Dark Link Challenge Submission by Benthegamer100
Summary: A submission for the Dark Link Challenge.
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1. Chapter 1 by Benthegamer100

2. Chapter 2 by Benthegamer100

Chapter 1 by Benthegamer100

Before the creation of justice and law in Hyrule, darkness ruled. There was nothing but emptiness and evil. The ruler was a complete tyrant. Until the Goddesses came. As the legend is told, Din, Nayru, and Farore, the three goddesses, brought land, order, and life to the world. As they left for the heavens, the Triforce, the single most important thing in Hyrule, was created.

However, one evil soul remained…

Chapter 2 by Benthegamer100

He was an unnamed shape shifter. When Link, the boy from Kokiri Forest, came along, He turned himself into his new form, commonly known as Dark Link. When Link turned into an adult, so did Dark Link

Slice! Dark Link gave Link a huge gash. He fell to the floor in pain. A bottled fairy revived him. It was a long and weary battle, and eventually Link won. Hmmph. What an over achiever, Link thought, trying to beat ME.

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