make a profit out of it.”

Derek shook his head, “I don’t care. But I advise you to make sure she never completely recovers. She’s not to be underestimated.”

Kerst laughed, “She’s just a little girl, nothing to worry about.”

Derek warned, “She’s got a lot of unlocked potential. She’ll grow more powerful over the years. She’s a sage, after all. If you aren’t careful, she’ll be the one to end your life...if I don’t do it first.”

Derek left before Kerst could respond.

It was raining, people rushed past him, trying to get home and out of the cold weather. Derek walked towards the castle, which was a good distance away.

He heard some ruckus to his left. It was coming from an alleyway. Curious, he casually walked towards the commotion.

A small seven year old boy was held up against the wall by two middle aged men, there was a third, also. The third cracked his knuckles and began mercilessly using the boy’s body as a punching bag.

The boy was bruised all over, there was blood running down his face from a broken nose, he was near unconsciousness, but cruel fate caused him to still stay awake.

Derek spoke loudly, but calmly, “Let him go.”

The others glanced at Derek, whose face was hidden under a hood.

The third man, who seemed to be the leader, gave the boy one more punch to the chest, knocking the wind out of him before turning to Derek, “This is none of your damn business, so I suggest you get your ass out of here before something happens.”

Derek laughed lightly, “Three grown men picking on a little defenseless boy, that’s rather sad.”

The leader replied, “He owes us money.”

Derek responded, “For what?”

The leader spat at Derek, the wad of saliva splattered against his cloak. The man gestured at a small box, “Rent.”

Derek glances at the spit slowly rolling down his expensive cloak, he says, while still keeping his cool, “Rent for living in a box, amusing. I suggest you three give the boy to me.”

The others dropped the boy, the child crumpled, holding his stomach.

The leader, along with his two thugs walked up to Derek. They were almost twice his size. Derek glanced up at them. The leader forcefully pulls the hood back, revealing Derek’s face.

The man laughed, “It seems baby face doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut.”

The two thugs behind him joined him in his laughter, the leader smacked Derek upside the head, “Are you gonna fight all of us, pretty boy?” They laughed again.

Derek sighed and sent a fist flying right for the leader’s chest, his fist collided with full impact, cracking the victim’s sternum and throwing the man back into the wet ground. The laughter suddenly stops.

They all looked at the man lying before them on the ground. Derek spoke, “Wait for it...” the others looked at the unmoving man, not knowing what to expect.

Slowly, they heard little snaps, then, before their eyes, the man’s chest collapses into his body, blood spurted out, the man’s heart was exposed for all to see.

The two men backed up from the disgusting sight and ran off in terror.

Derek strolled over to the boy, he was unconscious. Derek glanced at the corpse behind him and concentrated back on the boy. He picked him up and took him into some shelter.

The boy opened his eyes. He was inside the Temple of Time.

The boy was sore all over, he looked at himself and saw that he was wrapped in a blanket and had some bandage wrap wrapped around his body.

“You’re awake.” Derek said, handing him a cup of hot cocoa.

“...Thank you, sir.” The boy said softly.

“Don’t worry about it. Do you have a family?” Derek asked. The boy shook his head, sipping the cocoa. The hot liquid warmed and revived him.

Derek sighed, “Alright then.” He looked at the boy, he felt pity for him. He knew he couldn’t take him in, though. So he went with the first idea that popped into his head, “How about we find you a home?”

The boy almost choked on the hot drink, he looked at Derek in shock. Derek extended his hand at the boy. The boy noticed something about Derek, something familiar “Y-You’re...”

Derek smiled, holding up a finger to his mouth, “Shh....let’s keep it our little secret.”

Derek spent the next hour walking around Hyrule’s residential area, looking for someone who’d take the boy in. The rain had stopped, but the sky was still gray.

Finally, they found someone. The Blacksmith. After a bit of negotiating, they struck a deal. The boy would be raised by the blacksmith and be his apprentice. Derek sweetened the deal by paying the blacksmith an extremely large sum of money. He also made the lucky blacksmith swear to take care of the boy as if he were his own flesh and blood.

Later that day, Derek left and continued his trek to the castle. He shook his head, muttering to himself, “I’m growing soft again...”
Heart to Heart by Red Sparrow
Chapter Eight
“Heart to Heart”

Derek walked down the halls; he was dry by now after the long walk. He walked by Zelda’s room. Should he? He was curious about what Zelda was up to.

He knocked. No response...

He turned to see Zelda standing right behind him. He looked surprised for a split second before regaining himself. Derek smiled at Zelda and spoke, “I was just checking in on you.”

Zelda asked questioningly, “Where were you this morning?” Derek cleared his throat, “Errands.”

Zelda looked at him, “Well, I’m glad I found you, I wanted to talk to you about something.” Derek nodded slowly. Zelda opened her door and walked in, Derek followed. Derek shut the door behind him as Zelda turned to face him. Zelda took a deep breath and said, “Look, I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?”

Zelda tried her best to look Derek in the eyes, “I know you must have realized that I wasn’t the most gracious supporter of this engagement. It’s just that it’s all happening too fast. I guess I was just denying it. I just want to apologize for being selfish.”

Derek looked at her understandingly, “It’s alright. To tell you the truth, I have someone back where I come from that I love very much. I haven’t seen her for years now, and I can’t help but worry. I don’t know why, because I’m supposed to love you. Just know that I know how you feel.” Derek meant this, it came from his heart.

Zelda looked surprised, “Oh, so you know about me...and Link?”

Derek smiled, “The way you looked at him at the party, I knew right there that it would be hard for both of us.”

Zelda thought for a moment and responded uneasily, “He told me something that surprised me last night. I wanted to run away with him because” she glanced at Derek, “I’m still very much in love with him, but he refused. Even so, I can’t seem to let go.”

Derek sat her down on the bed, he sat beside her, “I’m not forcing you to love me, I want you to understand that. But, I want you to know you have my support every step of the way. I don’t want you to be depressed like this for the rest of your life. And I know that Link as well as the girl I’ve loved wouldn’t want us to stay miserable because of this.”

Zelda turned and looked at Derek, “This girl...what’s her name?”

Derek smiled and thought for a moment, “Her name? It was quite awhile ago. I...” he thought again “don’t remember.” Zelda looked at him with a confused expression, “You don’t remember her name?”

Derek responded quickly, “I remember her face, though...she’s just as beautiful as you are. You two have got the same personality. The same eyes...” Derek blinked and shook his head. Zelda blushed.

“Sorry.” Derek said, embarrassed “I didn’t mean to-“

“-it’s ok.” Zelda interrupted.

There was a knock on the door that ruined the mood of the moment. Derek gets up and headed to the door, he opened it. Chancellor Gale was on the other side. Zelda got up also, wondering what was up. Derek turned to Zelda and said, “I’m sorry, we’ll talk later, ok?”

Zelda nodded slowly, not quite understanding what the chancellor would want with Derek. The door shut, leaving Zelda in her room with her thoughts.

Derek looked at Gale, “What are you doing? The meeting is tomorrow.”

Gale glanced around and replied, “It’s not that.”

Gale walked and gestured Derek to follow, as they rounded the corner, Gale said “I have a question.”

Derek asked, “What is it?”

Suddenly, two guards grabbed Derek by the arms, pinning him against the wall. Three more guards stepped in and drew their swords, pointing the tips of their blades at Derek’s throat.

“What is the meaning of this?!” Derek demanded.

Gale narrowed his eyes, “I’d like to ask you the same thing.”
Malon's Time to Shine by Red Sparrow
Chapter Nine
“Malon’s Time to Shine”

The wooden wheels of the wagon rolled along the dusty road. The horses pulling the wagon moved briskly towards the Kokiri Forest.

Malon was sitting in the driver’s seat, beside her, Link was daydreaming.

Finally, they reached their destination. Malon parked the wagon outside the entrance of the forest. Link looked up and hopped off the wagon.

Malon looked at Link and smiled, “See you later, 'k?”

Link nods and waves, “Alright, see ya.”

Link walks into the forest and disappears. Malon glances around and hops off the wagon, she had to use the bush.

Link was walking, waving at a few passing Kokiri when something flew into his face, “Mmph!!!” Link exclaimed in a muffled voice.

He fell on his back and pulled the thing off. He smiled in relief, realizing it was only Volvagia, his pet dragon; he called it Volvey for short.

Kiri popped her head in front of Link’s face, “Oh, Link! You’re back! Can you take Volvey back now? I’m tired of chasing her around.”

Link sat up, Volvey nibbled on Link’s hair, “Oh, alright...” Volvey tugged, “Ow!! Stop that! You’re gonna make me bald!”

Finally, Link asked, “I thought Saria was supposed to take care of the way, where is she?”

Kiri shrugged, “She left earlier this morning, she didn’t come back yet.” Link leaned in curiously, “Did she say anything before she left?”

“Well...” Kiri thought, “she asked me to take care of Volvey. She said you wanted to see her.”

Link raised a brow, “Are you sure you heard her right? I never told her anything. I never even came back here yesterday.”

“Here.” Link handed Volvey to Kiri, “Take care of her for a bit.” Link ran off to Saria’s house.

Kiri blinked as Volvey fluttered onto her head, “Huh? Wait! No, let someone else do it!!” the little dragon bites down on her ponytail and pulls, “OW!!! STOP THAT, IT HURTS!!!”

Link opened Saria’s door and peered inside, noone was inside. Link wandered in, her room was nice and neat, unlike his. He noticed something on the bed. It was a note, he read it, “...the Temple of Sages?” he dropped the note and bolted out of the house.

The note was written in his handwriting. The scary thing was, it was a flawless copy.

The letter, whoever wrote it was after Saria, she was in danger! Link rushed by Kiri before she could get a word in, the dragon on her head blew fire, lighting the tip of Kiri’s hair on fire, “EEK!! NO!! NOT MY HAIR!!”

Malon was walking back from the bushes towards her wagon when she heard some frantic footsteps coming from behind.

She turned to see Link rushing right for her, “Oh, Hi Link. Did you forget some—EEP!!”

She never got to finish as Link grabbed her by the elbow and dragged her towards the wagon without breaking his stride. “Hey! Wait, what’s going on?!” Malon exclaimed as Link tossed her into the cargo hold of the wagon.

He leapt into the driver’s seat and took the reins. Malon sat up, “Link, hold it!! Tell me what’s—whoa!!”

Malon almost falls off the wagon as the horses burst forward in a mad dash.

Link gave Malon the ride of her life as the wagon bounced along the bumpy roads, going twice as fast as a wagon was meant to go.

Malon gripped tightly onto the sides of the wagon as Link expertly managed the wagon along the trail.

Finally, they reached Lon Lon Ranch. Link leapt off the wagon and rolled along the ground, he used the momentum to roll onto his feet as he skidded a few extra yards, kicking up dust, as soon as he showed any signs of coming to a halt, he dashed into the ranch.

Malon immediately takes hold of the reins and brings the horses under control. She brings the wagon around and stops in front of the ranch, leaping off and running after Link shortly afterwards.

She knew where to find him; the horse stalls. She entered the stalls to see Link taking Epona out of her pen. Malon asked, out of breath, “Where are you going in such a hurry?!”

Link walked Epona past her and said over his shoulder, “Saria’s in danger, I’m going after her.”

Malon gasped, “Let me come with you!”

Link grabbed a saddle and placed it over Epona; he spoke sharply as he strapped the saddle on “No, it’s too dangerous.”

Malon pouted, “But, it’s too dangerous for you to go alone! I can help!”

Link mounted Epona, “I said NO! I can take care of myself, stay here!”

Before Malon could get a word out, Link and Epona were already out of the ranch.

“Dammit, Link.” Malon muttered, frustrated.

She glanced around, “Well...I’m not going to follow him, I’m just...going the same way he’s going...there’s a difference.” She said to herself as she took one of the other horses out, placing a saddle on it.

The horse’s name was Firefly. She was about to mount the horse when something crossed her mind.

She ran into her house and returned shortly afterwards with some gear.

She wore a green leather tunic; her hair was tied back into a pony tail. She slung a quiver full of arrows over her shoulder. She had a red headband tied around her forehead; the ends flowed freely in the breeze.

In one hand, she held her bow, in the other she held a small sword.

She didn’t want to say anything, but she looked up to Link as both a friend and a role model. She placed the bow unto her back and drew her sword.

The blade shone brightly in the sun, she twirled it once and lost her grip, the sword fell onto the grass.

She promptly picked the sword back up and replaced it into its scabbard after a few tries, “Link makes it look so easy. I guess I’ll have to learn how to use this thing later on.”

She mounts Firefly and says, “You’ve better be ready, Link! I’ll be Hyrule’s next heroine yet! Theres no way I’m going to miss my time to shine!”
Secret Agent Malon by Red Sparrow
Chapter Ten
“Secret Agent Malon”

Malon glanced around her. She sighed and muttered miserably, “Great...I’m lost.” She looked up to the sky and yelled, “Link!!! Where are you?!”

She grumbled angrily, but she still wore a determined face. If she was going to be like Link, then she wasn’t going to give up so easily. She picked a direction, and rode towards it, hoping she was headed the right way.

Eventually, by sheer luck, Malon found Epona drinking out of a nearby creek. This must be the place. She dismounted Firefly and lead him into some cover, she placed some carrots in front of him and told him gently, rubbing it’s head lovingly, “Stay here, Firefly.”

Link checked every room in the temple until he finally reached the study. He opened the door; someone was definitely here hours before. Books were strewn all over the floor, what caught his eye was a small trail of blood. They were little spots of red that lead outside of the room. He followed the trail across the hall and into the archives.

He opened the door and stepped in cautiously. The room here was in the same condition as the room before. Books were thrown everywhere, every chest was forcefully opened; Link saw the broken locks lying before each one, every cabinet was opened.

What grabbed his attention the most was in the corner of the room where the trail of red was leading to; there were chains that were recently installed into the walls.

He knelt by the disturbing objects and looked around the chains. There was a large puddle of blood in the center, along with fluids of some kind. He spotted something else. He reached out and picked up a small vial. It was nearly empty, but there were a few drops left. He sniffed it and gagged.

He found a lead. He knew exactly where this was sold. He was going to Kakariko Village. More specifically, he was going to pay the potion shop a little visit. He stood back up. He glanced once more at the sickening sight before leaving the room.

Please, Saria...stay alive. Wherever you are... Link prayed she was alright.

As Link neared the exit, he stopped. He thought he heard a sneeze. He blinked and turned around. There was a barrel that wasn’t there before. Link stared at it.

Nothing moved.

Link slowly walked towards the barrel. He saw a little peep hole in the barrel and raised a brow. “Hmm...”

He grabbed the barrel by the sides and lifted it up quickly. Revealing...nothing?

He shook his head, he was hearing things. He placed the barrel back down and headed out the door.

As soon as the door closed, there was another sneeze, and Malon shrieked, falling from the ceiling, covered with dust. She landed right on her back.

She groaned, “ back!” she sat up and muttered, dusting herself off, “That was a close...” she limped towards the door, holding her back, “Alrighty, Link...I've finally found I just need to find some aspirin.”
Premonition in Kakariko by Red Sparrow
Chapter Eleven
“Premonition in Kakariko”

Link dismounted as soon as he reached Kakariko, he walked Epona to a watering hole and fed her a carrot, caressing her nose a bit before walking off towards the potion shop. Firefly and Malon arrived shortly after.

Even outside the door, Link could still smell the odors of the potions inside.

Link promptly opened the door and stepped inside. The shop had a strong smell that made his eyes water, it was dark and he could barely see in front of him. The only thing keeping the room from falling into complete darkness were the lit torches that adorned the walls. The shop had its own atmosphere, as if it weren’t of this world. It gave Link the creeps.

Finally, he made it to the counter, but noone was there.

Link looked around searching for any sign of life. Link noticed a little bell and picked it up. He was about to ring it, when a wrinkled hand suddenly pops out of the darkness and grabs his wrist.

Link froze and looked to see an old woman on the other side of the counter. He let out a sigh when he realized it was the shopkeeper. He yanked his hand back, and replaced the bell on the counter.

The old woman spoke in a thick accent, “May I help you?”

Link reached into his pocket and reveals the vial to the woman’s eyes, “I’m looking for whoever bought this from your shop.”

“There have been a lot of people who’d bought this type of potion for awhile now.”

Link responded, “How about recently?” The old lady thought, “ memory seems to be a bit hazy at the moment...”

Link sighs and drops a few rupees onto the counter; the woman takes the money and continues, “Yes, a customer walked through those doors a few days ago...I can’t seem to remember...hmm...”

Link drops a few more rupees, the woman eagerly continues, “It was a he...he....hmm...I forgot, could you refresh my memory?” she held out her hand.

Link grew frustrated as he dropped some more rupees into her wrinkled hands.

The woman thought for a moment and continued, “Yes...he asked for some peppermint oil.” Link inquired, “Peppermint oil?”

The woman smiled, “Yes, it soothes the senses, counters insomnia...and can even revive people after they’ve fainted.”

“Can you tell me anything about the customer?” Link asked.

The woman smirked, “I fear I’ve forgotten...maybe my memory needs some motivation.” Link narrowed his eyes, grabbing her by the collar and yanking her on top of the counter, “You’re trying my patience! If you don’t cough up the info I need, I can gauruntee that the rest of your short life will be a living hell!!!”

Link looked her in the eyes with fiery intensity. He was trying to save Saria, his closest friend, and this greedy hag doesn’t give a damn, just so long as she gets money!

The woman blinked, and smiled, “If you do anything to me, I’ll make sure that little friend of yours won’t come back...”

Link looked shocked for a moment before tightening his grip on her collar, he shook her violently, “Where the hell did hear that?! Tell me!!! If you don’t, I swear I’ll gut you and shove your liver down your throat!!!”

She looked at him, he was serious. She sighed, “Fine...just let me go and I’ll tell you what you need to know.”

Link slowly released his grip, dropping the old lady back on the other side of the counter. She rubbed her neck and cleared her throat, “Are you familiar with the Princess’s husband-to-be?” Link replied, “Derek?”

“Yes...that’s the one. He’s the man you’re looking for. For a hero, you’ve got a rather short fuse. I’m disappointed, the answer was so obvious and you needed my help to figure it out.”

Link questioned something, “Where’s Saria?”

The woman replied, “Don’t worry about her. Your focus should be on Derek, when you meet with him, you'll find her. A fell wind is blowing. I shall see you again very soon, I’m sure of it.”

Link looked confused, “What? What are you talking about?”

The woman grinned, as if she knew a big secret, “The darkness is coming. The Goddesses will weep. Shadow will overcome Light and the eternal war shall begin. When you are in need of power, you shall come see me. Go now.”

Malon couldn’t hear a word they were saying, but after seeing Link nearly choking the old lady, she was sure it was very tense in there. She wasn’t sure if she could take that much stress.

She was lying on the ground, looking through a small window; the shop was a basement, actually. It was a basement to another shop upstairs.

Malon saw Link turn and walk towards the door. She immediately bolts away from the shop and towards her horse. She reached where she left Firefly and found that he was gone, “Oh, no! Stupid horse, where are you?! Firefly!” she looked around frantically.

Finally, she saw Firefly at the watering hole...with Epona. Her eyes widened, if Link sees Firefly here she’d be so busted. She grabbed the reins of her horse and tried to drag it away from the watering hole. The horse refused. “PLEASE!!! LISTEN TO ME!! I’ll...give you all the carrots you want!! Just come on!!”

She saw Link round the corner and she quickly did the only thing she can do. She whipped her horse in the rear with her hand; the horse whinnied and took off. Malon stumbled back as Firefly clips her on the shoulder. She falls right into the water with a splash.

Link arrived, petting Epona and mounting her. He stared at the potion shop, deep in thought. He and Epona turned, and headed for the road leading out of Kakariko. He stopped for a moment, looking up at the clouds before galloping away.

Malon broke the water with a gasp for air. She coughed and muttered angrily as she waded out of the water, “Fairy’ve better not have stalled on purpose! Are you trying to drown me?!” she wiped the water from her eyes. Firefly trotted back and nipped her playfully, she looked at her horse angrily, “Well, YOU’RE in a good mood.” The horse let out a neigh and nuzzled her. Her frown quickly faded, “Oh...fine, I forgive you...” Malon, dripping wet, mounted her horse and said, “Alrighty, then...let’s go! We’ve got a Fairy Boy to catch!” she and Firefly reared up and quickly took off after Link and Epona.

Malon smiled, thinking about being a heroin. She severely underestimated the type of danger she was putting herself in. She rode onwards, not knowing she was quickly riding towards the beginning of the most horrible event to befall the land of Hyrule and soon, the entire world.
Revelations by Red Sparrow
Chapter Twelve

Link bursts through the doors of the castle, he found himself in the royal dining room. He saw someone in front of him. The man turned; it was Kerst. Link stared at him for a few moments.

Kerst spoke across the hall at Link, “What do you want?” Link ignored Kerst and proceeded to walk past him. Kerst said in a warning tone, barring Link’s path, “Where are you going?”

“It’s none of your concern...” Link replied, “Now, get of my way!”

Kerst responded quickly, “Does it involve Master Derek?” Link looked surprised, “...who are you?”

Kerst smirked, “He's not expecting visitors, he’s in a conference.”

Link tried to walk around Kerst, but he blocked his way. Link said in a frustrated tone, “I swear...if you don’t move-"

Kerst interrupted him, “You’ll what? Kill me?” Link gritted his teeth and said in a cold voice, “There are far worst things than death.”

Kerst eyed Link and said, “ must be Link, correct?” Link didn’t respond. “I’ve heard a lot about you. You’re all Master Derek talks about. He seems obsessed with you. If you are, then you may pass...”

Link and Kerst stared at each other for a moment. Noone in that room moved a muscle. Link took one step forward towards the door behind Kerst, then another, then another. He walked by Kerst. Kerst didn’t move. As Link reached for the doorknob, Kerst draws his knife and throws it right for the back of Link’s head.

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blows the knife off trajectory; the knife impaled itself into the door, inches away from Link’s head. Link quickly turned as Kerst stared in shock. Where did that gust come from?

They both turned to see Saria standing on the other side. She was a mess. Her hands were covered with blood; her eyes were the eyes of a killer. She had a cold aura about her. Her clothing consisted merely of a single rag with three holes, one for her head, and two for her arms. Her hair and face were covered with blood, but it wasn’t her blood.

Link stared in utter horror, “...Saria?!”

Kerst looked shocked, “...How?!”

Saria spoke, her voice was emotionless, her eyes were trained on Kerst “...You robbed me of my innocence. Now I shall rob you of your will to live.” She lifted one of her hands and examined it intently, “ keeps you alive. Do you know how to kill someone with your bare hands? I do. It’s simple once you get past the screams and the trauma.” She took a step forward. Both Link and Kerst backed up.

She continued as a light breeze blew in from nowhere and everywhere at once, “I wondered how people could kill so easily. I wondered how people could be so cruel. I wanted to know what possesses people to harm others for pleasure. Was it really about power? Or is just out of the spur of the moment? I still don’t know. But for now, I know why I’m going to kill you, Kerst.”

She began walking towards them, “I’m doing it for revenge. You stole away my dignity. My innocence. My childhood. How can you be so cruel? Are you really that evil? Those were my thoughts as you had your way with me. I pleaded with you, but you wouldn’t stop. You enjoyed it. You felt pleasure from my suffering. I want to know why. I’m going to find out right now. You’re going to tell me why. You’re going to tell me why...while I slice you up slowly, while I show you your still beating heart, your lungs, and your stomach. I won’t stop until you tell me the truth.”

Malon was on the other side of the room, she had heard enough, she whispered to herself, “My gods...”

Link noticed Malon and shouted out to her, “What are you doing here?!”

Malon quickly ran the long way around Saria and towards Link, “I’m here to help.”

Saria shot Link and Malon a look. She spoke once more, “You two will go find Derek. I shall stay here. You, Kerst, will beg for me to end it. Just like how I pleaded to you. But, unlike you, I shall grant your request...slowly”

Link and Malon stared and then looked at each other. Link nodded slowly, letting Malon join him, they ran for the door. Kerst turned and looked at Malon, “How about you stay? As soon as I’m finished with her I’ll play with you next, I promise it’ll be fun for both of us.”

Kerst made Malon sick, but she tried to ignore him, she began to join Link when Kerst added, “Fine, you little red-haired bitch! Leave! I bet your baggy pussy won’t be worth it anyways.”

Malon turned slowly as Kerst laughed. She narrowed her eyes and drew her bow and arrow; she set the arrow on the bowstring and pulled back, aiming at Kerst. She fired.

Kerst’s laughing was interrupted and replaced with screams of utter intense pain and agony. Kerst grabbed where his crotch should’ve been and fell on his knees, blood gushed out from between his legs. Malon smirked, “Consider it an act of kindness for all the women in the world!” With that, Malon left through the doorway to join Link.

Saria smiled at this and walked briskly over to a helpless Kerst. She was going to enjoy this very much.

Derek held the sword against Gale’s throat. Around them were bodies of the royal guards. Gale looked at Derek with fear in his eyes, he stammered, “W-who the hell are you?! Derek’s body was discovered in Lake Hylia hours ago!”

Derek smirked and replied, “Dereks been dead for two whole years! I’ve played this role for a long time now. I'm practically the real Derek!”

Link and Malon kicked down the door. Derek and Gale turned to see them.

Derek smiled, “Ah, Link...there you are. Oh, and you’ve brought Malon with you, too?” Malon blinked, “ do you know me?”

Derek shrugged, “Does it really matter?” Malon readied her bow, aiming it right for Derek’s face, she replied quickly, “Right. It won’t since you’ll be dead anyways.”

Link spoke up, “Give us the chancellor!” Derek glanced at Gale and slowly lifted his sword. Gale bolted towards the door, Link grabbed him and yanked him back into the room. Link turned to Malon, “Malon, look after him, ok? Take him someplace safe.” He looked at Gale, “Chancellor, please follow her. She’ll protect you.”

Malon smiled, happy that she was treated like an equal for once. Malon drew her sword and handed it to Link, “Here. Take care of yourself.” Link took the sword, he said, “You too.”

Malon and Gale left Link and Derek alone together.

Derek looked Link over and said, “You actually think you could trust her with Gale?” Link narrowed his eyes, pointing his sword at Derek, “I would worry more about what’s going to happen me if I were you, Derek.”

Derek laughed, “You don’t know how ironic that is.” Derek twirled his sword lazily as he spoke, “Tell me, have you heard of the prophecy the ancient sages of Hyrule predicted over five hundred years ago?”

Link shook his head, “No.” Derek expected this and continued, “When there is Shadow, there shall always be Light to combat it. When there is Good, Evil will always rule against it. When the Angel of Destiny is slain, the forces shall be thrown out of balance. When that time comes, the savior shall fall into darkness, taking with him the souls of all who dwell in this realm.” Derek finished, he eyed Link for a response.

Link said in a questioning voice, “What does that have to do with me?”

Derek laughed, “You’re so thick headed, Link. It’s a disappointment. I’m going to fulfill that prophecy and send Hyrule, along with the entire world into darkness.”

Link snapped back, “Are you insane?! What are you trying to accomplish?”

Derek replied easily, “I’m enacting my revenge against you, Link. You trapped me in this world. You sent my home into shadow.”

“What the hell are you talking about?!” Link demanded.

Derek grinned and held up his left hand, “Perhaps this will explain it better than words.”

Link stared in complete shock. He couldn’t believe his eyes. There, resonating brightly in Derek’s left hand...was the Triforce of Courage.
Losing it All by Red Sparrow
Chapter Thirteen
“Losing it All”

Malon and Gale were running down the halls, their footsteps echoed around them. Gale shouted over to Malon, “Where are you taking me?” Malon looked over her shoulder and said, “To the ranch, it’ll be the safest place until things cool down!”

Gale frowned, “I’m sorry, but that’s not possible.”

Malon blinked, “What? Why?” she stopped and turned to look at Gale. As soon as she turned, Gale plunged his dagger deep into her stomach. Malon gasped, she couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t move, she couldn’t do anything. The excruciating pain paralyzed her.

Finally, Malon managed to say, “W-Why...?”

Gale quickly withdrew the blade from her stomach, “For the crown, of course. Someone should’ve warned you. We chancellors have a bad history of back stabbings.”

Malon fell to her knees; she clutched her stomach as she fell to her side. She curled up in a growing pool of her own blood. Gale knelt beside her and patted her on her head, “Don’t fret. Your princess will be joining you very, very soon.”

Gale stood up and left, he had an ingenious idea.

Link spoke, horrified, “ can’t be...” Derek smiled, “It finally makes sense doesn’t it, Link? I knew where to strike, how to strike and when to do it. I’m you, Link!”

Link looked Derek in the eyes, he knew it was true. He saw himself staring back at him through those eyes.

Derek looked at himself with the reflection of his blade; he touched his face “I was forced to take Prince Derek’s place after you kept me from returning back to my realm. Aghanim struck a bargain with me, either way, it favored me. I, along with him wanted to bring this land of Hyrule down to the shadows. In exchange for my loyalty, I had my physical appearance changed.”

Link shook his head slowly, he looked Derek over carefully. He now saw himself, that’s what had struck him as odd for the past few days. He also noticed something else. Derek had the same insane look as the Shadowed Zelda. Derek continued, “It began as a quest given to me by the sages. To tip the balance of Light and Shadow in our favor, to bring my land into the light and save it from destruction, but now...” he looked at Link spitefully, “I can never go back...and what’s worse, you release Ganondorf into my realm and do nothing! I’ll never be able to see my precious Zelda! I’ll never be able to go home!! I don’t belong here!”

Link saw Derek slowly slipping into insanity before his eyes, Link replied quickly, “It wasn’t our fault, Saria brought me there by mistake...I’m sorry. We tried to go back and right our mistakes, but Ganondorf has already locked the sacred realm. Until Ganondorf is defeated on that side, we can’t do anything about it.”

Derek glared, “And just who do you think will save Hyrule from Ganondorf?! Link? The Hero of Time?! No, wait...he can’t! He’s trapped in another realm for all eternity!! Nevertheless, I’ll save Hyrule from this side! I’ll bring this land into shadow! I’ll kill you and take your place!”

“Link...” Link said, looking at Derek. Derek retorted angrily, “No, don’t refer to me by that name. I refuse to bear the same name as you!” Link looked at Derek solemnly.

“Enough talk!” Derek shouted, pointing his sword at Link, “Raise your weapon, and fight me! I want to find out right now which one of us is truly worthy of the title ‘Hero of Time’! This will be our final clash, Link...don’t hold back! I want to know exactly how my shadow has grown since our last fight!”

Link nodded slowly, bringing his sword up in the same fighting stance as Derek...the man before him was also formerly known as Link. How can he kill himself?

Zelda quickly looked to the door; she set down the ring she was looking at. At the door, was Gale, he had blood on him...Malon’s.

“Chancellor Gale!” Zelda exclaimed, “What happened?!” Gale glanced at himself and said, “Don’t worry, I’m fine. I’m here to escort you to the Kakariko Safehouse. Quickly, take only what you think you need and follow me.”

Zelda nodded, she ran to her study and began to grab her precious belongings when she noticed Link’s ring ‘Forever Your Hero’. Zelda smiled, thinking back on that day. She was so happy, so carefree. Who would’ve thought it all would have ended so shortly after?

Zelda took the ring and placed it around her finger, as she turned around, she thought

Link...I never got to thank you for being such a good person. When I see you again, I’ll be sure to thank you for being so caring to me all these years. I guess you were right afterall...we just weren't meant to be.

Those were her final thoughts. As she turned, the last image she saw was the blade of a dagger flying towards her face.
Royal Decree by Red Sparrow
Chapter Fourteen
“The Royal Decree”

I...I can’t see anything. Everything’s dark. Why? Am I dead?! No...No I’m not. I...I can still feel the floor. I still feel some pain, but it isn’t as bad as before. What is this?

I remember...Gale!

No, I’m dying! I can’t die now! I-I can’t move...! Link! He’ll...he’ll know what to do. Oh, I was so stupid. How could I be so dumb?! Gale was the one behind it...and now, he’s going to run free?!

I wanted to be remembered...I wanted to be a hero, too!

What’s this? Theres something on my hand...I...I don’t know what it is. It feels so fragile. I can’t open my eyes...they’re too heavy...what is this?

“...I don’t want to die. Not yet. Please...”

“You’re not going to die.” A voice reached Malon’s ears, breaking her train of thought. She didn’t realize she had spoken. A green leaf had fluttered onto her hand. A small breeze blew, blowing it away.

Derek and Link’s swords crossed, throwing up sparks. Each had light cuts on their faces, their clothes were cut up.

Link angled his sword downward, hooking Derek’s blade on the hilt. Link quickly lifted up his sword, forcing Derek’s weapon into the air, Link spun and elbowed him in the face. Derek stumbled backwards, cupping his cheek.

Link rushes forward. He thrusts his sword at Derek. Derek smirked and leapt into the air as the sword collided into the wall below him. Derek landed on the flat of the blade, looking down at a stunned Link, “You remember this, don’t you? Cause I sure as hell do!” Derek ran forward, leapt off the blade, over Link and on the ground behind him.

Derek snatched up his blade and turned, swinging at Link at the same time. Link sees this, yanking the sword from the wall and parrying the blows. They parried each other for a few more moments, their blades catching nothing but air.

Their blades connect once again. They pushed against each other. They were evenly matched. Derek planted his boot on Link’s chest and boots him onto the floor.

As Link begins to get up, Derek lands over him. Link looks up and blocks a blind swing of Derek’s sword. Link loses his grip on his weapon and the sword careens into the floor a few feet away, impaling itself into the ground firmly.

Derek plants one foot on Link’s chest, pinning him down and raises his sword high, sending a stab towards Link’s face.

Link didn’t have a weapon to defend himself with.

...Was it all over?

Link raises both hands and catches the blade. Derek stares in shock, soon it changes into frustration. Derek grunts, leaning forward and putting his full weight onto the sword.

Link increased his grip power on the sharp bladed instrument of death staring at him. Blood began to flow from the palms of his hands. They dripped down the blade, hovered on the tip, and fell onto Link’s face.

“Looks like...I win, my Shadow...” Derek said triumphantly as he shoved the sword closer to Link’s face. But Link held strong, ignoring the pain surging through his hands. Link raises both of his feet up, placed them on Derek’s chest and yelled, “Get..........OFF!!!!!” Link shoved Derek off of him with his feet. Derek landed flat on his back.

Link quickly bolted to his feet and yanked his sword free, he turned. All he saw was the finely polished Arian blade screaming towards his face.

Link took a step back as the blade sliced his face vertically. Blood splattered against the window behind him as Link fell back. Derek smiled, having gained the upper hand.

Link turned and caught himself by placing his hands on the window behind him to steady himself. Link looked up at the window, seeing the peacful land of Hyrule and his own reflection.

His face had a cut from his lower left cheek straight up to the upper right portion of his forehead. Blood was coming out of his face freely.

“Don’t turn your back on me...” came Derek’s voice from behind. Link’s eyes widen as he quickly turned to face his adversary.

Link swung horizontally at Derek. He merely ducked under the attack and tackled Link through the window behind him.

Glass shattered, spraying in every direction. The shards bounced onto the roof as both Links landed. They rolled along the roof heading dangerously towards the edge, each giving their all to gain the upper hand.

Derek elbowed Link in the face while in mid-roll and shoved him off...and over the edge.

Derek bolted up and headed for the edge of the roof to make sure his shadow twin was gone for good. Link stabbed his sword into the side of the building to stop his descent. He used his momentum to swing himself back onto the roof. Derek was there to receive Link’s foot as Link extended his leg, turning the recovery into a flying kick. It catches Derek on the chest and propels both bodies back onto the roof.

Derek stood up shakily as Link speared him through the opening the window had once occupied, sending them sprawling back into the room. Link rolled off, crouched as Derek stood up, Link sent a kick upward, catching Derek under the chin. It sends Derek into the air as Link leapt up after him. Link cocked his sword back and spun, spinning clockwise and sending a slash at Derek. Derek sees this and counters with an aerial spin attack of his own.

The blades meet, clashing into each other five times, sending sparks flying everywhere. They both land on their feet with their backs turned at each other. They both straightened out and turned to face the other.

Their eyes met as they both glared at each other.

They both took a step backwards. They both reset their stances. Derek’s Triforce of Courage glowed brightly on his left hand.

After a moment of tense silence, they both charged each other. Link swung first. Derek ducked and slashed at Link. Link ducks the attack and baseball slides under Derek between his legs. Derek turns as Link throws his sword at him.

Derek’s eyes widen in shock as the blade spun and plunges into his chest. Derek remains standing as blood poured out of the hole in his chest.

Link stayed in the same position he used when he threw the sword: Standing upright with his left hand extended.

They both stared at each other for a few more moments; Derek spoke “ win.......” Derek drops his sword with a clatter and collapses.

Link lets his arms drop to his sides as he falls on one knee.

“It’s finally over...” Link said, breathless.

Suddenly, without warning, the door bursts open. Standing in it was Chancellor Gale, along with twenty of the most Elite Hylian knights.

Gale stepped through as the others filed after him, their swords were drawn.

Link looked at them, both confused and alarmed. Gale glanced around him, taking note of Derek’s body before them.

Gale spoke with an official voice, “Sir Link, you are wanted by the realms of Hyrule and Aria for the murders of King Daphnes and Princess Zelda of Hyrule, along with Prince Derek of Aria. Using my natural rights as Chancellor, I sentence you, Link, to death. Your execution will now commence!”

Link looked on in shock. Slowly, his face changes and he begins to laugh. He laughed for a few minutes, “Of course!!! I see it now! It was the chancellor! It was right in front of me all along!” the knights’ glance at each other, Link had snapped. Among the knights was a friend of Link’s. They had met two years ago as sparring partners and had become friends ever since. His name was Trent.

Link’s laughter dies down and he stands up slowly, unarmed and looking at everyone standing before him in the room. Link and Trent’s eyes met.

Gale yelled, “What are you waiting for?! Kill him!”

Trent hesitated as the other knights rushed past him and towards a helpless Link.

A strong gust blew from nowhere, blowing back everyone except for Link back against the wall, it blew Gale out the door and into the wall across the hall.

The knights including Trent lay on their backs as leaves wildly flutter in. Saria appeared, holding a limp Malon by the hand. Gale shields his eyes from the leaves and wind. Saria grabs Link’s hand and the three of them vanish.

Trent was the first to stand. He was followed by the other knights and Gale. Gale smiled; this went better than he had expected, “The Sages are in on the murders also! Send out orders to kill them! All of them!” the knights all filed out the room to carry out the order.

Gale left to inform the consul.

Trent was left in the room alone, knowing nothing was what it seemed, but having no clue how to explain it.

He knew it had something to do with Gale, he whispered, “Link, what happened?”
Lead Me to the End by Red Sparrow
Chapter Fifteen
“Lead Me to the End”

The wind was blowing. There was a field here. The grass rolled along the barren landscape like an ocean of the colors of fall. It was midday. There was a wagon with many cloaked figures huddled together.

Link stood in the middle of the plain, watching. There was a tap on his shoulder, Link turned. He found Malon and Saria. Malon spoke, “Hey.” Link nodded, “Hey.”

Link glanced at the wagon and said, “So, you’re all going into hiding.” Saria looked past him and at the wagon, she nodded slowly, “Yes...we’re wanted by the entire kingdom. We can’t stay.”

Link looked at Malon and asked, “Are you going with them?”

Malon thought and said, “My father...they got to him and burned down the ranch. I’m wanted, to go with you, Link.”

Saria glanced between the two and drifted solemnly to the wagon.

Malon holds herself as the wind blew, rustling leaves. Link frowned, “Please...I’ve ruined your life enough.”

Malon shook her head, “No...Don’t say that. I made those choices back there by myself. You had nothing to do with it. I just...wanted to experience what you go through...I just got more than I bargained for. Please...let me stay with you.”

Link places his hand on her shoulders and pulls her in, hugging her tightly, “Don’t...everyone I cared about is dead because of what I’ve done. I lost Zelda...I’ve lost...” he glances at Saria. She was standing in the wagon, looking at him. She was alive, yet on the inside, she was dead. She was like a walking corpse, “...Saria. And I don’t want to lose you, either. You’re all I have left. Staying with might die.”

Malon hugged him tightly, saying into his ear, “I don’t care...I’ll follow you wherever you may go. I want to be by your side, even if it means death. If that’s how it’ll end, then...lead me to the end.”

Link closed his eyes as the tears he held back for days finally fell, “...then...stay and we’ll ride destiny to the end together.”

11 years later...

Everything was black; the skies were covered with the smoke of thousands of fires. There was chaos, death and turmoil.

Hyrule was in flames. And there, standing on one of the burning rooftops...dressed in black armor, and a flowing black cape stood Link with his crimson red eyes narrowed evilly and a grin on his face. Behind him, a large fully grown red dragon flies up, her wings fanning the flames of darkness; Volvagia blew fire, igniting another building in flames.

The army of moblins, under Link’s control had ransacked every home and slaughtered thousands of innocents.

The blacksmith's shop was set aflame. An 18 year old boy in his late teens, gripped his sword tightly, his name was Derek. He was named after the man who had saved him eleven years ago. Behind him was his newly wed wife, they were the same age, she was holding a crying infant, only a month old. They had just married three months ago when this happened.

Derek cut down another monster and yelled to his wife, Karen, “Karen! You have to hurry and escape! I’ll hold them back!” Karen hesitated. Derek yelled, “NOW!!! Please! We’ll see each other again...I promise!”

Derek turned and struck down another moblin. Karen turned and screamed. Derek quickly spun to see a large moblin wielding a scimitar stalking her and his child. He rushed forward. He knew he wasn’t going to make it in time.

The moblin took another step forward. Then, it screamed, before collapsing. Behind the moblin, Trent stood, his sword bloodied in moblin blood, he yelled to his niece, “Go!!! Derek and I will protect you!” Karen nods and rushed through the chaos. Derek said, after cutting down another moblin, watching her disappear, “’ve always dreamt of flying away from this hell...Spread your wings and fly.”

Gale, the king of Hyrule, was bloodied, sitting down against the wall. There was fear in his eyes. Bodies of the dead littered the throne room. The source of all the fear was Link.

Gale demanded, “...What...What the hell are you?! Why won’t you die??!?!”

Link smiled, “Don’t you get it by now? I’m immortal, I can’t die...”

The pieces finally came together in Gale’s head. He smiled, at the irony of it all, “So...that explains it. The sudden genocide of Hylians in the outer regions. It was you! It was all for the name of immortality?!”

Link laughed, his red eyes stared at Gale fiercely. Gale added, “And those eyes...are they part of the immortality spell?”

Link looked at his bloodied blade and swings it quickly in the air, throwing the blood off. He looked at his reflection in the blade, he spoke, his voice was cold, “No...I’ve also fused my blood with that of vampires...demons...” he smiled, showing fangs, “After all that...I’ve never been bitten...I’ve never been struck. Who knew the quest for immortality would be so simple?”

Gale laughed. Link points his sword at Gale, “What’s so funny?” Gale looks Link over and said, “I’ve done horrible things in my life. I’ve killed many for the sake of power. But who far you, Link, The Hero of Time, would go? In my lifetime, I’ve killed hundreds of people. But you...You’ve murdered millions in the span of five years! You’re insane!!”

Link shook his head, “No, I’ve seen insanity. This is not insanity. This is enlightenment. I’ve finally found my true calling in life. I was never meant to be a hero. I was never happy. But now...the thrill of the kill, I’ve never had more fun!”

Gale takes this chance to draw his knife. He rushes Link and plunges the knife through Link’s head. Gale lets go of the blade and backs up.

Link didn’t move. Slowly and casually, Link grabbed the knife and yanked it out of his head. Blood poured out of the hole in his forehead. Link wipes the blood off revealing skin. There wasn’t a single mark.

Link eyed the knife and said, “You wife, Malon told me that you did the same to her. What was it that you said? ‘We chancellors have a bad history of back stabbings’?”

Gale backed up fearfully, Link twirled the knife. Link spoke with a smile, “Well, we ‘villains’ have a bad history of having grudges.”

Link plunges the knife into Gale’s stomach. Gale cries out in pain as Link lifted him up by the knife.

Link leaned in and whispered in Gale’s ear, “...Long live the king...”

The End
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