Chldren Of The Abyss: Pt 1 of 3 by Linkthefireemblem
Summary: The Beggining of the series of the prophecy series
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Series: The Legend Of Zelda: Prophecy Series
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1. Chapter 1: Missing by Linkthefireemblem

2. Chapter 2: Servants Of Secret by Linkthefireemblem

3. Chapter 3: The Cold Vision by Linkthefireemblem

Chapter 1: Missing by Linkthefireemblem

It had been one year since the defeat of Ganon. Link and the rest of Hyrule had been killed when Zelda shot Ganon with the spirit arrow. Now Link and Zelda had gotten married and lived in the spirit world. Everything had been fine for a while. Ganon wasn’t the problem. A new kind of monster had risen up out of the underworld. They were and ancient race. They were called the Youa. They recently started capturing children. They weren’t capturing live children. They were creeping up through the splintered sky, which was the entrance to the spirit world and capturing the children. Link had been given the master sword in a spirit form to capture the monsters and then kill them. Over the course of one week 15 children had gone missing. The Youa used to only come in singles. Now they were starting to come in groups of as much as four or five.

Even though all of Hyrule was dead, the god of time had revived about 100 people to restart the human race. Why the Youa’s weren’t going after the human children was a mystery to Link and Zelda. The only good thing about this was that Ganon would never get out of the underworld. Satan had apparently made a deal with Ganon that if he succeeded in killing Link and taking over Hyrule that he would be given un-human powers. The other part of the deal was that if he was killed that he would be chained up and tortured for eternity in the underworld.

Link had so far captured 15 Youas and killed about 10 of them. They only got three of the kids back. They got them just before they exited the spirit world. Youas were a new breed of monster. They had done some research and noticed that they were created in the underworld but born on the human world. They were about 7 feet tall and weighed about 300 pounds. They could fly and their weapons were both their mouths and a stinger on their back end.

Suddenly Link heard a horn. It was the danger horn. More Youas had come. Link grabbed the spirit version of the master sword along with his bow and arrows. He ran at the Youas. He noticed that there were 12 of them. He shoot a couple arrows at them. He crippled two and then went in for the kill. He then noticed something strange. One of the Youas who looked like the leader had a sword on his back. This was no ordinary sword. It looked just like the one that Link had on his back. It was the master sword. The Youas had found a way to take out the master sword. Link then ran as fast as he could too the temple of time. He notified the God of Time of the situation. It was now a lockdown situation. All of the spirits were to go back to their houses. Then the god of time, Link and Zelda went to take care of the problem.

“Why do you have the master sword Youa” Asked the Time God.

“Because my Lord and King Ajil gave it to me.” Said the Youa.

“Ajil? where is this Ajil I want to speak to Him” Said Link

“He is on one of the 300 Islands off the coast of Hyrule. You’ll never find him anyways. You need to be a Youa to know where he is. Sorry. Ha Ha” Said the Youa.

Link needed to find this Ajil. The spirit and human world depended on it.

Chapter 2: Servants Of Secret by Linkthefireemblem

The days had been long. Link had searched through all the archives in the Spirit world of every single person ever made. There was only one file on Ajil. He was a shape shifting demon from 600th level of the underworld out of the 666 levels. Ganon was on level 500. It said in the file that he had created Ganon from a portion of his power. He did not want to make a thing to powerful that could possibly dethrone Ajil from his power and status. The only other info Link had gotten was the list of all the other monsters, demons and spirits that Ajil had created. Link had found another file closely related that mentioned Ajil. The file was caled the Servants of Sercet. It was a list of all the things (demons, spirits and monsters) that had run away from Ajil and gone to the Sacred temple of the damned. A place where even the strongest of any monster or demon that was evil would not be able to enter. The temple sensed they wanted to runaway and let them in. For the past 7000 years 6 of them have been living in the temple hiding from Ajil. Knowing that as soon as they step foot out of the temple that they would be dragged back to the underworld.

Link knew that he had to talk to the Monsters and see what they knew about where Ajil was hiding. He knew that if he told Zelda she would try to follow him so he jumped through the crack in the sky down into earth. Link felt the same hot blistering sun against his green tunic. A drop of sweat ran down his face as he finally landed gracefully on the ground. From the map that was in the file to where the Servants were he realized it was directly below Hyrule Castle. That must have been why Ganon wanted Hyrule castle so bad. Since there was noone left on Hyrule except the few 400 that the sky god had created to continue life. No one had dared come near the castle since the attack. After navigating through the dungeons to the lowest part of the castle Link saw a clock, it was a sundial. What was the point of a sundial in a dungeon. He pushed the clock to reveal on the ground was a painting of a hand with a triforce symbol on it. Link placed his hand on the ground covering the symbol. He could feel a rumbling in the ground untill it started to separate and he fell through.

What seemed like forever Link finally woke up. He was in a bed with a light shining right at his eyes through a window. Beside him he could hear humming. He saw a golden demon sitting on the chair beside him staring at him.

“Excuse me but where am I ?” Link asked.

“ You are in the house of the Servants of Secret formerly called…..”

“The temple of the light” Link interrupted.

The demon looked at him. Like link had said something wrong.

“How did you know that?” Asked the demon.

“ My name is Link I am the hero of time. All of Hyrule was destroyed Ganon was killed and most of us went up to the Spirit Realm. A lot of the spirit children have been

taken by the Youas a new type of demon created by Ajil. I was reading up on him in the spirit archives and came across your names and everything. One of the Youas told me that Ajil was on one of the 300 islands off the coast of Hyrule and I was hoping you could tell me which one.”


There was pain in the demons eyes. Link had realized he had brought up the name Ajil. It was wrong.

“I don’t know which island he is at but I can tell you that he was always drawn to areas where getting there was the hardest part but getting back was even harder. I don’t know but that is all I can tell you.”

“Thank you but may I ask why you left with the others and didn’t stay behind and take over Hyrule or other places?”

“ In some demons, monsters and spirits there are deficiencies where they have compassion and feelings for the human race. They are considered weak and usually put down. In my case and the other five here we got together and found out where this place was. When we got here we were welcomed with love and people. We wanted a better life.”

“But now that Ganon and Ajil have been put into the deepest darkest areas of the underworld what are you still worried about?”

“Were worried because the underworld was never going to punish Ajil for doing what he did. Even to this day that is the Underworlds goal. To create and control as many demons as possible. If they can create millions of demons and monsters then they will want to destroy earth and the spirit realm. That means no more humanity no more anything you won’t exsist.”

This worried Link more then he ever though possible he had always been the no emotion save the day kind of person. This worried Link and he had to find a way to save the children and Hyrule and the spirit realm.

Chapter 3: The Cold Vision by Linkthefireemblem


I watched as the path ahead of me was ragged with the stench of decaying bodies. I could see the blood spattered spirit swords that were coming out of the bodies. Bodies of my people and the people of Ajil, it was a tight battle but still I would not know who won until I got to the castle. I was sent to a farm on the outskirts of the ravaged Ordon where the demons had already been and would not be back. I had been sent into hiding to protect the sacred orb of the above. Time God had given it to me to only use when I got to the land it would turn the good dead into good and the bad dead back to a eternity into the underworld and for Ajil he would be destroyed and killed forever to make peace forever. I felt a chill run up my spine as I went to the top of the hill. I could see a light at the top and it wasn’t what I had thought Link and the remaining soilders were tied together and being wipped. The enemy had won. I could hear link telling me to use the orb use the orb. I couldn’t I would not destroy the person who I loved so dearly. I yelled out the name of their leader.

“AJIL why don’t you fight me instead of cowering behind your soilders you big fat mother fucker. COME GET ME YOU BASTARD.”

That is when everything ended not knowing what happened.

To Be Continued

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