A Young Hero's Soul Quest by GPLegend
Summary: Soul Calibur and Zelda crossover. A small series which features Young Link searching for the Soul Edge, so he can destroy it. He also get's aid from some unlikely sources. This story takes place several days after my 'Guardian Angel' fanfic.
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1. Poison Ivy by GPLegend

2. The Angels by GPLegend

3. Unlikely Allies by GPLegend

4. A Memory by GPLegend

Poison Ivy by GPLegend
After several days of traveling, Hyrule was now a far off land behind Link. He was now wandering in an unknown land, trying to track down the evil he sensed. The young Link did not know exactly what he was looking for, but its force grew stronger once he had entered this particular area.

Link held out his angel medallion, inspecting it. It had been days since he had received the trinket from the woman he did not know. Link always would think of her, trying to completely understand who, or what, she was. What he did know for sure was the fact that being around her made him feel warm and comforted, as if he was always safe. Looking at the medallion always made him remember that feeling, which helped him move forward on his latest journey.

He could sense the evil force grow, and he knew it was his job to snuff it out before it engulfed the whole world. Despite his past conflicts, Link knew that this would be unlike anything he had faced before. He was aware that the evil he was searching for had to be somewhere in this land.

Link stuffed his medallion back under his tunic as he came upon a small town. It might not have been a large town, but to the small stature of Link, it still felt a little daunting. Ignoring his nervousness, he walked through the town, hoping to find anything of importance.

“Man, that woman is crazy! She has beaten up five men already, out in the field.” One townsfolk let out. This had caught Link’s full attention.

“I know! What the hell is her problem, and why does she keep asking if we know anything about a sword?” Another person added, as they walked past Link, not evening noticing him. Link decided to figure out what was going on. It may not have been his problem, but if someone was hurting others he felt it was up to him to put a stop to her. He then walked off in the direction the two people came from.

“Where the hell is it!” Link heard a female voice demand as he came across the open field in question.

“I…I don’t know Miss Ivy…” The man let out, in fear. He was down on the ground, slowly crawling backwards with the mysterious woman inching closer with a strange looking sword in hand.

“…Ivy?” Link thought as he heard her name.

Link frowned upon the situation and decided to step in. Standing a few feet behind the woman, Link readied his sword and shield. Ivy twitched her head at the sound of a sword being unsheathed, taking her eyes off the man. She paused for a moment before finally turning to see what was behind her. As soon as she did this, the man got up and ran back in town, cowering in fear.

“…a boy?” Ivy thought, confused before sporting a smirk. The almost white-haired woman wore a strange purplish-pink outfit that was somewhat revealing, which seemed so weird for the young Link to see. She may have been a beautiful woman, but she was definitely a dangerous one, and that was the first think Link took note of. “Nice ears, kid,” she noted as she glanced at his pointy ears. “You think you can take me on, boy? Come on then, let’s see what you got,” she smiled, getting herself ready for a fight.

Link lunged forward, thrusting his sword forward at Ivy. She easily stepped to the side and sliced her sword downward. Link, expecting this, dove out of the way. Ivy then swung her leg at the boy, hoping to catch him off guard. Link caught this and quickly launched himself backwards, just narrowly missing contact.

“Heh, not bad twerp….” Ivy cackled, somewhat impress that he was able to keep up with her. Link swung a leg at her feet, trying to trip her, but Ivy effortlessly jumped over it. In one quick motion, she clenched a fist with her other hand and brought it down on Link, actually connecting, much to her delight. Link winced, as he was knocked back, but did not fall. He shot his eyes back at hers, seemingly unaffected by the hit, which surprised Ivy a little. Link then quickly thrust his shoulder into her stomach area, making Ivy stagger back.

“…Extend!” Ivy demanded in frustration. Suddenly, as she swung her sword outwards, the blade had broken apart and formed some kind of whip. Link’s eye’s widened as he saw it coming closer to him. Instinctively, he raised his shield to try and block it. A loud clanging sound was heard as Ivy’s blade retracted back into place. A devilish smirk appeared on Ivy’s face, as she charged towards Link. Link was ready and tried to counter by thrusting his sword forward. However, Link was taken by surprise as Ivy launched her self into the air, and dove over the boy, landing behind him.

Link let out a quiet sound, as Ivy’s sword once again had become a whip and wrapped itself around young Link’s neck. Link dropped his sword and shield, as he dropped to he knees, grabbing at the strange blade that was choking him. “I’ve got you!” Ivy let out, grinning evilly. Link winced, as he struggled to open one eye to look at her with. Ivy knew that she could easily end him by sending a surge of energy through her blade, but she refrained from doing so for the moment, enjoying watching Link squirm.

Link looked at her, then looked down at his shield, trying to figure something out as her weapon was getting tighter around his neck, making it harder and harder to breathe. “My…only chance…” Link thought as he moved one hand, struggling to reach his shield. He finally picked it up and turned towards Ivy a little. He then swung his arm towards her, releasing the shield from his grip.

“What…!” Ivy let out, not expecting his move.

I’ve bent over slightly, clutching her mid-section where the shield had struck her. As soon as she lowered her guard, the blade around Link’s neck loosened, allowing him to get free. Not taking any time for a breather, Link quickly picked up his sword and charged towards Ivy. He then dove at her, tackling her to the ground. They did a complete roll backwards, before coming to a stop. Getting her bearings back together, Ivy could feel something sharp touching her neck. She slowly opened her eyes, wanting to know what was going on now.

Ivy was on her back, being pinned down by Link, who was sitting on top of her chest. He held his sword down on her, with the point touching the skin of her neck while straddling atop her.

Both of them were breathing heavily as their eyes locked on to each other. Link was not strong enough to keep her pinned by himself, but Ivy knew that any sudden movement could have his sword merge with her neck. For the first time in a long while, fear was present in Ivy’s eyes. She also felt humiliated and ashamed to be brought down by such a small boy.

Link could see this in her eyes, as he still held his sword in the exact same spot. He was slowly beginning to regain his breath, along with Ivy. As she looked deeper into his sapphire-like eyes, her thought pattern started to change. Not only did she wonder where he learned what he knows, but Ivy felt a sense of pride in the fact that the boy had taken her down. If it were someone else that the boy had beaten, she’d congratulate him. She actually felt somewhat proud of him.

“Do it.” Ivy muttered, wanting him to get it over with. Link just blinked, as he let out a heavy sigh. He lowered his blade, and took it away from her neck as he slowly stood up, feeling satisfied with his apparent victory. Ivy wondered why he was letting her go, as the thought of attacking him right there ran through her head. She brushed off the notion as Link offered her a hand up. She smirked as she picked herself up, ignoring his offer.

She towered over him, as she looked down to look at him. “So, you’re looking for the blade, too,” she murmured.

“The…blade?” Link thought to himself, raising an eyebrow in confusion.

“It would explain why an outsider like you would decide to grace this land with your presence,” Ivy explained.

“Is that what I am searching for?” Link thought.

“You’ve gut guts, kid,” Ivy let out, as she put her claw-like, gloved hand to her chin, thinking. “Come with me. You and I can find the blade much quicker if we worked together. What do you say?” She grimaced, offering to take him under her wing. Link thought about this for a moment. He wasn’t sure if he could trust Ivy, but he was always willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. Link looked at Ivy, and nodded his head. “Good…” Ivy smirked.

“I suppose this young swordsman has a name?” Ivy asked, motioning to him.

“L...Link…” He replied in a shy tone as his eyes pointed downwards.

“Well then, mind if we join your little team?” Both Link and Ivy turned their heads in surprise, wondering who said that. Two women were standing side by side, one of them in a red suit, the other in a Greek dress.

“Taki…” Ivy growled.

“Do you honestly believe I’d allow you to get your hands on the Soul Edge?” Taki questioned.

“Soul Edge…” Link thought, not understanding what was going on. The other woman then looked towards Link, and gave him a sincere smile.

“Hey, little guy, we saw your battle with Ivy, and I have to say, you had me impressed. Oh, by the way, call me Sophitia,” she told him.

“Heh, you impressed me as well, young one. I am very curious to know where you come from,” Taki spoke up.

“Heh, get lost!” Ivy snapped back.

“That blade is Evil, Ivy, we must destroy it. Besides, like we’d leave you lone with a child,” Sophitia remarked. Ivy just cringed at her.

Link stood in the middle of this conflict, unsure of who these people really are and unsure of the aforementioned Soul Edge. Somehow he had a feeling that maybe the Soul Edge is connected to the evil he had been sensing, and maybe these three women could very well help him in his journey. He then eyed the three of them as he agreed with himself into joining them.

To be continued...
The Angels by GPLegend
“It’s Ivy,” Sophitia frowned, as she and Taki walked towards the open field where the estranged woman stood.

“Who is that boy?” Sophitia asked as they both stood out of sight. Ivy was about to fight a small boy and this irked Sophitia the wrong way. She was not going to stand there and let Ivy terrorize a boy.

Taki then raised her arm in front of Sophitia, halting her progress forward. “Wait,” she mumbled as she couldn’t help but be intrigued by the little one.

Sophitia stood in awe at the sight of him standing up to Ivy so well. “Who is this child?” She thought. She then gasped as it appeared that Ivy was ready to finish him. “That’s it,” Sophitia said in a heated tone as she was ready to step in.

This time, Taki made no attempt to stop her. After taking only a few steps, Sophitia then stopped as the child seemed to have escaped her grasp. The boy then charged at Ivy. What followed left Taki and Sophitia in disbelief.

“He won…”

They knew there was something special about that child and hoped to know more about him.

Ivy was ever so reluctant to be part of the newly formed team. The only thing that kept her with them was the child known as Link. Like Sophitia and Taki, Ivy knew there was more to the small boy than meets the eye. The air of mystery that surrounded Link had her glued close to his side, wanting to know what brought him to their land.

Link walked a few steps ahead of the three women as they made their way through the town. Link had never spoken a word with them around so far. They were baffled to be around a kid that had nothing to say.

“So, can you tell us more about yourself?” Sophitia asked as she caught up with his stride. Link looked upwards at her with a little redness in his cheeks. He then looked at her regretfully, unable to say anything. Sophitia just smile down at him, “It’s alright, you can tell us when you are ready.”

The sun was setting as they finally reached the outskirts of town. They were all in agreement of setting up camp for the night out in the field.

The stars had littered the sky with their sparkling glory, and Link sat underneath them almost in a trance-like state. In one hand, he held out his angel medallion as the stars twinkled in his eyes. He looked up into the heavens as if he was awaiting a sign.

“That is a beautiful medallion you have,” Sophitia murmured, leaning over his shoulder. Link let out a gasp as he snapped his head back. “Oops, didn’t mean to startle you,” she apologized as she took a seat on the cool grass beside him.

Sophitia wrapped her arms around her knees, hugging them to her chest. “It is a beautiful night, don’t you think?” She said, trying to start a conversation with him. Link looked at her with a smile, agreeing with her, before looking back at the sky. Link did not take notice that Sophitia was staring at him, smiling, as she secretly held admiration for him. She hadn’t known him for even a day, yet she felt like wrapping her arms around him and holding him tightly.

“Good night,” she smiled, as she stood up. Link gave her a smile, wishing her a good night in his own way.

After a while, Link had finally gone to sleep. He had been tossing a turning in a cold sweat. Only the Goddesses knew what he was dreaming about. Suddenly, his eyes snapped open as he breathed heavily under his blanket. His attention was then diverted to something he could sense coming near. Near his head was wear his sword was kept. He reached out a hand to grab it and slowly pulled it out of its sheath.

“Haaahh...!” He let out as he quickly shot up, swinging his sword at a dagger that would have gone right through his heart. The dagger flew back where it came and was caught with ease by a figure shrouded in the dark.

“You really are good,” Taki let out as she finally revealed herself to Link. Link looked in shock as he saw Taki before her. He then lowered his weapon, wondering why she tried to kill him.

“I knew you would stop that,” she told him confidently. She walked up to him, standing only a few feet away as she sat down cross-legged before Link. He had a puzzled look on his face as he finally sat down in front of her. There was silence among them as her eyes searched through his like she had just lost something. Link was starting to get nervous, but still kept his eyes locked on hers.

“You certainly are a strong one,” she stated, “There is an innocence about you, yet I see a warrior’s soul inside,” Taki finished.

Link did not know what to make of what she said.

“You’ve traveled a long distance to get here, haven’t you?” She asked. Link just gave her a nod. “You, too, have been sensing the growing evil? That evil resonates from a blade called the Soul Edge. It is a demonic sword that has ruined many lives,” Taki then paused for a moment, letting Link absorb everything. “You and I are alike, child. Both of us have traversed to this place to seek down the wicked blade and destroy it,” Taki finished.

“I am quite glad that fate would have us meet. Never in my day have I met a child who had faced such hard trials that most grown-ups couldn’t even imagine. You are truly an inspiration,” Taki added. Link was taken back a little, blushing at her compliment. In one smooth motion, Taki had uncrossed her legs and stood straight up as she unsheathed bother her daggers.

“Please, grant me the opportunity of challenging one with talents such as yours,” she smiled, looking at him almost pleadingly.

Link looked at her before finally standing up. Making the decision to not grab his sword, he brought up his sword ready to grant Taki her request. Taki grinned as she showed a little excitement at that prospect of challenging him. They both took their stance as they locked onto each other’s eyes. A gentle breezy blew past them, waiting for that imaginary bell to signal the start of the battle. They both then grinned as they charged towards each other. Sparks flew as their blades collided.

The sound they made had stirred Ivy and Sophitia. Their eyes were slowly greeted to the battle before them. Sophitia and Ivy were unaware of each other as there eyes could not be pried from such a battle.

Both of them were more interested in the mystery that was Link than their actual battle.

“Where does he come from,” Sophitia thought.

“Why has he here?” Ivy whispered to herself.

Both had come across many strangers in their past, but none had intrigued them more than the boy in front of them.

As they watched for a little while longer, the noises from Link and Taki’s battle started to lull them back to sleep.

“Excellent!” Taki managed to let out, as the two pushed each other back a little. Both of them breathed heavily as they were both eager to continue. “Shahh!” Take cried out as she leaped into the air, ready to strike Link with a kick. He saw this coming and quickly rolled to the side, missing her attack. As he shot up to his feet, both charged at each other once more with their blades locking together.

Taki looked into his baby blue eyes, as she smiled. Both struggled to get the upper hand on each other as they stood their in a stale mate. “You work together with your blade well, little one,” she commented as she noticed that he was getting a little tired from little sleep. She started to feel a little guilty about this, so she decided to let their stale mate stand.

“That is enough for the night,” Take mentioned. Link looked up at her as they both lowered their guard.

“Thank you,” Taki said, extending out her hand after placing her weapons back in their sheaths. Link extended his hand to hers and shook it. “I am honoured to have you help us destroy the cursed blade,” Taki told him.

Link just smiled at her as they let go of each other’s hand. Taki then bowed to him before turning around and walking to her spot on the ground where she would sleep for the remainder of the night.

Link then walked back to where his homemade bed was. He put his sword back in its sheath as he lied back down and put the covers over him. Link rolled onto his side, looking ahead of him. He started thinking of the Soul Edge Taki told him about.

“So, that is the source of the evil.” He thought to himself, confirming his previous suspicions.

Link took out his medallion and placed his gaze upon it. He started to wonder that maybe Taki, Ivy, and Sophitia were perhaps angels sent to protect him on his journey. With that thought still in his head, he closed his eyes as he started to drift off into his dreams.

To be continued...
Unlikely Allies by GPLegend
Link walked slightly ahead of the other three, with a little eagerness on his face.

“Isn’t there anyone around here who could lend us a ship?” Sophitia then spoke. “We have asked around, yet no one will help,” she added.

“Stop whining,” Ivy snapped back, getting irritated.

“There is no need to be that way,” Sophitia pleaded.

Taki ignored their bickering as her eyes searched through the town before resting on a local bar. “There,” Taki pointed, “sailors are usually attracted to bars. I’m sure we can find someone who could help us.” Link looked up at Taki, then back at the bar she pointed at.

“Would someone really help us?” Link thought.

They then walked into the bar eyeing the customers, many of them drunk, as they walked up to the bartender. As they walked by, many of the men there whistled at them.

“Hey, baby, come sit here,” one of them smirked, motioning to his lap.

“Hmph,” Sophitia let out, sticking up her nose, trying to ignore them. Ivy just kept quiet as she looked at them all with disgust. Link looked down, feeling somewhat nervous and intimidated by the men there.

“We are looking for a ship. You wouldn’t happen to know if there are any sailors willing to take us, do you?” Taki asked.

“I’m afraid I cannot help you there, sorry,” the man simply said, as he was cleaning the glass in his hand with a towel, turning his back to them.

“Great,” Sophitia sighed, frustrated, as she turned around and leaned back against the table.

“And what would three beautiful and voluptuous ladies, such as yourselves, want a ship for?” A man grinned, looking down at his drink as he swirled it around.

“What’s it to you?” Ivy let out while brushing back her faded purplish-white hair.

“My, my, a feisty one,” he smirked, turning his head to them.

Link had a puzzled look to him, as his eyes investigated this stranger. He had on a small, sleeveless jacket that had some white to it and yellow trims, with a coat-tail at the back. He could see some blue on the inside of it, and the upper half had some intricate looking designs. He wore white pants and some odd looking boots. Though, what really caught Link’s eye was the man’s weapon. He had a nunchaku strapped to his belt, something the boy had never seen before.

“Let me guess, you are after the Soul Edge,” he said quietly enough so no one else heard him except for them. Their eyes widened as they were surprised that he knew about it. “You aren’t the only one,” he added.

“How did you know? Who are you?” Sophitia asked. “Call me Maxi,” he simply said.

“Do you know anyone who could take us on their ship, then?” Taki questioned.

“You are looking at him,” Maxi replied, turning to face them fully. As he turned, he caught Link staring down at his weapon. He was also surprised by his appearance. “Nice ears sprout,” He chuckled at Link.

“Don’t make fun of him,” Sophitia frowned.

“Hey, I am only kidding,” Maxi grinned. He then stood up, “you fair ladies can hop aboard my ship. I am looking for a particular monster, myself, and I have a feeling we both might find what we are looking for at the same time.”

They were surprised to see Maxi becoming serious all of a sudden.

“I have a score to settle,” he added as he started to walk out of the bar, motioning them to follow.

“That is your ship!” Sophitia said in surprise, as she did not expect something large.

“Hope you don’t mind, but you guys won’t be the only ones traveling with me,” He mentioned as he led them onto his ship.

“You,” Taki let out sternly as she caught a familiar sight.

“Maxi, you did not mention you’d be bringing some new recruits,” a man let out in an angry tone after he spotted Taki.

“Ahh, calm yourself Mitsurugi,” Maxi pleaded with the samurai warrior.

Mitsurugi’s frown grew as he then saw Ivy as well, “So, I see you two have formed an alliance.”

Ivy just looked over to him and smirked, “Heh, hardly...”

“Sophitia!” A woman called out as she walked above deck. Sophitia’s eyes widened as the person who called to her was her little sister.

“Cassandra,” Sophitia let out, rushing over to her. “Why did you leave home? You had everyone worried about you,” Sophitia questioned.

“I wasn’t about to let you get hurt again, sister. You have been through so much in the past with the Soul Edge. It is time that I step up for our family and destroy the wicked blade,” Cassandra explained, crossing her arms.

“Who’s the runt,” Mitsurugi asked as he walked up to Link. He looked up at Mitsurugi, who was hovering over him.

“His name is Link,” Taki answered for him.

“I did not ask you,” He snapped back. Link let out a small gasp as he took a step back. “What, can’t you speak?” Mitsurugi let out. Link felt very intimidated by Mitsurugi, who gave a piercing stare at the boy.

“Hey, ease up a little,” A voice said as a woman placed a hand on Mitsurugi’s armoured shoulder. Mitsurugi moved his shoulder away, grunting as he walked off in a bitter mood. “Don’t mind him, kid. I’m Seung Mina,” She said, as she bent over, extending a hand to Link. He reached for her hand and shook it as she smiled at him.

“I guess it is a small world after all,” Seung Mina mumbled as she straightened herself up, looking over at Taki.

“I am rather surprised to see you here,” Taki responded.

“We’ve all sensed the evil blade, Taki. I’ve joined up with Maxi and the rest to help destroy it. We could use all the help we can get,” Seung Mina explained.

Link walked away, leaving the two to talk. He ended up walking over to the wheel of the ship, where Maxi now was.

“Hey there,” Maxi let out, looking into the distance. Link looked at him, telling something was amiss with the man. He could tell that other things were invading his mind other than Soul Edge. Maxi then looked down at him. He looked at Link’s eyes, which seemed filled with worries and curiosity.

“I’m just thinking about stuff,” Maxi responded, even though Link hadn’t said a word to him yet. “Have you ever had a feeling there was something you should remember, but couldn’t?” Maxi asked out of nowhere. Link looked at him strangely, and then shrugged, not completely understanding him.

“That’s alright, shrimp. I guess it doesn’t matter, anyways,” he murmured.

Day had finally turned to night, and everyone on the ship sat around, doing their own thing as the ship sailed calmly on the sea. Mitsurugi sat against the railings, hugging his sword towards him. He looked to be sleeping, but he was really in deep thought. “What,” he let out, startling Link a little as he approached the samurai. Mitsurugi opened his eyes to inspect the child, which made Link rather nervous. Link then bowed his head, trying to be respectful, as he rushed off to leave Mitsurugi be. He looked at Link oddly before lowering his head and closing his eyes once more.

Link sighed as he turned his head to look back at him. Not seeing where he was going, he accidentally bumped into Cassandra.

“Oh, sorry about that,” she said with a smile. She then kneeled down so she could be at eye level with him. “My sister has said quite a bit about you. She was quite impressed with your abilities in battle, little one,” Cassandra said, as she extended a hand to him. “I believe I haven’t properly introduced myself to you yet. My name’s Cassandra,” she finished. Link then smiled at her and shook her hand.

“Mitsurugi always seems to be on edge, so don’t take what he says personally, alright?” With that, she got up and walked below deck where her sister was.

Link was somewhat uncomfortable with this whole situation. He was used to doing things alone. Suddenly, he was now a part of a team, still unsure of what to make of the situation.

“You should get some sleep, Link,” Taki said, coming up behind him. He did feel a bit tired, but he pretended he wasn't and waived to Taki trying to let her know he was fine. “Alright,” Taki said, letting out a little laughter as she also went below deck to retire for the night.

Link slowly walked to the back of the ship, wanting to be alone for the night. There were some crates and barrels were piled away at the back, which he thought was perfect since he could hide from sight behind them for the night.

As he walked behind them, he was rather surprised to see Ivy sitting there with the same idea. She was obviously in her head as she placed her gaze on her blade. Ivy then caught Link in the corner of her eye, but she did not turn her head to face him. Feeling a little embarrassed, Link decided he should look someplace else for a spot of his own.

“You don’t have to go,” Ivy then said, stopping Link before he could take his first step. Link scratched his head, as it seemed she was implying that he could take a seat by her. He decided to oblige her and walked over, sitting beside her.

Ivy still did not look up, as her eyes seemed to be glued to her blade. Link did not want to be rude, so he took his gaze away from her and placed it up in the sky at the full moon.

“I see we both had the same idea,” Ivy let out, finally breaking the silence between them. “It seems we both take comfort in being by ourselves,” Link’s head still was turned up to the sky, but his eyes moved to peer at Ivy.

“To think, I ended up partnering with Taki, my enemy,” Ivy smirked. Link was confused, as he did not know any of their pasts. Though, considering that they didn’t know much about him made Link think it was pretty fair. Link looked back at the moon, as his eyelids were starting to become heavy.

“My desire is to wipe out Soul Edge from existence. If it means I have to partner with my enemies, then so be it,” Ivy explained, mainly talking to herself. Link then leaned back against the crate and hugged his knees towards him. It was starting to become impossible for him to keep his eyes open now.

Ivy felt something nudge her, which broke her burning stare on her blade. Ivy turned her head to see what it was. Link had fallen asleep and accidentally brushed up against her. Not sure what to do, Ivy tried to come up with a strategy to get him off without waking him. Unable to think of something, she let out a heavy sigh and gave up. She then just looked at him while he slept. Ivy could barely recall seeing a peaceful moment such as this before. With all her years fighting, she almost forgot how to appreciate something as simple as this. Hesitantly, she slowly moved her hand up and wrapped it around his shoulder, pulling him a little closer to her.

“Good night,” Ivy whispered as she leaned her head against the crate, looking up at the sky, wanting to enjoy this brief moment of peace with him.

To be continued...
A Memory by GPLegend
Mitsurugi smirked as he knocked Link back down. “What’s the matter, runt?” Link rubbed his backside, unwilling to give Mitsurugi the pleasure of seeing his frustrations. Mitsurugi was having a little sparring session with Link, yet he took it just as seriously as a real battle. Link certainly felt a bit intimidated by him, but he would not give in. Link picked himself back up and readied his sword and shield. Mitsurugi, not wasting a moment, charged at the boy, his sword thrusting forward. Link rolled to the side and swung his sword upward, where Mitsurugi quickly countered.

Link knew Mitsurugi was a much quicker opponent than he was. He could see the years of experience brimming from his stature. Link stood up, only allowing his determination to show. He may not be able to win this, but Link would pay attention to this fight, hoping to gain some much needed experience from the samurai. Link cleared his mind and charged towards the warrior. Mitsurugi just smiled, for behind his stern and unrelenting demeanour he held respect for the boy. He found Link’s courage quite admirable.

“He really is good,” Seung Mina remarked, watching Link and Mitsurugi.

“I guess my sister’s comments weren’t an exaggeration after all,” Cassandra muttered, impressed by the boy. She certainly had her doubts, and rightfully so, since Link was still only a child. Yet, Cassandra could still see something more to him. “You think we should have Mitsurugi ease up a little?”

“There’s no need,” Taki interjected. “Mitsurugi is not the one to go easy on any man, no matter the age. Besides, this will serve as a valuable lesson for the boy. I feel that Link realizes that too,” she added.

The ship they were on had just reached another port. Maxi was still by the wheel, being questioned by Sophitia. “That metal fragment that was used to heal you, it was a piece of the soul edge, wasn’t it?” Sophitia wondered, looking into Maxi’s eyes.

“I guess so. I found out that the soul edge was, and still is, what that monster Astaroth is searching for,” Maxi explained.

“This is getting worse by the minute. That blade is attracting unwanted enemies,” Sophitia mumbled with a look of concern invading her expression. “Where are you going?” Sophitia quickly let out as Maxi started walking away.

“We need supplies before we continue,” Maxi responded evenly, “you and your friends stay here and relax until I get back.” Maxi just smiled, putting on a carefree expression for her.

“I don’t know whether to call you brave, or a fool, kid,” Maxi heard Mitsurugi say to link as he approached them, interrupting their battle.

“Hey, Link, want to help me get some supplies for us?” Link looked up at Maxi. It made him feel rather useful when Maxi asked, so Link nodded with a smile.

“Want to come, Mitsurugi?” Maxi grinned. Mitsurugi looked at him then looked around the ship before spotting Taki. The idea of staying back with her did not settle well with him.

“If it’s just us three then fine, but you better stay away from the bar this time.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Maxi let out, shrugging him off.

“You won’t leave me behind, this time,” Seung Mina cut in, “I need to get off this ship and really stretch out my muscles.” Maxi agreed to let her come.

As they were walking off the ship, Link looked at the rest of the girls and waived to them. He noticed Ivy, who was sitting just past everyone else in her own world. When he saw Ivy look up at him, Link put on a small smile for her and waived lightly again. The only reaction he saw from her was her rigid expression lightening up slightly.

“You could have at least smiled,” Cassandra said to Ivy while watching the others get off the ship.

“What for?” Ivy snapped back.

“For Link,” Sophitia replied, “he is always being nice to you, yet you seem to shun him.”

“I do not.”

“Save your breath,” Taki said to the sisters, “it’s not like she’d take what you say to heart.” Ivy just looked away from them, grimacing.


“I think that’s it,” Maxi said, holding two large bags filled with supplies. Both Mitsurugi and Seung Mina held onto two as well, while Link was struggling with the one he had.
“You need any help, Link?” Seung Mina asked him. Link smiled at her and shook his head, determined to carry it on his own.

“This is enough to last us for a long while,” Mitsurugi commented.

“I know,” Maxi responded with a big smile on his face.

Link stopped while the others continued walking. He was distracted by the sounds of a battle nearby. The others seemed to not have paid any mind to it. With the bag in hand, Link walked past some people before stopping near an alley way. “Who are they?” Link thought to himself, looking at a man and woman apparently teaching a lesson to a group of men. The man fought with a very tall rod in his hand, while the woman held onto a Chinese sword. Link was fascinated by their style of combat.

“This’ll teach you to be more considerate around a woman,” the man said, hitting the last man standing in the gut with the end of his rod.

“Now get out of here,” the woman shooed them off, laughing. The men picked themselves up and ran off, not noticing as they brushed past Link in the process. Link then started to walk towards them, curious. “I hope you think next time, Kilik. I don’t like getting into petty fights.”

“Ah, Xianghua, you know you enjoyed it, though,” Kilik grinned. Kilik sensed someone come up behind him, so he snapped his pole behind him instinctively as he stopped only inches from the boy’s face. Link never flinched, though.

“It’s a child,” Xianghua let out, slightly confused.

“What’s the matter with you, I could have taken your eye out with this,” Kilik stated, feeling a little annoyed by him as he lowered his weapon.

“I…just saw your fight,” Link finally said, shyly. They both took note of his shy personality. They were rather taken back by it, as only a moment ago they wouldn’t have pegged him as the bashful type.

“Are you lost, shrimp?” Kilik asked. Link just shook his head and smiled. “Then why are you bothering us?”

“Come on, Kilik, you don’t need to be rude to him,” Xianghua told him. “So what’s in the bag?”

“It’s…for Maxi’s ship,” Link could only say.

“What!” The two let out, stunned from the name he just mentioned.

“You okay, Link?” Maxi called out, causing Link to turn his head to look at him. Link just nodded, letting him know he was.

“M…Maxi!” Kilik stammered, running up to him. “You’re alive!”

“We’ve prayed that you’d still be alive!” Xianghua cut in, seemingly overjoyed with seeing him. “I knew you’d survive.”

Maxi looked at them, totally confused. “I’m sorry, but have we met?” Maxi wasn’t sure who they were, but there was something in the back of his mind telling him that they were familiar.

“Maxi…” Xianghua’s voice dropped, feeling upset that he didn’t recognize them, even after all they have been through.

“But Maxi, it’s us,” Kilik pleaded. Link looked at the three, sensing the sadness and disappointment coming from Kilik and Xianghua.

“Do they really know Maxi?” Link thought to himself.

“You shouldn’t go off by yourself, runt,” Mitsurugi butted in, coming up behind Maxi to speak to Link. “Are these your friends?” Mitsurugi then said, spotting Kilik and Xianghua

“Why, hello there,” Seung Mina muttered, seeing the two, “it certainly has been a long time.” She then walked over to Link and placed a hand on his head, ruffling up his hair. “You shouldn’t wonder off like that, Link,” she mumbled to him, smiling.

“What happened to you all those years ago? Remember, we fought our way to Nightmare’s stronghold. You went your own way to take on Astaroth…and that’s the last we saw of you,” Kilik explained to him, trying to get him to remember.

“Yeah, I was there, but I don’t recall going with you two. I then remember waking up in a village, wounded…” Maxi’s head started to hurt as he tried to place the two in his mind.

Link was starting to become uneasy by the tension he was feeling from Kilik and Xianghua. He could tell they were sincere with their claim of knowing Maxi, but he could not understand why Maxi couldn’t identify them.

“You! You were the ones who defeated Nightmare four years ago!” Mitsurugi exclaimed. Nightmare, there was that name again. Link heard of that name from the others, and that he was the one who held the evil blade.

In the distance, Link spotted a cloaked figure amongst the crowd of people. “Huh?” Link let out, not sure if he was just seeing things. It looked as though he was spying on the group. Feeling uneasy, Link tapped Seung Mina to get her attention. Seung Mina looked down at him, seeing his unsettling eyes.

“What is it, Link?” Seung Mina asked. Still holding her gaze, Link led her eyes to where he was previously looking. The dark figure was gone. “Link?” Seung Mina whispered, feeling a little concerned by his expression.

“N…nothing,” link mumbled, “m-maybe we should go.” Seung Mina just looked at him. She did agree that they should return to the ship.

“Let’s continue this elsewhere,” Seung Mina told Maxi.

“Fine,” Maxi responded, feeling a little shaken. He looked at Kilik and Xianghua, who were still distraught about Maxi. “Come on, you can travel with us, for now.”

As they were walking back to Maxi’s ship, Link kept his eyes open for that person he saw before. He could not spot the figure again. He wasn't even able to tell if it was a male or female. He was starting to doubt if he had ever saw that person. Link then looked up at Kilik, who seemed to be lost in his thoughts.

“What,” Kilik muttered, catching Link looking at him. Link quickly looked away from him. It was nerve-racking for him to be around Kilik now. For now, Link decided to keep his distance from Kilik.


Amidst a crowd of people the cloaked figured stood in waiting, concealed by the shadows, watching the heroes intently as they boarded Maxi’s ship.

To be continued...
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