Legend Of Zelda: A Tragic End to A Legacy by Incognito
Summary: *Warning* Some graphic Content, Mature Themes ETC......Title explains ALL.....R&R PLZ....
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Prologue by Incognito
She sat up quickly as the sounds of screaming echoed into her room. The smell of fire so strong she could taste the thick smoke that hovered over the palace. Guards rushed by her door swords out and ready to attack. She sat at her vanity and looked at herself in the mirror. A tear rolled down her cheek and fell to the letter she was writing, she glanced down hardly noticing that she had picked up a quill and parchment of paper. She looked back up at the mirror staring at her reflection, then she put her fist through it and watched, almost fascinated, as the blood dripped from her hand to her seal as she closed up the letter. She placed it on her pillow and walked calmly to her terrace, allowiing her eyes to sweep over what was left of hyrule.
"No one knows what it was to lose you..." She whispered as she stepped onto the railing.
"You're gone....and hyrule goes with you...as do I..."
She closed her eyes breathed in slowly and exhaled then stepped off the railing, and grimaced as she felt the sudden rush of air under her.

*Still in planning stage just curious of reactions will update ASAP*
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