Crowd Pleaser by Aprilspring
Summary: April had always been a crowd pleaser, ever since her kiddnapp.Her being a crowd pleaser puts her life in more danger every day, but she still pleases.
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Prolouge by Aprilspring
It was like a nightmare.No, it was worse.It was much`s like, dieing.You were happy when you were alive, but that all changed with a gunshot.You fall to the ground, cold and lifless.Like me.My family was a nice little family.My mother, father, older brother, and younger sister.But one stormy night, a man came and killed them all, but me.I thought he`d leave me to die, but instead, he kiddnapped me.Though, I had just learned this recently.You see, I`m seventeen now and when I was kiddnapped, I was two.I had always thought he was my step father after my real parents died of cancer.But ever since that dreadful day, he had abused me and started rapping me when I was thirteen.He was wealthy, and treated me like his princess, but only if I wouldn`t tell any one what he did.I kept my mouth shut, just because if I told, he`d go to jail and I`d have to talk to the police, but I didn`t like to talk, only when needed.Darel, the kiddnapper, dated a few people, but the realationship never lasted.I always gave him what he wanted, a matter of fact, I always gave everyone what they wanted, even hurting myself.That`s a crowd pleaser for you.
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