Ocarina of Time Tribute by Red Sparrow
Summary: Ocarina of Time retold with a more unique way. This is kinda of like a roundrobin sort of thing. If you're good with words and want to join in, PM me!
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Great Deku Tree's Plight by Red Sparrow
Ocarina of Time Series Tribute

Chapter One
"Great Deku Tree's Plight"
Written by: Red Sparrow

"Navi, oh, Navi,
Where art thou, dear Navi?"

"I'm here Great Deku Tree,
What is it that you need?
I'll do what you ask of me,
Anything, I'll heed."

"Fetch me the boy-"

"There are many boys,
can you be more specific?
Searching out every Kokiri
doesn't seem very terrific."

"Let me finish,
a boy with-"

"A red boot?
A stick?
An owl that hoots?
A D-"

"Silence Navi!
Let me finish, I'm sick!
Find the boy
with no Fairy!
Find him before I keel over,
Bloody quick!"

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