Majora's Mask 2: Spellsong by Aryll Windwaker
Summary: A Majora's Mask Sequel. Maybe I'll finish it one day...
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Neither Link, nor Zelda or Ganon appear in this story.

1. Prologue by Aryll Windwaker

2. Night by Aryll Windwaker

3. Captured by Aryll Windwaker

Prologue by Aryll Windwaker
One hundred years after Link’s Termanian adventures, mysterious events involving the descendents of the families he helped begin occurring.

First, the Zoran female warrior Shaylia falls desperately ill and cannot help her people defend themselves against the monsters plaguing the sea, and the Gerudo Pirate women take advantage of this by capturing her and her precious eggs.

Then, Bori, a hardheaded little Deku Prince refuses to learn his lessons and how to be a ruler. The Prince runs away to the Woodfall Temple and on his trek, a band of thieving monkeys captures him.

In the mountains, winter will not let go, and the Gorons fall deeper and deeper into the icy depths of a blizzard. One Goron woman, the great granddaughter of Darmani, tries her luck and prays at Snowhead Temple. But on her way back, ice-wielding Wizrobes trap Tilvorchiun.

Remember Pamela and her father? Well, the family moved back to town, and brought an entire colony of paranormal investigators to Ikana Canyon! But when one of the boys, Mark, goes missing and Poes are in greater numbers than before, suspicions run high.

Even in Clocktown, people have been feeling ill will towards one another and business has been terrible. The only thing holding the town together is the promise of the Carnival of Time, and the Mayor’s son’s wedding. And then suddenly, but not surprisingly, Dotouru turns up gone. Is there anyone who can save them? Of course.

Soshoka is a young maid living in the Stock Pot Inn as a cook, and resident magician. She was abandoned as a babe on the doorstep with only a silver and amethyst pendant around her neck, a note and a mysterious mark on her left hand. Jurina, the inn’s proprietor, took Soshoka in and raised her, unaware of her heritage. However, when a letter from the Old Astronomer arrives for her, she learns of her impending destiny: to destroy Majora once and for all, with the help of her five new friends.
Night by Aryll Windwaker
It was dark, just after closing time at the Stock Pot Inn, with clouds obscuring the moon when the knock at the door came. Jurina looked up from her inventory sheets, startled at the noise. She walked over to the door with a sigh, tired from the long day of endless customer service. The inn hadn't seen this many people in many years, since before Jurina even started working there. With the Carnival approaching, was it any surprise though? As she placed her hand on the door, she stopped to think for a moment, still frustrated with this late arrival.

Assuming it was a battle-weary adventurer looking for a good night's rest after a long day of treasure hunting, she hated to turn anyone away. That look in their eye as they turn away to sleep on the street was almost more than she could bear. That is, if there had ever been one visiting the Inn during her reign. However, if Jurina ever did let one in after closing time, she could be fired. Would Anju do that to her? How long had she worked at the Inn? Another louder knock at the door snapped Jurina out of her musings.

Pushing away the memories of her childhood stories, Jury opened the door, and to her surprise, no one was there. She looked around for a moment, confused, and turned around to go back inside. Just that Bomber Gang again, she thought to herself. Door almost shut, she heard muffled crying. Jury stepped outside, and almost tripped over a cradle in front of the door. She scooped it up, and inside was a baby, wrapped in a blanket and crying her eyes out. She began to read the note pinned to the cradle, just loud enought to hear herself.

"This is my child, Soshoka. I can no longer care for her, so I am placing her in your care. I know you are a kind woman, so I know you will take good care of my baby. Genetrix." Jury put down the letter and took the babe inside, cooing to it, "Don't worry, I will take good care of you." Before closing the door, she looked around, wondering who knew what she was like.

As she shut the door, a cloaked figure with piercing yellow eyes watching from a nearby alleyway, said to himself, "It seems that it has finally begun."
Captured by Aryll Windwaker
The sea felt so lovely that day. The warm waves lapped against her scales and rushed through her amphibious skin, giving her the sensation of breathing in the wonderful ocean. Being connected to the water, Shaylia’s mind was full of tension. Perhaps she was just wound up from their concert. It had been a show full of little mistakes. First, Tarin’s guitar string broke; the A string, so they were unable to do Ballad of the Windfish. Then, their keyboardist, Jappan broke a flipper, making his playing very choppy. And the speakers wouldn’t play at the right volume. Their sound check sounded good, but for the duration of the concert, it went from high to low, constantly feeding back. Well, the stage was over a hundred years old…

Shaylia popped up out of the water, swimming in dolphin-fashion, letting go of her thoughts and becoming Zora. A sense of release washed over her and made her proud of her heritage. The sounds of the waves against a distant shore, the gulls crying overhead as they fished for scallops in the kelp beds, seals barking on the cove rocks and the far-off gentle whirring of a motorboat filled the air. Shaylia stopped swimming and lazily floated on her back, watching clouds roll by. Sound travels faster underwater, Shaylia knew. The motor was approaching, which worried her. Zora poachers weren’t numerous these days, but there was always that danger. Armed with hookshots and gaffs, the Zora’s had no chance. Shaylia looked around and saw a boat fast advancing on her.

A woman with a fiery mane stood on the bow of the boat, bow and arrows poised to shoot. Shaylia dove underwater, but not quickly enough. The arrow embedded itself into her back, and pulled her towards the boat. Seeing a rope attached to the offending projectile, it gave Shaylia an idea. She was able to extend her tentacle-like hair to great lengths, and, like her great-grandsire, send electric shocks through them. Her hair climbed up the rope that was draining her life and energy and grabbed hold of the woman. Grinning maliciously, and shouting an ancient Zoran curse, Shaylia killed the pirate with a huge blast of electricity. She fell limply into the ocean, smelling of burnt meat.

Another arrow whizzed through the air and into Shaylia. She repeated the process of killing her attackers and they kept shooting, some missing, but many finding their target. Soon, after picking up a pirate and tossing her onto nearby deadly sharp rocks, Shaylia passed out. She was thoroughly drained.

She awoke to a quiet bubbling noise. Shaylia shook her head, sending shocks of pain and visions of stars through her mind. Best not do that again. As soon as her head cleared slightly and the world came back to her, replacing the inky blackness, she noted that she was in a strange and dirty little tank. The glass was green and coated with thick, stagnant algae. Fish bones and dead shellblades littered the floor. Even underwater, the stink of dead fish was bad. Through the green haze Shaylia was able to make out a woman standing there. She was dressed in loose red pants and a top akin to a bikini top. Jewelry dripped from every inch of bare skin, and the rings on her lips clinked together as she spoke.
“Now with the Zoran keys, we will finally enter the Great Bay Temple, and discover the secret of the Dragon Cloud,” she sneered, her dirty eyes glinting with the greed inbred into every pirate. “And then, once we have the weapon of legend, we’ll conquer Zora’s Cove.”

“Keys?…” Shaylia asked weakly. The woman must have been good at reading lips, for Shaylia made almost no noise at all.

“Yes, your eggs. The Masked One told my ancestor long ago that Zora eggs were the only way we could ever enter the temple. Well, now that we have them…” That being said, she left the Zora to die.

Eggs? Shaylia hadn’t been carrying eggs. Unless…She looked down, and saw that her stomach was caved-in and had a large, ill-stitched gash in it. So that was why she had been feeling so sick. Shaylia cried, first with happiness that she was a mother, and then realized that the pirates would destroy the eggs. Her babies. And with her in such poor condition…

“It can’t end like this,” Shaylia said to herself. “My people cannot be killed. It will upset the balance…And I’ll never get out…” Then her mind grasped onto one insane hope: that someone would save her. She envisioned the Green Boy of legend, the same one who saved Mikau and Lulu so long ago, coming in, slashing pirates and rescuing her. But it was impossible. He disappeared. While she held onto the belief that maybe the Zoras would help her, days passed and she weakened. Fish bones were crunchy, but offered no nourishment to her empty belly. Shaylia would not give in, but hope looked dimmer each time she opened her eyes.
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