#zeldachat by Elflord
Summary: I got bored, and then thought; what if all the Zelda characters were members of a chatroom? And I went from there. It's short too, by the way.
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Navi is soo unappriceated. by Elflord
Link44 signed on at 2:43:57 PM.
Link44: hi saria
~ruto~: Hi link
Saria901: He was talking to me
Saria901: He was talking to me
Link44: yesterday wuz fun
~ruto~ signed off at 2:44:39 PM.
Saria901: wanna do it again?
Link44: that would nbe awesome!
Saria901: Yeah…
Saria901: fishing is fun…
Flamesage signed on at 2:45:45 PM.
Flamesage: Waazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzuuuuuuuuuuupppppppp!
Saria901: Wuzup Darunia!
Flamesage: That damn pothed volvagia has been eating my peeps again
Link44: ill take care of him tomorrow
Flamesage: thanks
Navi2 signed on at 2:46:35 PM.
Link44 signed off at 2:46:36 PM.
Saria901 signed off at 2:46:36 PM.
Flamesage signed off at 2:46:36 PM.
Navi2: guys???
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