Saria's Lullaby: 'Too Easily' by Red Sparrow
Summary: A song by Saria, again from Shadow and Light. I just felt inspiration, and had to write something.
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The Girl That Time Forgot by Red Sparrow
I've grown...
Just a little.

The sky
gets darker
each day.

I gaze at the sunset,

And I sadly count the days.

I've grown...
Just a little.

I wish,
I knew where
you've gone.

I sit by this window,
and I hope it won't be long.

I've grown...
Just a little.

But I'm still
the girl that you knew.

I'll wait,
just a little bit longer,
and hope my wish will still come true.

And now...
I've grown up now.

I'm trapped inside by the thought.

I'll always be waiting behind
this window.

I'm the girl...

that time...

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