Mistakes by Monkey hero, malonsfarm, godess of love, shadow dude
Summary: He had been known for making mistakes very often.But that was a big enough mistake to make him run.Run and never come back.
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Chapter 2 by Monkey hero
Author's Notes:
Crap, it`s 10:27 pm.But I gots to keep my fans happy.I`m leaving tomorrow after school.My younger brother, Jacob, just told me to tell you that he was a funny, smart, funloving dude.But correction: a stupid, idiotic, dude.I can prove it, he asked me what idiotic meant, just now.He`s eleven!Any ways, back to the story.
Angela stared out the window and at the children playing in the bustling streets of castle town.She silently wished she was but a child once more.But that was merely impossible.She was eighteen, the royal marrigable age.Her parents had been searching for suitor to court her, but she didn`t seem interested in any."Angela, Prince Ramin has arrived."Zelda called from the door way"Yes, mother, I`ll be right there."Zelda smiled again and turned to leave.Angela stood up and glanced out the window before walking out of her bedroom.She hiestantly walked down the stairs and into the lobby, were Tianna admired and drooled over the handsom prince.Though, Angela wasn`t interested, like every other suitors.The blue haired prince grabbed Angela`s gloved hand and kissed it gently, bowing"It is my absolute pleasure to meet you, fair maiden."
"Yeah, you wish"Angela mumbled under her breath, fortunatly, no one heard her."You look absolutly gorgeous this afternoon, but I`m sure you always look gorgeous."He kissed her hand again and Tianna growled.William stepped in"Oh, you must be Prince Ramin.I`m Prince William."He held out his hand and Ramin gracfully shook it."You are Princess Angela`s brother?"
"Yes, I am."They exchanged smiles.
Later, at dinner, Angela sat next to Ramin, unfortunatly for her.She just poked at her salad and rested her head on her hand."Angela, what`s wrong?"Link asked, once again concerned"You haven`t been eating lately.Are you feeling okay?"
"Fine, you want to know what`s wrong?What`s wrong is that I have to pretend like I acually like this guy."She yelled.She stood up and violently stomped out the door.She ran to the garden, were she loved to go at night.She looked up at the stars and wonderd 'Is Andrew looking at the same stars?Problibly not'She sighed and a thought popped in her mind 'What if I look for him?'
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