#zeldachat by Elflord
Summary: I got bored, and then thought; what if all the Zelda characters were members of a chatroom? And I went from there. It's short too, by the way.
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1. Navi is soo unappriceated. by Elflord

2. Trouble brews... by Elflord

3. Macs... *shudder* by Elflord

4. Rauru is a bit behind the times. by Elflord

Navi is soo unappriceated. by Elflord
Link44 signed on at 2:43:57 PM.
Link44: hi saria
~ruto~: Hi link
Saria901: He was talking to me
Saria901: He was talking to me
Link44: yesterday wuz fun
~ruto~ signed off at 2:44:39 PM.
Saria901: wanna do it again?
Link44: that would nbe awesome!
Saria901: Yeah…
Saria901: fishing is fun…
Flamesage signed on at 2:45:45 PM.
Flamesage: Waazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzuuuuuuuuuuupppppppp!
Saria901: Wuzup Darunia!
Flamesage: That damn pothed volvagia has been eating my peeps again
Link44: ill take care of him tomorrow
Flamesage: thanks
Navi2 signed on at 2:46:35 PM.
Link44 signed off at 2:46:36 PM.
Saria901 signed off at 2:46:36 PM.
Flamesage signed off at 2:46:36 PM.
Navi2: guys???
Trouble brews... by Elflord
Zelda signed on at 6:23:15 PM.
Link44 signed on at 6:23:34 PM.
Zelda: Hello Link.
Link44: hi
Zelda: So, what are you up to?
Link44: over at saria’s eating dinner
Zelda: Oh.
Link44: she says hi
Link44: she says she’ll be on in a few
Link44: Im goin over to my house to chat
Zelda: Kay.
Link44 signed off at 6:26:43 PM
Zelda: *Whistles impatiently*
Zelda: ^ditto
Link signed on at 6:30:34 PM.
Link: lol
Saria901 signed on at 6:37:12 PM.
Zelda: Yes!
Saria901: srry for the delay, Link’s a slob.
Link44: am not!!!
Saria901: yes huh!
Link44: nuh uh!!!
Saria901: your a dirty messy stupid slob!!
Link44: Click!
Saria901: I know that’s a virus you ingit!
Zelda: STFU you’re both idiots!!
Saria901 signed off at 6:40:16 PM.
Link44 signed off at 6:40:16 PM.
Zelda: sunuva!
Zelda signed off at 6:40:23 PM.
Macs... *shudder* by Elflord
Ganny7 signed on at 6:06:06 PM.
Bongox2: rofl! you teh 666!
Ganny7: shut up bb...
Rovatwin signed on at 6:06:25 PM
Ganny7: sup sista?
Rovatwin: Kotake won’t let me use her comp so now i have to use the mac...
Bongox2: ouch...
Bongox2: ouch...
pGanon signed on at 6:08:19 PM.
pGanon: Sup my possy!?!?
Bongox2: Go.
Ganny7: To.
Rovatwin: Hell.
pGanon: you guys suc!
TwinRova signed on at 6:08:55 PM.
TwinRova: zip it Koume
Rovatwin: No.
TwinRova: Yes.
Rovatwin: No!
TwinRova: Yes!!
Rovatwin: No!!!
TwinRova: Yes!!!!
Rovatwin: No!!!!!
TwinRova: Yes!!!!!!^&^*#&^%&%!^^^**%%^#@%^
Ganny7: stfu!
Bongox2: STFU!!!!!
pGanon: StFU!
TwinRova signed off at 6:10:02 PM.
Rovatwin signed off at 6:10:04 PM.
Ganny7: okay.
Bongox2: Anyway, i went to apoligise to link the other day, and the jerk stabbed me.
Ganny7: OMFG the same thing happened to me!
Bongox2: no way!
Ganny7: yeah, right throuh the shoulder!!
Bongox2: he stabbed me in the eye...
Ganny7: so, you have like 6 of them
pGanon: lol!!!
Bongox2: it still hurt!
Ganny7: whutevur. i gotta go im supposed to kidnap zelda today.
Bongox2: seeya
Ganny7 signed off at 6:12:36 PM.
pGanon: Im out 2
pGanon signed off at 6:12:40 PM.
Bongox2 signed off at 6:12: 45 PM.
Rauru is a bit behind the times. by Elflord
Saria901: Hey Link they're havin a party at lonlon ranch tonight!
Link44: Cool!
Saria901: Wanna come with?
Link44: I thought kokiri weren't supposed to leave the forest?
Saria901: So? We did it at the end of OoT.
Link44: Good point, but doesn't that contradict the entire game?
Saria901: It's not canon. shut yer mouth.
Link44: Okay...
Saria901: Thank U. Now don't say a word of it or I'll rip out your pancreas through your nose.
Link44: 0.o
Saria901: Damn straight.
R4ru signed on at 4:58:37 PM.
R4ru signed off at 4:58:37 PM.
R4ru signed on at 4:58:38 PM.
R4ru signed off at 4:58:38 PM.
R4ru signed on at 4:58:39 PM.
Saria901: The hell?
R4ru: Sorry. I could not sign on.
Link44: what the frell are you talking about? you did it 3 times!!!
R4ru: I cry on the inside...
Saria901: Don't mind Link, he's just a pompous ass...
R4ru: Thank you for your kind words Saria
Link44: they wernt kind!!! and they were directed at me!!!
Saria901: XP
Link44: XP XP
Saria901: XP XP XP
Link44: the frell...?...?...?
Saria901: You are supposed to arrange the letters so they look like faces.
R4ru: Did I do something wrong?
Saria901: I just answered that.
R4ru: Sorry, I am a slow writer.
Saria901: Ohhh...
Link44: so, who's coming to the party?
Saria901: I am!!!
Link44: .....
Link44: we're waiting...
Link44: C'mon!!!
Link44: oh this is bullshit!
R4ru: I accept your invitation to the party at Lon Lon Ranch. You can look forward to seeing me at the party, Link and Saria.
Link44: look forward?!?!
Link44: yeah right!!
Saria901: Shut up Link.
R4ru signed off at 5:05:16 PM.
Link44: and you know?
Link44: Maybe if you didn't elaborate your message so much, you wouldn't take so long!?!?!
Saria901: Link...
Link44: and another thing!
Saria901: LINK!!!
Link44: wot?
Saria901: he signed off.
Link44: Oh.
Saria901: Asshole.
Saria901 signed off at 5:05:45 PM.
Link44 signed off at 5:06:21 PM.
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