Majora's Mask 2: Spellsong by Aryll Windwaker
Summary: A Majora's Mask Sequel. Maybe I'll finish it one day...
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Story Notes:
Neither Link, nor Zelda or Ganon appear in this story.
Prologue by Aryll Windwaker
One hundred years after Link’s Termanian adventures, mysterious events involving the descendents of the families he helped begin occurring.

First, the Zoran female warrior Shaylia falls desperately ill and cannot help her people defend themselves against the monsters plaguing the sea, and the Gerudo Pirate women take advantage of this by capturing her and her precious eggs.

Then, Bori, a hardheaded little Deku Prince refuses to learn his lessons and how to be a ruler. The Prince runs away to the Woodfall Temple and on his trek, a band of thieving monkeys captures him.

In the mountains, winter will not let go, and the Gorons fall deeper and deeper into the icy depths of a blizzard. One Goron woman, the great granddaughter of Darmani, tries her luck and prays at Snowhead Temple. But on her way back, ice-wielding Wizrobes trap Tilvorchiun.

Remember Pamela and her father? Well, the family moved back to town, and brought an entire colony of paranormal investigators to Ikana Canyon! But when one of the boys, Mark, goes missing and Poes are in greater numbers than before, suspicions run high.

Even in Clocktown, people have been feeling ill will towards one another and business has been terrible. The only thing holding the town together is the promise of the Carnival of Time, and the Mayor’s son’s wedding. And then suddenly, but not surprisingly, Dotouru turns up gone. Is there anyone who can save them? Of course.

Soshoka is a young maid living in the Stock Pot Inn as a cook, and resident magician. She was abandoned as a babe on the doorstep with only a silver and amethyst pendant around her neck, a note and a mysterious mark on her left hand. Jurina, the inn’s proprietor, took Soshoka in and raised her, unaware of her heritage. However, when a letter from the Old Astronomer arrives for her, she learns of her impending destiny: to destroy Majora once and for all, with the help of her five new friends.
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