Isolation by Aryll Windwaker
Summary: Link decides to take Zelda on vacation. All does not go as planned, however...
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Chapter 1 by Aryll Windwaker
“You are going to love the sea, Zel,” said Link as he dismounted his trusty mare, Epona. He looked over to the princess while she took off her horse’s saddle and reins. On her face she wore an expression of skepticism. She had only been to a lake, and that had turned her away from vast expanses of water. “Come on, that was thirteen years ago that you were stuck in the boat for half an hour in the mist. Just because you got a little scared doesn’t mean you have to be afraid of the ocean.”
“You just don’t get it. I was stuck out on Lake Hylia, I didn’t know where I was or if my father even knew I was gone. Only when the mist lifted did I realize I was only three feet from shore. I couldn’t--don’t look at me like that!” Link quickly turned his head as he chuckled softly to himself. They were in Termina, and had left the Stock Pot Inn not four hours ago. Link convinced Zelda back in Hyrule that she needed a vacation, and that Great Bay was the perfect place to go. Of course, since Great Bay was two days travel from Clocktown, the boy had thought to bring along some camping stuff.
With the ease of experience, Link set up the tent. Zelda sighed distastefully. The thought of sharing a tent with him was a little disconcerting. Although it wasn’t like she had a choice.

Early the next morning the pair was up and about. Link packed up the gear and mounted Epona. They managed to make it to the ocean without much hindrance. Only a pesky guay had been trailing them, and decided to bombard them at last minute. But he was a small creature, hardly something to be worried about.
Zelda looked out at the vast sea, no land in sight. The only landmarks were a tower of stone that housed the Zoras of Termina and a dock with several boats tied to it. A small beach hut rested on the edge of the sand, and Link could see a man sitting outside of it, whittling something out of driftwood.
“Are you in charge of the boat rentals?” Zelda asked.
The man gave her an appraising look, then said, “Well little girl, you look like you’re more ready to go on a dainty fox hunt than contend with the ocean. She is a cruel mistress, and if you don’t respect her,” he smiled and nodded towards the sky. “then you gonna see the Giants sooner than you’d want. You wanna boat? You got one reserved?”
Link stepped forward and presented a slip of paper. The man looked at it and nodded.
“Yep, that’s a reservation alright. But uh…this is for next year. And the boat you got on here is rented right now. Sorry.”
Zelda turned slowly to Link with her face a contorted mask of anger. Quickly avoiding a painful bruise on his arm, Link inquired if there were perhaps another boat they could take out.
“Sure are,” said the man without looking up from his whittling. “At that little dock right there. Take yer pick, I’ll give it to you for a fair price since you came all this way for nothing.” The elves walked onto the shabby little dock, sidestepping the broken boards and gulls to have a look at the boats. They were pleased to find a quaint forty-foot boat with two cabins. Link stepped to the helm, and gazed up at the two sails. He smiled and asked the man how much for a week.
“Let’s say 50 rupees for every twelve hours.”
“It’s a deal!” Link replied happily as he clapped the man’s hand in agreement.
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