Saria's Lullaby: 'Too Easily' by Red Sparrow
Summary: A song by Saria, again from Shadow and Light. I just felt inspiration, and had to write something.
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Too Easily by Red Sparrow
I like to think back to the time
when it was just you and me.
It's like a horrible dream,
I've lost you too easily.

I look out my window,
expecting to find you.
But you never came,
It's as if our time was through.

It hurts me when I say,
That everythings fine,
that "It's okay!"

As I watch you depart,
I feel we've gotten worse,
we're so far apart,
It's like a curse.

I shed these tears,
I close my eyes.
I have these fears,
My heart just cries.

Being honest was the only answer,
But I was just too weak.
Now I've lost you forever,
I just couldn't speak.

Just one last chance!
To right these wrongs!
A second chance!
To say whats in my heart
for oh so long.

Another chance!
That's what I want,
To have that dance!
To feel I belong!

But now I know for all eternity,
That I've lost you forever more!

I hope to look up and see
you standing before me,
Smiling to me from my door.
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