legend of the smash bros. by advancedgamer14
Summary: I'm writing this because i read some other smash bros. stories, and they sucked. this does not follow my story or original characters. Now for the actuall sumarie. Link, his younger counterpart, and zelda are transported to a strange place, full of odd looking people. They learn they must fight to escape this place, and return to hyrule.
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the devious plot by advancedgamer14
The room link was in had no doors or windows, the walls were white and the only furniture was two sets of bunk beds. No way out. Fox looked under the beds. “Hey, there’s a door down here.” he said. A minute later, the bed had been moved and link was opening the door. He jumped down and fox soon followed. They were in an empty hallway, it had silver walls, silver floor tiles, and silver ceiling tiles. A few pipes were running along the walls. “let’s split up,” fox whispered. Link nodded and they both went off in opposite directions.

Link slowly walked along the corridor. He held an ice arrow to freeze any guards or whoever got in his way. Soon he came to room filled with computers and control panels. Of course link didn’t know what any off these were. To him they were just a bunch of blink lights and metal. There were no doors In this room though, he would have to head back.

Fox kept his blaster ready, though there did not seem to be any guards. The hallway continued for 100 yards. He finally reached a large room. He heard a conversation going on inside. “This is wonderful.” the first voice said. “Yes I agree, with all of there strongest warriors beaten by each other, all of these worlds will be ours,” another said. “Yes, gannondorf, but this only works if you win the tournament.” Fox’s eyes widened when he heard that name. That means this was some kind of scam. Fox realized that the only way to stop this was to beat gannondorf.

Link and fox met back at the entrance to their room. They told each other of their finds. “Hmm,” fox said. “Maybe we should check out that room you found. I might be able to get something there.” they ran back down the hall, knowing there were now guards. When they arrived fox ran the main computer and began typing. Link watched in amazement as things appeared on the screen before him. He had never seen anything like this. “Okay, I got what I need.” they ran down the hallway again, and back through the door leading to their rooms.

“Okay, according to the computer, this tournament was set up by three people, master hand, some guy named bowser, and gannondorf.” link felt a chill down his spine when he heard that name. “Their plan is too eliminate all of the worlds strongest heroes so they are not in the way when they conquer them. But in order for their plan to be a complete success, gannondorf must win the tournament. And remember that question mark on the match up sheet, that’s were bowser fights the winner.”

“So, if we want to prevent this, we have win the tournament, beat this bowser thing, and master hand. Then they will be unable to complete their plans.” link said. “That’s right, so suggest we get some sleep now, or we won’t have the energy to fight tomorrow.”

They went to their beds. Fox was able to sleep okay, but link began thinking. “ we want to win, we’ll eventually have to fight each other. As far as I’m concerned, fox is my friend now, and a pretty tough fighter. He’s supposed to be stronger than falco, and I had trouble beating him. Dam it, how the hell did gannondorf get here. And who the hell Is bowser, and is master hand really that tough. Dam it all, thinking is getting me nowhere. I should just go to sleep, and sort this out later. Maybe I shouldn’t even bother sorting it out, just try to fight and win, I beat gannondorf before, and I sure can beat him again, and this stupid hand. But what about Zelda, is she doing okay. Or should he be worried about sheik. It was way to confusing to think about.”

Link rolled over and soon fell asleep. Link would fight some guy named pikachu., Zelda was taking on someone named samus, and fox was fighting yoshi. Things were definitely not going to be fun
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