Hyrule's War by fairyboy1234
Summary: Hyrule is on the brink of war. The many species that once lived in harmony are now begining to fight. A Hylian slave named Link suddenly finds himself at the front of the Hylian war effort.
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This is my first story so reviews would be appreciative

1. Chapter 1 by fairyboy1234

2. Chapter 2 by fairyboy1234

3. Chapter 3 by fairyboy1234

Chapter 1 by fairyboy1234
Author's Notes:

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Legend of Zelda characters or the original plot.

This is my first story so reviews would be appreciated

This is the first chapter so not all the characters appear here

A horse drawn carriage sped down a path.

“Hurry up,” Jeremiah said, “I must be at the slave block before all the strong slaves are taken. I need them for my plantation”

“Yes sir”

About two minutes later, the carriage stopped at an open field with many people in chains and rags and other well dressed people taking their pick of the slaves. Jeremiah grunted as he got out of the carriage. Almost immediately he saw a slave that would do. He grabbed him by the ear.

“How old is this one?” Jeremiah barked at the slave auctioneer.

“Nine, I think.” He replied. The slave Jeremiah was holding glared at him with a look of pure hatred.

“What is your name?” Jeremiah asked the boy he was holding.

“Link” The boy replied.

“Good, I’ll buy him” Jeremiah said.

“Twenty rupees” said the slave auctioneer.  Jeremiah gave him twenty rupees and put the slave back into the carriage and got in. The carriage quickly sped away.




Seven Years Later




“Wake up slave!” a guard snapped.

Link shook his head and got out of his “bed”, which was really a pile of rags.

Today is the day Link thought. The day he had decided to make his escape.  He decided to begin this day like all the others. He went to the tool shed as usual and grabbed a shovel. He went to the field and began to dig a hole. He watched the other slaves digging their holes. One of the slaves, barely a child, fell down.

“Get up!” a guard screamed. The child quickly scrambled to his feet and grabbed his shovel. The guard turned around and began a headcount. One was missing.

Probably another lazy slave the guard thought. He walked back to the slave barracks and opened the door. He didn’t even make a noise when someone slit his throat. He fell to the ground just as his sword was pulled out of its sheath. The noise was enough to attract one guard. He quickly pulled out his sword and walked to the dead body.

“What? Guards a sla-“

A sword was planted in his belly before he could finish his sentence.

Two down, six to go Link thought. He concealed his sword under his shirt and walked back to his abandoned shovel. He picked it up and began finishing his hole. He watched in amusement as the last six guards who were guarding his field ran to the bodies.

“Who did this?” one of the guards said shakily

“I don’t know. But whoever did this will feel the wrath of the Hylian guard!” another guard said.

Unfortunately for Link at the moment, his sword slipped out of his shirt and clattered to the ground. All the guards turned and rushed at him. Link quickly grabbed his sword and assumed a defensive stance.

I may hope to defeat one, but six will be my death! At least I will go down fighting. Link thought. The guards attacked him. Link ran one through. He quickly blocked another guard’s attack and counterattacked, killing him. He then turned his attention to another guard, pulling a set of quick moves that left him dead. The remaining three guards just stood there, jaws hanging. They quickly ran. All around the field, the other slaves stopped digging.

“Run!” Link screamed. The other slaves eagerly complied, running into the wilderness. Link started running towards an empty field. He suddenly halted as he saw a strange man ahead of him.

“Just where do you think you’re going?” A man asked him.  Link pulled out his sword and attacked the man. The man began expertly dodging the blows and eventually knocked away Link’s sword. He pulled out his own and put it at Link’s neck. Link sank to his knees.

“Just kill me now.” Link told him.

“Kill you? Why would I want to kill you?” The man replied. He sheathed his sword.

“You were very resourceful dispatching those guards.” The man said

“You saw? Then why didn’t you help them?” Link questioned.

“Because I have other plans for you. Right now, you have two options. One, you can run away with the other slaves and eventually be caught and sold back into slavery. Or two, you can come with me. If you come with me, I will wipe out all records of your history so no-one will know you were a slave. You see, I am a hylian general who has a need for five highly trained warriors.” The man said.

“So they can become knights of Hyrule?” Link asked.

“No. They will instead become elite warriors who go on extremely hazardous missions that need to be done which the knights or the guard can’t do. There is no publicity in this. Only me, the top hylian generals, and the king himself know of this. You will not become knights. There is a high chance you will die. But if you come, you will do great service to your country. So, will you do this?”

“Yes” Link replied.

“I thought so. Since you are the first one, you will be leader. Now come, we should begin your training.” The man said. He walked away with Link in the direction of Hyrule castle.

Chapter 2 by fairyboy1234

Disclamer: I don't own legend of zelda

Note:This is my first story, so please review. Don't be too harsh!

The carriage rattled on the beat up path. Link was at head of the carriage with his four men at the back. They had been sent on their first mission by the King himself to the Deku swamps to retrieve ancient magic scrolls from the heart of the swamps. The top Hylian wizards believed that these scrolls would be the vital to the war effort. Link’s carriage suddenly stopped. A row of bushes blocked his path. He jumped out of the carriage and pulled out his sword. He slowly advanced toward them. He slashed at one. Nothing happened. Link turned around. All of a sudden, he was surrounded by deku scrubs. He looked at the carriage. It was gone.

I am all alone in hostile territory surrounded by enemies Link thought. A deku scrub motioned for him to put down his sword. He cut it in half and killed three more before the scrubs actually reacted to his attack. The scrubs began spitting their deku nuts at Link. Link quickly reacted by slamming his shield into a scrub, knocking it over, and picked it up and threw it at the others. They dove out of the way. Two brave scrubs tried to rush Link. They didn’t even see his blade come down. After that fierce display of swordsmanship, the scrubs were in no mood to fight. They quickly fled the scene.

Good. Now where is that carriage? Link thought. He walked to where it was. Upon closer inspection, Link realized it was a trap door. All of a sudden, it opened and a scrub stuck it’s head out. Link stabbed it. He watched the lifeless body fall down the deep, dark shaft.

I must go down. Link thought. He slowly put his foot in and found a rock. He proceeded with his other foot, then his body and hands. He could see nothing, only relying on his sense of touch to find more rocks. All of a sudden he slipped and fell down. Luckily, he landed on a soft pile of moss. As he groped around in the darkness, he felt a wooden wheel.

The carriage! Link thought. He felt the way up to the back entrance to it. He entered the carriage. Link found a lit lantern and a huge pile of broken equipment. He dug through it, hoping to find something useful. Instead, he found a body.

Oh no Link thought. He quickly pulled the body’s hand out and checked for a pulse. There was none.

Goddesses bless his soul Link thought. He quickly grabbed the lantern and left the carriage. Now that he could see, Link saw another tunnel. He followed it. It led to a ladder leading up to light. Link climbed up and found himself in the swamps. He began silently trekking towards a tree. Link suddenly froze. Two strange things were coming toward him. They looked like a small tree trunk with stocky wooden legs and two huge wooden arms. Their red eyes fixated on him. Suddenly their arms began to change shape. The morphed from two normal hands to two nasty looking curved wooden blades. They jumped toward him. Link quickly slashed at one of the deku’s swords. It clashed with it, but did not break through.

They’re as strong as steel! Link thought. He slammed his shield into it’s body and pushed it back, giving him enough time to slash at the other one. It blocked it and back flipped over link’s head. Link brought his sword up, impaling it’s chest. It fell down, dead. The other deku then slashed at Link. It hit his cheek, drawing blood but Link then caught both of the deku’s swords. They were in a lock. Link then pushed him back and impaled his chest while the deku was dazed. It died. Link heavily panted and sat down.

Those things were nasty! Link thought. What if Hylian soldiers have to fight these things?

Link shivered at the thought. In the distance, he heard deku war cries. Link quickly got up and started moving. He raced through the swamps, only pausing to kill scrubs. He suddenly stopped. He was in a clearing with a box in the grass. He picked the box up and opened it. Inside were three scrolls. When he tried to open them he got a light shock in his fingers. He put them back in the box.

These must be the scrolls. Now to get out of here Link thought. All of a sudden one of the deku warriors jumped at him. Once again, his arms turned to wooden blades and he rushed Link. Link was forced back while trying to block the blows. Some got through and soon Link was covered with cuts. He dropped the box and swept his sword up at the deku’s head. He tried to block it with his blades, but the blow was too powerful. He fell down dead. Link then picked up the box and walked away. He went to an exit on the other side of the clearing. He entered the swamps. Link stealthily trekked around a deku force searching for him and safely exited the swamp. A carriage was waiting for him at the exit. He got in and the driver began the long trek back to the castle.


Chapter 3 by fairyboy1234

Disclaimer: I don't own Legend of Zelda

This is my first story. Please review!

“Sir! A visitor requests to meet you!” a Hylian guard told the king.

“Send him in” the king replied. The door guards quickly parted and a man walked in. He was wearing a gray cloak that covered most of his body except his face.

“Guards, leave now. I need a private audience with this man.” The king said. The guards quickly complied by filing out of the room in an orderly fashion. Once the door was shut, the king began to speak.

“Did you find the scrolls?” The king asked. The man pulled out a box and opened it. Inside were three scrolls.

“Where are the rest of your men?” The king asked.

“I found one dead.” The man replied.

“The other  three?” The king asked.

“I don’t know.” The man unsteadily replied.

“Come with me.” The king briskly said. He got out of his throne and walked behind it. He opened a trap door and went inside. Link followed. Inside was a chamber lit by several torches. There was a large table with a map on it and seven men wearing the uniforms of a Hylian general arguing beside the table.

“Silence!” The king bellowed. The generals immediately stopped talking and looked at the king.

“One warrior has returned. He brings with him the scrolls that General Vale has wanted so much.” The king said.

“Let me see that!” one of the generals said. He strode toward the king and took one of the scrolls.

“Blast! Link, how well were the scrolls guarded?” The general questioned.

“They weren’t guarded at all. I found them on the ground in a clearing in the middle of the swamp.  In fact, the swamp itself didn’t have as many soldiers in it as I thought it would.” Link responded.

“Well, that explains it. I am a little bit of a mage myself and I can see clearly that these scrolls are cursed. There is a minor locking spell on it that I can open, but if I do that, the scroll will disintegrate. The curse itself can only be reversed by the person who casted it.” The general stated.

“Well, how vital to the war effort is that Vale?” another general taunted.

“Shut it Nersil. Link, do you have anything else to report?” a general anxiously asked.

“Yes. The other four people on my team are lost. I confirmed one dead, but I have no idea where the other three are. Also, in the swamps I encountered a new kind of deku warrior. It looks like a small tree trunk with stocky wooden legs and arms, but it can turn its arms into deadly wooden blades that are as strong as steel.” Link reported. This news silenced the generals for a few seconds. Then they went straight back into argument. Link turned to the king. He had his fists clenched and a frown on his face.

“Link, they obviously knew you were coming. Why else would the scrolls be unguarded and cursed and the swamp short on troops? I think we have a spy in our midst.” The king unhappily said.

“Who could it be?” Link asked him.

“I have an idea. Pargon, a Duke of Hyrule, has been spotted sneaking out of his apartments in the castle and sneaking off to the forest.” The king said.

“Do you want me to arrest him?” Link asked.

“No. There is a ball tonight. He will be there. You will go there under the guise as a young lord of Hyrule. I want you to keep Pargon under surveillance. Tell me if he talks to anyone in secret, discreetly, or you just suspect that they might be in league with him. After the ball, he will retire to his apartments. Go in there and knock him out. Bring him to the castle gardens where some guards will pick him up.” The king told Link.

“Yes sir.” Link said.

“But first, get healed and take a bath. I will give you some clothes. After all, you do need to look like a lord if we are going to pull this off.” The king said.

“Yes your majesty.” Link replied. Link then climbed out of the secret meeting room and walked out of the throne room. He headed for the castle pantry.

After all, I need to eat Link thought. Now that he thought about it, Link felt ravenous. As soon as he arrived at the pantry, Link grabbed some mutton and a loaf of bread. He sat down and began to eat.

I hope the King doesn’t mind that I take some food Link thought. After his quick meal, he headed for the bath house. Once he got there, he opened the door and walked to a young maid.

“I need a bath.  Fresh hot water please.” Link said. He gave her twenty rupees.

“Of course sir. I will send bath maids to fill your tub right away.” The maid said. She quickly hurried off. Link silently followed her.

“Right this way sir.” The maid said. She led him to a bath chamber with two maids filling his bath. She then quickly left.

“You know, I know other ways you can enjoy a bath.” One of the bath maids said.

“Just fill the tub and leave me be.” Link dryly told her.

“Are you sure? I can please you well.” The bath maid said.

“Please, just leave me.” Link said. By now the bathtub was filled.

“Are yo-“

“JUST LEAVE!” Link roared. The bath maids quickly scurried out. Link sighed in relief. He quickly disrobed and got in the tub. He quickly sunk under the hot water and shut his eyes. He was enjoying his moments of bliss when he heard the door shut. Link jolted upright. When he looked toward the door, he saw a pile of clothes on the marble floor. There was a navy blue button up jacket with what appeared to be solid gold buttons. There were also navy blue pants.

I guess those are the clothes the King wanted me to wear Link thought.  He quickly tugged them on and left for his apartments.

Dusk fell. Link elegantly strode through the hallways and pushed open the ballroom doors. The room was already filled with many people, all in their best dress. Link immediately began searching for Pargon. Link was walking towards the food table when someone spoke to him.

“Care to have this dance?” a young lady asked him.

“Of course, milady.” Link replied. They broke into a slow waltz. As they turned, Pargon walked by. Link suddenly jerked his head, following him with his eyes. Another man was waiting for him by the balcony door, and they both walked outside.

“Please excuse me.” Link told his dance partner. He quickly walked towards the balcony door. He opened it and strode out. The door suddenly closed. Link turned around. The balcony was completely covered with shadows. As Link walked towards the edge of the balcony, he stumbled on something. He looked down and made out the shape of something that looked like a Hylian. He grabbed it and held it up to the light. When he saw what it was, Link quickly dropped it. It was Pargon’s dead body.  He looked around for the other man, but couldn’t find him. Sighing, Link went to the edge of the balcony and looked at the moonlight. He then looked at the ground. Link gasped. The man who accompanied Pargon was lying face down on the ground. He wasn’t moving. Link suddenly felt something grab him and push him to the ground. Link quickly rolled out of the way just as a sword planted itself where he once was. He then got up and looked for his assailant. Link didn’t see anything. He suddenly felt hands on his back. They shoved. Link fell off the balcony and landed on the ground. As Link looked at the dead body of the man beside him, blackness fell over his eyes.



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