Servants Of Thorns by Linkthefireemblem

In the gripping conclusion to the series Link must find a way to get rid of Ganon. One problem. Link has been captured and Hyrule is failing. Link must find a way to escape. Answers such as who his parents are and other questions. will be in answered

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1. Captured by Linkthefireemblem

2. Bloody Petals by Linkthefireemblem

3. Dreamer of the night by Linkthefireemblem

4. The Spirit World by Linkthefireemblem

5. The Splintered Sky Part One by Linkthefireemblem

6. The End to the Problems and an Unexpected Peace by Linkthefireemblem

Captured by Linkthefireemblem


So far in the story:


So far in our story Link has been through a lot. He has witnessed the rebirth of the twili bosses. He has witnessed the death of Midna and Prince Ralis (who was planning to kill him anyways). Plus the release of his most vile, and evil enemy, Ganon. Now from where we left off the king has bargained with Ganon. If Link is given to Ganon Hyrule Castle will not be attacked. Because it is so hard to do more then three books without this series getting really boring. This is regrettably the final book of this series. Now Link must die or fight. Answers will be revealed such as who Link’s parents are and who will win the final battle of good verse evil.




It was all ending to quick. This was my last chance to tell the truth to Zelda. If I didn’t it would haunt me forever. I saw her standing on the castle wall watching what was happening. It all ended so quickly. No pain no hurt. It was quick and painless. I drifted through time and space for what happened next.


Chapter 1: Captured


It was useless. The very thing I vowed to destroy captured me. Ganon was standing on the hill. He knew that I would try and escape. I looked back at the castle. Zelda was standing on the castle wall starring at me. How could I let her stand there and watch me get killed? I knew that either way this was going to end sometime. I called Epona from my horse whistle. Maybe just maybe I could get back to the castle. What about the lives of the people living in the city. I wasn’t worth that much. I decided to go to war against Ganon.

I stood up, called Epona and got on. I pulled out my bow and arrow and started moving forward. Of course the boar warriors that Ganon had brought came first. I saw the weak spot on the pig and fired. It hit it. One down, three to go. I knew I couldn’t shoot them all down. I looked at Zelda before I charged at them. I put the bow away and pulled out the sword that I got from Ordon village. It all happened so quickly. Before I knew it I was off Epona and laying on the ground. I got up and looked around. Ganon was right by Epona holding a sword inches above her stomach.

“Link it’s over. Either you come with me or Epona dies” Ganon told me. I knew that Epona had to live. If I died it wouldn’t be as selfish. I was giving myself up.

“Fine I will give up just let Epona go” I told him. He looked at me with a grin.

“Tie him up” he told the guards. I was tied up with a thick rope. It cut deep into my wrists almost after they tied me up. They then tied me to the back of the boar and started moving but suddenly Ganon spoke.

“you don’t actually think that I was going to spare the horse did you?”

“Don’t you dare kill or hurt her” I told Ganon. I shouldn’t of been so stupid. I should of excepted it. A couple seconds later a guard was holding my face in the direction of Epona. I could feel tears swelling up in my eyes. Then all I saw was a sword plunge straight into the stomach of the horse. I screamed at the top of my lungs. I couldn’t stop the tears now. I saw the last bit of light in her eyes disappear entirely. I started swearing at the Guards and Ganon. I then looked at the balcony at Zelda. She was crying the same as I was. I couldn’t stand to look at her. It pained me more that the same fate was following for me.

“Stand up it’s time to go” Ganon said. I obeyed since there was nothing left in the world to live for. Hyrule was going to be lost with or without me. Good Bye Zelda, Good Bye Midna, Good Bye Life. Link was dragged away while Zelda watched him. He was being dragged to somewhere he didn’t know. His life was coming to an end. The hero has been killed by the one thing that he had killed once before. What was going to become of Hyrule, Zelda, and the citizens. Link didn’t know and there was nothing he could do about it anymore.

Bloody Petals by Linkthefireemblem
 Zelda rushed down the hall way to her fathers room. BANG, BANG, BANG. She knocked on the door as hard as she could

“OPEN THE DOOR” She yelled at the top of her lungs. Her father opened the door slowly. When he saw who it was he opened the door and walked away back into his room.

“You saw it didn’t you?” Zelda asked “look what your bargaining got us! Nothing good came out of it. Now the ceremony must go forward. You know the prophecy. If the hero is captured and killed by the enemy the bloody petals ceremony must be arranged”

“I know the prophecy I have already arranged it” The king gave his daughter an envelope with a letter inside of it. It was the notice to the ceremony.

It read

Attention all citizens:

If you don’t know by now the hero of time Link has been


This is a message to all citizens.

The bloody petals ceremony is going forward

Tomorrow at twilight come dressed in white with the triforce painted in goat blood on your shirt:

Yours truly: King Of Hyrule


“It’s perfect, thank you daddy” Zelda once again broke down into tears. She went to get ready for the ceremony. Ten of the towns people went out to the field of the goats and slaughtered some. They took them home and cut the fur off two of them. The fur was going to the King and Zelda as coats. The townspeople then lined up by the towns square and got the triforce painted on their shirts.

Zelda was sitting in her room. It was a couple hours before the ceremony was beginning. She didn’t know if she was going to be able to stand through the whole ceremony. Her father then came to the door.

“Zelda? Do you mind if I come in? I wanted to see if you are okay”

“Yeah….come in” She replied. She looked at the floor. She knew what her father was here for. During the bloody petals ceremony the princess must read the speech that the gods had written thousands of years ago that when the hero of time dies, the speech must be read.

“I know why you are here. You are here to tell me that I must go get the scroll with the speech on it. I was just on my way.” Zelda told her father.

“I know how much you liked Link. It was the same as when I lost your mother.”

“Dad I just have one question. Who are Link’s parents? He never talks about them and he has no birth history.”

“Zelda I couldn’t tell you. Maybe he will know when he gets back. I know he mentioned that the Ordon mayor told him that his parents are dead. When Link dies he will go to the spirit world. Maybe he will meet his parents there.” Those were the last words between the two before the ceremony.

As soon as twilight hit the ceremony began. The towns people entered first and circled around the fountain in the square. A podium stood in front of the fountain where the king and the princess were already standing.

“ Attention all Hyrulians. This is a time of grieving and sadness. I would first like to take the blame for what has transpired. I sold Link to Ganon thinking that he would keep his promise and not attack Hyrule. I was wrong. I apologize and hope that you can all forgive me for what I’ve done. Now to continue with the ceremony” That was a big step for the king. To admit what he had done but will the townspeople ever really forgive him. Zelda then stepped forward with the scroll from the gods.

“From fire and water and earth and ground the hero of time was born. He was created for purpose and one purpose only to rid the earth of evil. When the time passes and the hero dies all of Hyrule shall perish. Unless the city has the ceremony all shall go to hell. Don’t be controlled by the other powers who threaten you with death. They say the teachings are the only way to get up to heaven but they are all the liars. Those who are persuaded, kill them, those who lose faith kill them. I tell you this for your own good. The hero is dead. Grieve and be sad. That is all I ask. Now join with me in a minute of silence.” That was what Zelda spoke. That was the speech that Zelda gave from the gods. What was this new “belief” that the scroll talks about. Zelda didn’t know and hope she never finds out.

After the minute of silence the crowds people opened a bag of petals that were covered in goat blood also. They took handful after handful and through them in the air. Watching as they blew by.

Dreamer of the night by Linkthefireemblem

Chapter 3: Dreamer of the Night

Two days without water. Non stop walking. This is what Link had been doing for the three days he had been captured. He wondered if Hyrule was already in ruins. Or if Ganon was actually keeping his promise to the king. He knew that he was all Ganon wanted. If he was going to die then he accepted it with open arms. On the third day he was finally given some water. He was also finally untied. Ganon had taken him onto a boat that had just started to depart when they got on.

where are you taking me?”

“To my castle out on abyss island that’s where all my slaves who don’t join me go. It will become famous once they learn that’s where you die” Said Ganon.

So that was it. I really was going to die. A slave and a captive. I never really thought that it was how I was going to die but that’s what the god’s wanted. After about 2 hours I was once again tied up and forced to walk again. Up ahead I saw where I was headed. There was a large castle surrounded by a huge wall with goblins marching back and forth along it. The gate took 30 goblins to open. Inside it smelled like melted metal and the stench of dead bodies.

He was led down some steps and thrown into a cell all on his own. He was given bread and water twice a day. The first night he fell asleep he had a dream. He dreamed that he was with princess Zelda and he killed her because of some poison. It wasn’t a death poison but a poison to the mind. Like she had betrayed Hyrule. Link was forced to kill Zelda with the master sword. Hyrule was then over turned in fire which was then flooded. The fire never went out even with water being sprayed on it. The people were being burnt underwater. Then it all went black.

Link suddenly woke up. He felt sweat all over his body. The only thing is that it was freezing. He wondered what the whole dream meant. He got up and looked around. He noticed that in the other cells there were women, children, and other men. Ganon was killing those that didn’t side with him. Even if it meant killing children. Innocent children.

The next morning Link was taken out of cell and up to Ganons room.

“Ah Link how was your sleep?”

“Like you actually care. While I’m still alive I have a question. Who were my parents?”

Ganon stared at me. His eyes pierced through my head. Something had struck him. He knew who they were.

“Link when I kill you, you will go to the spirit world. You will then be shown to your parents and then you will find out. I am not the one to tell you, sorry.”

Why was no one going to tell me. I decided that if I was going to die I might as well die now.

“Ganon kill me now. I see no point of waiting to die. Just do it.”

“If that is what you want fine. Go to your cell and wait for me. I’ll be down in 30 min.”

I went down to the cell and waited. I knew that it was all going to be over soon. It would be quick and painless. I knew that Zelda would probably follow soon after. At least it wouldn’t be my fault that Hyrule had fallen into the hands of Ganon.

Ganon came down the steps with an axe in his hand. Link sat on the ground with his chin on the bed. He closed his eyes when he saw the axe go up. Ganon swung it down and cut off his head. It rolled out of the cell and stopped. The eyes were closed on the head. The body fell backwards and blood spilled from the wound. The only words Ganon said were.

“Clean up this mess. Then take the body to Hyrule with the head”

That was the end of Links mortal life. He now started his spirit life and the quest to find his parents. He didn’t know how long it would take but he would keep going.

The Spirit World by Linkthefireemblem

Link awoke with such a startle. He looked around at his surroundings. All around all he saw was a field. There was a table up ahead with a man standing at it. The man was wearing a white robe. He had shoulder length hair. Link noticed that he was wearing the same thing. He walked up to the man and asked one question.

“Where am I exactly?”

The man just looked up and started smiling.

“Welcome to the spirit world. I’m Isset and I run the gate. First I’ll need to know your name.”

“Link” Is all he replied. As soon as he said his name the gate man said nothing more. He gave him his destination in the Spirit world and opened the gate and let link through.

Link followed the path until he found the turn off that he had to walk through. He emerged into a stone room with a device on the wall. This must have been where he put his key. He placed the key into the wall and watched it as it got devoured and then the door opened. Inside he saw a couple doors and his key on the same side. It was hovering over number 159. This must have been his room. He walked turned the handle and saw two other people sitting on the floor meditating. They opened their eyes and looked at Link.

“Sorry I must have the wrong room.”

“No you don’t Link. We are your parents. Chahur and Shiel”

Link then realized that Chahur was his father and Shiel was his mother.

“Why did I never hear about you? No one ever told me anything about you”

“We know and we are really sorry. It had to be kept a secret. If anyone found out Ganon or his minions would come and kill you. You have grown into such a big boy. We are glad you are here to stay.” His parents replied

“Yeah about that I have to go back to Hyrule. It needs me. I am the hero of time. Is there anyway to get back?” Asked Link.

“You would have to talk to the god of time. He has never granted resurrection to anyone. You’d be lucky”

“Where do I find him?” Asked Link.

“Your father will take you. He knows the spirit world best. Be careful dear”

“Thanks mum. I will be back. You know I will.”

Link and his parents started crying. He knew that it wouldn’t seem that long until he arrived again. He then set off with his father to see the god of time.

The Splintered Sky Part One by Linkthefireemblem

Link had been walking for hours. He noticed that even after all that time he never got tired. His father never talked to him. When Link asked a question that wasn’t a yes or no. His father would tell him about how good life was in the spirit world. They finally reached the Time tower.

“This is as far as I can go. Thank you for coming to visit. I hope you save your world. Whatever you do. If you are resurrected do not tell anyone about where the entrance to the spirit world is. If you do for one you will get sent to hell. Second if Ganon finds out he will destroy us. That’s all I ask”

“Fine dad I won’t tell anyone. I promise” Link replied. He could tell that his dad was sad that he was leaving. He knew that he would see him one day.

Link ran up the stairs. When he got to the door he saw another card reader. Link placed it in and the door opened. He stepped in and saw a chair on the other side of the room. Inside sat a plump fat man with a timer in his hand. It had actually slipped off because he was sleeping.

“Excuse me Time God?“ Link asked. The time god moved a little and started grunting.

“Can I help… wait it’s you!! It’s the hero of time!!!!” Replied the Time God. Then tons of people came rushing out from all over the place. Then they all including the Time god got down on their chair and started bowing at Link.

“Thank you but I just have one request. I want to go back to the human world.”

Almost everyone just stared at Link. They looked at him like he was crazy.

“Why would you ask such a stupid question? I’m not sending you back. If you would of read prophecy. You would of read that if the Hero of Time was to ever die and then go back to the human world the sky would splinter and the doors to the spirit world would open up in the sky. The doors by the way are in the sky by the desert.”

“Please send me back. I want to help Hyrule. I’m the hero of time. Ganon deserves to be destroyed.”

“What about your family. You’ll have to wait to see them again you know” Said the God of time.

“Yeah I know and I want to go back”. That was his final answer.

“Look fine. I will send you back. You must find a way to protect the Sky though. I can’t do anything.”

“I know how. I need you to send a spirit message. It needs to be in my form. Send it to the head Goron. Make the following message. Attention Gorons. Yes I know I am dead. I need you to get all the Goron soldiers to protect the desert sky. It is the opening to the Spirit world. I will come help as soon as I can. Thank you. Now send me back to the human world Time God.”

“Fine” Replied the Time God. He got all the followers to start the chant. He then opened up a book. He started saying some words in a language Link did not know. He then noticed that his green clothes were returned along with the master sword. Before he was transported he saw the time god give him a timer.

“Set it back to the time you want. You can kill Ganon when he is a child. Also this gift. It is a spirit bow. If you hit Ganon with an arrow it will kill him instantly. He will be put in hell where not even Satan will let him out. Good Luck.”

Then Link started spinning and he heard a CRACK and he floated through the sky down to earth. He saw that nothing had changed much. He then saw that the Gorons were already standing protecting. Up from the hill came a horse. It was a horse Link knew. It was Epona. On the back was a rider. It was Zelda.

“Zelda? What are you doing here?” Asked Link

“You don’t think that I would just leave you here without any way of getting back to the castle do you. Come get on” Replied Zelda.

Link got on and got Epona running. Link was finally happy about being back in Hyrule until he saw what was in Hyrule field. The bosses were all slaughtered. The only problem is that the goblins were all sitting there. In the centre was a tent that belonged to Ganon. Quietly him and Zelda sneaked around the field and crept into the Castle. Almost the whole town was cheering on his arrival.

Ganon could hear the cheering from his tent. He got out and saw Link standing on the castle wall with Zelda.

“Impossible.” He then turned to the armies General and gave the orders.

“We need to attack now. If we don’t Link will defeat us. Send some soilders up to the Splintered Sky we need to attack them to.”

Link then turned around to see the army marching closer towards Hyrule.

“We need to get ready for battle. Zelda go inform the king. He needs to know. This is it the end, the final battle, and the fate of Hyrule.

The End to the Problems and an Unexpected Peace by Linkthefireemblem

AUTHORS NOTE: This is the final chapter. The end of a series. It’s gripping and emotional. I wanted to end the series with a bang. A final bang. Something that will want people coming back to read it over and over. I want people to cry over the story. I want you when finished to post your comments on the bottom where you can add comments.

Thank you


Now for the Gripping Conclusion.

Link had the archers on the wall. He had the horses ready to charge. He was ready to die all over again. He knew that his parents were probably crying over him leaving. He then saw Zelda in armour.

“You are not fighting. Hyrule needs someone to rule.” Said Link.

“I don’t care Link. Ganon is probably going to win anyways. I want to die in battle not as a captive.” Replied Zelda.

Link knew that he was going to cry along with Zelda. He couldn’t help not to. He would want the same fate.

Ganon’s army was slowly approaching. The Hyrule archers were in range of hitting the goblins. They weren’t killing enough quickly enough to make much progress. The goblins then brought a battering ram to the door. Zelda then told Link something.

“When I was with Ganon I heard him talking about another prophecy. He said that if he is hit with the spirit arrows that you were given that he would die and so would all evil. Link you have to hit him. For Hyrule. The army will sacrifice them self just for this.”

“Zelda the time god gave me a timer. He said that I could go back in time and kill Ganon as a baby. What should I do?” Asked Link..

“Link don’t go do it. Evil will be around no matter who you kill.”

“Too bad I’m going.” Link then pulled out the timer he set it to when Ganon was born and went back in time. He saw Ganon in a crib. So innocent so holy looking. He pulled out the master sword and stuck it to Ganons chest.

He couldn’t do it. He felt the tears starting to swell up again. He knew that he would be a murderer to kill a innocent baby. Zelda was right. There would always be evil in the world some way or another. He couldn’t do it. He turned the timer back to where he was talking to Zelda.

“You couldn’t do it could you?” Asked Zelda.

“No it was wrong. I have to finish this like a man.”

“Zelda I need to finish this now. I need you to send all the army out.”

“Link don’t do this please.” begged Zelda.

“I have to do it or I will.”


Link then jumped down from the wall and landed safely. He grabbed his master sword and started running where Ganon was.

“Ganon you are going to DIE” yelled Link.

He saw Ganon pull out a bow and arrow and start shooting at him. Link felt a jolt of pain in his leg. He saw an arrow stuck in his leg. It didn’t matter to him. He just kept going. He reached for the arrows and noticed that they weren’t there. He must of dropped them. He looked back and saw them. He got up and ran as he could. He then looked and noticed that Zelda wasn’t on the wall. He then saw that she was holding the bow and arrow. She was crying like she knew she was going to die.

Link then started running after her. Ganon then had a look on his face. He then suddenly said something.

“Zelda if you shoot that arrow and it hits me it kills everyone here including you and Link.”

“I don’t care. If I die Link and I will go to the spirit world. You will go to hell with Satan. So here it goes I will kill you.” Zelda then pulled the bow back and fired. It hit him right in the heart. He then started shaking and fell backwards. Then Zelda.

“ZELDA!!!!!!!” Screamed Link. Then he too fell back. All of Life drifted away. He had defeated Ganon once and for all.

The End



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