The Paranoid Kokiri by Beat15
Summary: The journey into the forest, and the awakening of the first Sage Warrior. But darkness clouds the forest, filling it with a dark foreboding and fear. But when all seems silent, a piercing howl fills the air.
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Series: The Beat Grimsley Saga
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Story Notes:
The first sage warrior, filled with fear, awakens and faces the one responding for his pain.

1. Entering the Forest by Beat15

2. The Forest's Secret by Beat15

3. Archer's Battle with Fear by Beat15

4. Grimsley's Fiery Rage by Beat15

5. The Forest's Protector by Beat15

6. A Meeting of Heroes by Beat15

7. The Morning After by Beat15

Entering the Forest by Beat15
Author's Notes:
A quiet forset full of happy children and fairies, why would anything go wrong? Oh wait this is an adventure, something has to happen.
"What?" shouted Peter.
"Stay here." repeated Beat calmly.
"Just leave us out here!" screamed Peter.
"Ok." Beat laughed. He grabbed the fairy and ran into the entrance.

Navi was disoriented now. Grimsley grabbed her so quickly she was dizzy. She sat on the ropes of the bridge leading to the village she once called home. She watched Beat check over himself, for the third time. He had left his sword and mask in the cart. He only brought his hookshot, the spell, his knife, and the bag of bombchus.
"Ready?" she asked nervously.
"Yeah, are you?" he coughed, picking his violin case up.
"No!" she screamed darting towards the entrance they came in.
"Then just stay in here!" he ordered snatching her out of the air in a bottle.

Beat tucked the bottle into his tunic, ignoring the cries of the fairy. He walked through the gate to be greeted by a young boy.
"Hello!" laughed the child, "Welcome to Kokiri Forest."
"Why thank you young sir." replied Beat bowing. "Do you know where I may find a shop around here?"
"There's one over by the river, I'll guide you there." answered the boy grabbing Beat's wrist.

While Beat was being led he noted how every child was accompanied by a fairy. While the child guiding him was chatting with a girl sitting on a balcony, Beat freed Navi. She stayed hidden in his tunic.
"Here we are." stated the boy smiling at Beat. "You should leave soon. Those who aren't Kokiri that stay in the forest turn into skull kids." he warned.
"Thank you my friend." replied Beat ignoring the warning.

Richard was losing his temper. Peter was still going on about Beat leaving them behind. Penelope had to keep being reminded not to enter the forest. He was just relieved he wasn't left with Navi.
"Peter, give it a break. He left us out here because that's a village of kids! If a ton of strangers wandered in they'd get scared and attack us." reasoned Richard.
"He's right big brother." chimed in Penny.
"But he should have told us himself!" argued Peter.
"For Din's sake, Beat, I pray you are having a better time than me!" sighed Richard. He then felt soft hands cover his eyes. But he could tell whose they were, and he smiled.
"Those kids are pretty wound up." sighed the girl hiding Richard's eyes.
"Yeah, glad I'm not related to them. How'd you find us?" he asked taking her hands.
"I asked around for the quickest route to the forest. Hey the boys pretty cute!"
"Goddesses help me. Now I've got a third problem!" he muttered in a low tone. He turned to face the owner of the voice he heard, Gwen.

Beat was not in a pleasurable situation. He was being searched by a boy name Mido, who apparently assumed he was in charge. He took everything from Beat. Including his violin. Navi had flown out to avoid being seen by Mido, so he had one less thing to lose. Mido had started ranting on about the knife, before a girl ran up to him and smacked him across the face.
"Mido! Show some respect for this traveler!" corrected the girl.
Beat laughed as he watched Mido squirm under the green-haired girl lecture. So that was Saria? Hmm, not the age you'd assume a sage to be. The girl gathered up Beat's belongings and returned them to him.
"I'm so sorry for Mido. He's a little overprotective. Oh I almost forgot, I'm Saria." she laughed embarrassedly.
"Ah, no need to apologize, Saria. I'm Beat Grimsley." he replied smiling. "I believe we have somewhere to go." he whispered.
"Right, first we have to talk to the Deku Sprout. Oh and if you're wondering how I knew to help you, Navi told me. She's staying with my fairy at my house." she stated leading him to the guardian of these woods.

Navi was elated to see Melody, Saria's fairy. They clasped each others hands and circled around, spinning like a top. They continued spinning until they fell to the floor.
"Melody, it's been ages!" Navi laughed trying to stand up.
"Oh it's great to see you again, Navi! Ever since Saria became a sage I haven't had any fun with her." whooped Melody, falling flat on her face.
They continued to play fairy games until they passed out. Navi had missed this.

Saria and Beat sat before a comical looking tree with a grin transfixed on his jovial face.
"I'm gonna say this now. I can't believe a thing you say, you're too adorable." laughed Beat.
"Funny, I was gonna say the same to you." replied the sprout. This caused Saria to laugh.
"Can we begin?" Saria asked wiping a tear away.
"Yes. And we shall." answered the Deku Sprout.
"Alright, let's start the story." Beat said playing a few notes on his violin.
"Very well. We both know of your situation, Mr. Grimsley. We are aware of your search, and we have an idea of who may be the Sage Warrior of the Forest." started the Deku Sprout.
Saria picked up now, "We believe his name is Archer. He ran away at an early age into the forest. He was terrified by many things. We aren't sure why he was this way."
"We have just recently found hints that he was alive. One day when Saria was walking to her temple she saw a black-haired Kokiri running down a different path. She tried to follow him but he tricked her. She ended up in front of the entrance to Lost Woods."
"I informed the Deku Sprout of my discovery and he told me about Archer. I tried finding him again, and I asked the Deku Shrubs in the woods. They denied seeing him but they seemed like they were lying. This has been going on for about a week now. I was about to go looking again. You can help me."
"Saria, I'd love to, but I think I need to pass. If he runs from his own kind, why do you think he'll trust me?" Beat stated.
"Saria, can you get the tunic from my old body?" asked the sprout.
Saria nodded and began to climb the former body of the Deku Tree. She reached the branches quickly, for leaves began to shower Beat. She then dropped in front of them. Beat, on instinct, ran to catch her. He did, and shook with fear.
"Why did you do that?" he gasped, as he set her down on her feet.
"I trusted you." she said laughing.
Apparently this was an inside joke, because the sprout laughed along with her.
Beat began to change his tunic. He laughed when he saw Saria blush. "I'm wearing pants, relax!" he reassured, smiling.
"Alright let's go!" Saria said grabbing his hand.

Richard was now responsible for thirteen year old twins, and a fifteen year old man-eater. He prayed for Beat to return soon. He was being pulled into a cart by Gwen. Richard wrenched his hand away and dove into the cart with the chest of tools. He grabbed his Stone Mask and pulled it on. Gwen ran in, but found it empty, so she walked off. After she was gone Richard took the mask off.
"That salesman saved my ass." he sighed. How did Gwen get here so quickly, and how did she know they were headed to the forest? Something was off. He grabbed Will's Mask, put it on and took Will's shape. "I'll find out." he whispered in Will's voice.

Why am I always being dragged through this village? Pondered Beat as he was dragged to Lost Woods. He felt a familiar presence in the woods, one that worried him. Suddenly he felt something stirring, he knew what to do. He grabbed his knife, and took a fighting stance. Saria noticed this and stepped back. She felt the forest being filled with fear.
"What's happening?" she asked Beat.
"Get the others inside." he ordered. "Can you leave the forest?" he asked.
"Yes, but the Deku Sprout wants us to remain here. I'm the only Kokiri aware of that." she answered.
"Then can you run to the carts outside, and grab a sword, and a mask. The mask is of a blonde haired rough looking boy. Bring it here after you get everyone to safety!"
"Sure!" she said running off to do her task.
Beat turned to face the entrance once again. Determination written on his face. "Come at me, demon!" he shouted.
In response to his challenge an unearthly roar pierced the forest. And the creature that made the sound attacked!
End Notes:
Feel free to review, any advise would be awesome.
The Forest's Secret by Beat15
Author's Notes:
A forest attacked, by a vicious beast. What is to become of the forest children?
Saria heard the howl and looked back to the Gerudo risking his life to save a bunch of children he never met before. She ushered more Kokiri to the hollowed Deku Tree. They had cleared the body of their old guardian of monsters to create an emergency area of safety. All but Mido went in. He stood ready to fight off any attackers. Saria used her Sage powers to close the entrance to the Deku Tree. She looked to the Deku Sprout, who winked. He would keep it a secret as to what she was.
"Mido wait here! I have to help that boy." she said running off.
"Saria wait!" he shouted at her. But she didn't hear him.
She ran back to the village. She looked up to see Beat wasn't at the spot he was standing before. She sprinted out of the forest and onto Hyrule Field. She climbed into a cart to be confronted by a blonde, rough looking boy. He looked the same as the mask she was told to retrieve.
"Umm, hello." he said shock clear in his voice.
"Hi, umm, Mr. Grimsley told me to get his sword and a mask that looks like your face!" she explained quickly.
The boy then pulled his face off. He revealed his true self and now looked completely different. He was now taller, with darker hair. He handed her the mask and gave her a sword belt. "Is Beat in trouble?" he asked quietly.
"Yes, and I know you want to help but you can't!" she cried. "I'm sorry but only Beat can help now!"

Beat was the one who needed help. He was being pulled through the forest at high speed. He was in the tight grip of a serpent like creature with arms. He couldn't use his spell for risk of burning down the woods. He had stabbed his knife in the creatures body as it first jumped at him, but it didn't seem to notice.
It didn't even touch the ground as it dodged through the trees. It suddenly released him in a clearing. He fell on his face in front of a young man.
"Him? This is the holder of Rage? He looks weak!" laughed the boy. He had short red hair, that was messy. He stood about as tall as Beat, maybe taller. Beat began to rise but was kicked down by the boy.
"What are you doing!" shouted Beat.
"You will not rise until I permit you. You're lucky I put you down before my pet did." he said smugly.
"I meant why are you attacking the Kokiri?" Beat spat out. Under his left glove he saw the black triangle glow again.
"Oh, that." yawned the red haired boy. He covered his mouth with his left hand. The same triangle glowed on his hand, but his was brighter on the right triangle on top. "I'm obeying orders from the Skull King. If you're wondering what's on my hand it's my piece, The Antriforce of Fear. I'm Jacob, and I think now you can rise."
"Antriforce? What's that?" asked Beat rising to his feet.
"It's that thing on your left hand. You have Rage."
"Why's everybody saying that! 'Holder of Rage' it is confusing!"
"Not really, it's the same as the Triforce. Just that the Antriforce was made to destroy the Triforce." laughed Jacob.
Beat gritted his teeth, he got ready to jump at Jacob.
"You've me made bored, so now I'll have to kill you. Forvalgia, dispose of him please." sighed Jacob. He snapped his fingers and the serpent pounced.
Beat found himself being carried into the air and saw the creature, Forvalgia was a dragon. It had a mane of leaves, and green scales. It flew high above the air and roared once more.

Saria looked up and saw the monster high in the air. She also saw it's victim in it's claws. She screamed as it threw the Gerudo far out into the forest below.

Richard and his company heard the roar and looked up to see the dragon. He pulled Gwen and Penny, hiding their eyes from the monster. Peter stood stock still staring on in horror as it flung his friend down to the floor far below. Richard pulled the girls into the closest cart. He motioned to Peter to get in and take the reigns.
"Get them out of here! I'll stay here with Starcatcher and Grim's Charge. Keep them safe. Use my sword if you need to, protect them at all costs, just don't get yourself killed."
"Ok." he nodded. He whipped his horse to get moving. He steered down the path away from the forest.

Navi was flying with Melody to Saria's side. They caught up with her as she entered the Lost Woods. They all ran towards the area he had landed. They all ran until Saria suddenly stopped.
"He's alive!" she shouted. "He played my song on a leaf-whistle and told me he can see the Deku Tree from where he landed. We should head to the Deku Tree's Meadow. I know what to do with this mask now too."

Beat ceased playing the song. "I hope I was smart in entrusting my violin to that sprout." he muttered. He then began to run towards the tallest tree in sight. As he ran he saw a small hut hidden by some trees. He decided to investigate now. He found several targets with dents and arrows embedded in them. He continued walking until he came across a rack of handmade bows and slingshots. He decided to ignore those and head for the hut.
"Hello?" he whispered sticking his head inside.
No response.
"I'm coming in!" he stated walking in. He looked around. A roughly made bed, a small unlit fire, a carpenter table, a few quivers full of arrows. He also noticed a small cabinet that's doors were shaking. He decided to open it.
"Hello there my young friend!" he greeted looking at the young Kokiri boy.
"Wh..who are you? Why did you come here?" he stammered.
"I'm Beat Grimsley." he smiled.
"You're going to hurt me!" shouted the boy.
"No I'm not, trust me." Beat soothed.
"No!" screamed the boy.
"I've got an idea, wait here!" he laughed closing the cabinet. He ran to the window, and plucked a leaf off a nearby tree. He then opened the cabinet again, finding the boy where he left him.
"Just leave me alone!" begged the boy.
"Nope." replied Beat. He placed the leaf to his lips and played the Song of Healing. He felt the magic course through him again, and watched a mask fall from the boys face. It depicted the boys terrified face.
"Woah!" gasped the boy.
"You're free from the fear you had. Now tell me who you are."
"I'm Archer. I ran from the rest of children because I was scared. I don't know how, but one day I was just terrified of everything. I came here to live in solitude, and I got relaxed by practicing with the bow or slingshot."
"Well I think I may know the guy responsible for your fear. But for now come with me. And bring some bows, I'll grab every quiver I can bring."
"How many bows?" asked Archer.
"Ummm, three should do." Beat replied.
They gathered the tools and ran outside. Archer led Beat to a clearing, there they found the Deku Tree, along with Saria and her two fairy friends.

"Beat!" exclaimed Navi, flying to him. She flew up and hugged his forehead. "You're ok!"
"His tunics not." stated Melody noting all the rips in it.
"Oh, right I forgot." laughed Beat. He removed his tunic to reveal several cut and bruises all over to his back.
"Are you okay?" Saria asked looking at the marks on his back.
"I'm fine, please tell me you brought my things." he begged.
"Here's your sword and mask." she reassured handing him his things.
"Mido here?" he asked looking around.
"By the sprout." replied Navi.
"Mido!" called Beat.
"What is it?" Mido said running towards Beat.
"Nothing special." Beat replied. He then put the mask to Mido's face.
Mido screamed in pain and fell to the ground. He then stood back up as Will.
"What the hell!" shouted Mido. He jumped at his voice. He then noticed his height difference and other changes.
"Relax, just let the spirit of the mask take over for now. Mido the spirit is of an old friend of mine. His name is Will, and he'll use you as a surrogate body for him until everything calms down." explained Beat.
"For Farore's sake, Grimsley! He's just a kid I put little force and he goes under." shouted Will.
"This is too much to handle." Archer sighed grabbing his head.
"They know I'm not dead. That guy controlling the dragon, he's got something on his hand, he called it an Antriforce. He said I had one too." Beat stated. "They'll either attack here or somewhere else that's important to you."
"The Temple!" shouted Saria.
"Shit!" muttered Will.
"Well, we need get there fast. Preferably one way that doesn't go through the woods."
"The Minuet of Forest!" Saria exclaimed. "Quick get your violin!"
"Ok." Beat then ran to reclaim it from the tree sprout. He then lifted his foot and brought it down into the sprout, plunging it into the ground.
"What did you do that for?" Navi shouted.
"To protect it. If the enemy came and found him exposed they'd kill him. I'd rather hurt him to protect him then let him get killed." Beat reasoned.
"Ok, Beat take Will, I'll take your friend here. Just play the song I play!" Saria ordered.
She then played a song that made you relive the memories of your childhood. Then Saria and Archer vanished. Beat quickly played the same song, and found himself being engulfed in green light. He then found both Will and himself standing in the grove where he met Saria inside his dream.
End Notes:
What will be found at the temple? Will Jacob show his face? Or will he send his pet Forvalgia alone?
Archer's Battle with Fear by Beat15
Author's Notes:
Archer has a chance at revenge, will he use it?
"Welcome to the Sacred Forest Meadow." Saria sarcastically greeted. "We need to get inside but it's too high to jump."
"Not a problem. Will can climb up on his own. Saria climb onto my back, and Archer I'll hold onto you."
They scrambled to do as he said in response. Will climbed up and waited on the ledge, being a lookout. Beat had his passengers ready, so he pulled out the hookshot. He latched onto an overhanging branch and pulled them up to the steps.
"Here, this should help you out." he said handing Archer his hookshot. "Use it when you run out of arrows. Will, you stand guard here. Archer get to higher ground and snipe out any thing with exposed bones. I'm going to get Saria to the temple."
"Right!" nodded the two assigned guards.

Archer used the hookshot to fly up to a tree's branches. It was much more fun than a bow and arrow. He pulled out his bow, realizing he still had the other two. He ran towards the temple and saw two Wolfos attacking the pair that were headed towards there. He pulled two arrows out of a concealed quiver he had. He pulled the string back, letting it get tight with anticipation. He notched both arrows at once, and released them simultaneously. Both hit their marks, piercing the tails of both monsters. The Wolfos howled as they were enveloped in green flames. Archer than leapt down to where his friends waited.

"What just happened?" Saria asked looking at Beat.
"Archer." Beat replied looking to where the branches shook. He was rewarded by the sight of his friend leaping from a tree. He was about to hit the ground when he used the hookshot to pull himself through the air towards a tree behind them.
"Not bad." Beat stated ruffling the boy's hair.
"Thanks, I came to give you the bows I had brought.." he replied.
"Oh man! I had completely forgotten!" exclaimed Beat. He then turned suddenly to see Will run in the clearing.
"That dragon thing is here! And there's some redhead riding it!"
"Will protect Saria! Archer let's go!" shouted Beat.

But before they could move the dragon burst into them, carrying them through the wall of the temple. It broke through the entryway and the hall that followed. It then threw them across the room.
"For Nayru's sake, won't you die already Grimsley? Oh look, it's that kid I put that spell on for the hell of it!" he laughed.
Both of the heroes gritted their teeth. They both had a score to settle with this guy. Before they could attack, an army of stalfos and stalchildren entered the main hall.
"We're gonna have to fight these things." Beat whispered through clenched teeth. "Just stay behind me for now."
Then Beat pulled his spell from his pouch around his neck. He planted his feet firmly on the ground, and spread his arms apart. "DIN's FIRE!!!" he screamed releasing a stream of fire from the palms of his hands. He brought his arms to point at the approaching army slowly, creating a wall of flames to separate the skeletons from them.

Archer watched as his friend shot fire around him to create a shield. When the flames were pointed at the army, the enemy panicked. They were burnt to ash, falling to the ground. None escaped except the dragon and it's rider.
"Forvalgia, time to eat!" cackled the rider, a cruel grin growing in his face.
"Bastard!" wheezed Beat collapsing on the ground. "Damn, I used too much magic." he muttered.

Archer, kneeled before his friend. Flames still burned in certain areas, and they gave Archer an idea. He notched an arrow and shot it through a flame at the dragon's mane.
He struck his target, and watched as the beast panicked in the air. It writhed in pain, and dropped it's rider onto the cold pavement. Forvalgia broke through the east side wall and let in a large amount of sunlight. It flew low looking for something to douse the flames. It then found a well and dove in.
As far as Archer was he could still see steam rise from the well. The dragon then shot out of the well and flew deep into the forest where it originally rested.
"Damn you! It took me years to find that damn dragon! Looks like you need to be taught a lesson!" screamed Jacob. He raised his hand, which started to glow a sickly yellow color.
He was about to release it when Archer hit him with the hookshot. He pulled Jacob towards him, a smile glued to his face. The energy that had been built up had exploded in Jacob's hand. Archer raised his fist and punched his enemy in the stomach. He gasped in pain, but then quickly recovered.
He then kicked Archer across the room. Archer fell in the pile of rubble left by Forvalgia. He slowly lifted himself up, only to be kicked across the room again. This time he landed in front of Beat. Who was still recovering from his Magic Fatigue.
"I'm going to enjoy killing you!" hissed Jacob pulling his foe close to his face.
Archer then spat in his enemy's face and kicked him in his chest.
"Big mistake." laughed Jacob shaking his head. He then vanished for a split second, only to reappear behind Archer and send him flying with a strong right hook. Archer was laying in a corner, blood trickling from his lips. He tried to stand but fell under his own weight. He had many cuts on his back. The green tunic he wore turning brown from the dirt and blood. He didn't move anymore after that.
"No!" gasped Beat.
"Now you die!" Jacob shouted kicking Archer in his side sliding him across the pavement. "Get up!"He raised his foot back to aim another kick at Archer, but was tripped by a firm leg kicking his.
"I'm up, now it's my turn!" Beat stated. He pulled his leather glove from his left hand to reveal the Antriforce. The left triangle glowed brightest, shining like silver. He then drew his arm back, and punched his target out of the hole made by Forvalgia.
Jacob landed in a small stream, blood trickled from his nose. He saw his foe still in the room, but the Gerudo suddenly vanished.

Saria was safe, Will made sure of that. He had grabbed her and climbed up one of trees that were lifeless. She watched as a horde of skeletons rushed through the hole in wall. She saw that after they had left, that everything was trampled, including Beat's violin.
"He's gonna be unhappy." stated Will.
"He hates when his violin is damaged. A tiny little scratch will make him hunt down the one responsible for the damage."
"He's worse than me over my ocarina!" she exclaimed.
They were then interrupted by Beat's voice shouting "Din's Fire".
"We should go help." Saria advised.
Will had Saria climb onto his back as he climbed down the tree. When they touched the floor the dragon flew through a wall.
"Woah!" shouted Will.
They watched it fly off to the deeper part of the forest. Never to be seen by anyone again. They walked through the entry hall and saw Beat standing in the center of the room, Archer lying on his stomach, out cold. Beat turned to see Saria and Will, he had hatred written on his face. He vanished suddenly from sight, reappearing next to Archer. He picked him up and carried him to the new arrivals.
"Take care of him." Beat ordered, and then vanished once again.
End Notes:
A new power has awakened inside Grimsley. Will it help him? Or is it what Jacob wanted to happen?
Grimsley's Fiery Rage by Beat15
Author's Notes:
The line has been crossed. Beat finds himself crossing into his darker half. Will he be able to control his power, or will Rage control him?
Jacob got out of the water. Shaking in anger, he lifted left hand. A hilt began to form in his hand, and from the hilt grew a blade with a cruel hook at the end of it.
"I'll kill him and take his piece of the Antriforce!" he growled.
"Ha! Kill me? You won't even land a single cut on me with that toothpick!" whispered a voice in Jacob's ear. He then turned quickly to slash at his foe, but he vanished."Hmm, maybe you should try swinging at where I'm standing."
"I'll slaughter you!" screamed Jacob. He was then sent flying by an elbow hitting him in back. He broke another hole in the wall he was thrown through. 
More light filled the room as the two fighters returned. Beat kept vanishing into shadows, only to reappear near his foe to send him soaring across the room.
"Grimsley, you won't get much done if you're just gonna toy with me!" shouted Jacob.
"You're right. I won't kill you if I play around. I guess I'll fight full force now." he sighed, appearing in front of Jacob. 
He then punched Jacob in the gut, which sent him into a wall. Jacob walked forward unbalanced and dizzy he was not expecting what came next.
Beat rushed forward from where he punched Jacob, and hit Jacob with a strong uppercut. Jacob flew up towards the ceiling, but before he made contact with it, Beat brought his foot down, heavily on Jacob's head. He was sent hurtling towards the floor, only to be hit by a strong elbow to send him into the pile of rubble. 
Beat then stopped attacking. He had moved too quickly after using all that magic. He collapsed on the ground unconscious.

"Oh no!" Saria gasped. 
She was holding Archer's head in her arms, and after seeing Beat pass out, she let go of him and covered her eyes. That caused Archer to hit his head on the floor, waking  him up. He sat up, rubbing his head. He looked across the room see Beat lying on the floor. He then noticed the pile of rubble was moving.
Jacob rose from the pile, blood covering the right side of his face. His clothes were torn in several places. He spotted Beat lying on the floor and seized his chance. He grabbed his hooked sword and charged at his enemy. He raised his sword and swung it down towards Beat's head. He was saved from having his head busted open by Archer's hookshot. It shot across the room and hit the wall. Archer then released it letting the handle steal the sword from Jacob.
"I think it's my turn." stated Archer. He then felt a pain in his left eye. He felt something burn into his skin, and it swirled around his eye. He had no idea what happened or what it meant, but he did know one thing. It made him a hell of a lot stronger. 

Saria saw the mark that was glowing green around Archer's eye. It was the crest of the Kokiri, and a sign. He was the one chosen to protect her.

In Hyrule Castle, Zelda had felt the awakening. "So he managed to awaken the Forest Sage Warrior." she stated. "He found this one rather quickly."

Richard was worried. He saw the dragon fly to the deeper part of the forest, and then no other signs. He knew Beat was in danger, but how could he help?

Peter had driven his cart far. He reached a river by Kakariko Village. He tried to comfort his two charges as best as he could. But nothing worked. The girls were worried about their friend.

Beat was dreaming again. "Shit!" he shouted. "Wonderful, I collapsed in the middle of a fight!"
"Calm down Beat!" Ganondorf ordered grabbing his friend by the shoulder. "You did what you could. You took out those skeletons, and set up a way for Archer to get rid of Forvalgia. Then you beat the crap out of that Jacob guy."
"Right, but what about this Antriforce? If it's the opposite of the Triforce why was it given to me?" pondered Beat.
"I have no clue. Nabooru do you have any idea?" shrugged Ganondorf.
"No, I don't, which bugs me." Nabooru sighed, biting her lip. 
"Wait, I got good news!" Ganon shouted suddenly. 
"What is it?" asked his two friends.
"Beat successfully awakened the Sage Warrior of the Forest." laughed Ganondorf. 
"That is good." agreed Nabooru.
"Yeah, but will that make him strong enough to beat this guy?" wondered Beat, 
End Notes:
Beat has fallen, but with Archer's new strength, will he survive?
The Forest's Protector by Beat15
Author's Notes:
Archer has awoken, now aware of his destiny. He must use the tools he was given to defeat Jacob, the master of Fear.
Archer stood tall, ready to fight Fear itself. Archer only came to his opponents waist, so he had a major height disadvantage.
"What, are you stupid? Remember how I just got done mopping the pavement with you?" laughed Jacob.
"Yeah, I do, but I wasn't using my full power. This mask, it doubles the strength of it's wearer!" he shouted holding out the mask Beat had made from his paranoia.
"Hmm, I could use that. I think I'll take it." he stated. He then pulled the mask towards him with his magic.
"No! Don't put it on, please! I beg of you!" shouted Archer, tears filling his eyes.
"Sorry kid. 'Please' doesn't work with me." he laughed putting the mask to his face.

"That kid let his mask get stolen!" shouted Ganondorf. "How's he gonna stop him now?"
"He's going to scare him." stated Beat.
"How?" asked Nabooru.
"Just watch." replied Beat.

The mask attached itself to Jacob. It fused with his skin, causing him to scream in pain. He looked over himself, nothing different.
"You rat! This didn't make me stronger!" he screamed.
"No, it didn't. But I got stronger!" laughed a booming voice.
Jacob looked up to see the kid had grown to a massive size. Jacob fell onto his back and scrambled to get away from the giant child. But he didn't seem to move. He was petrified in fear. He then found himself being swallowed by the floor. It was a giant Like-Like! He screamed, flying into the air. He could fly? No Forvalgia had grabbed him! It threw him to the floor, with an unnerving crunch. He was broken. Bones were sticking out of his body. He then heard a deep booming voice laughing.
"Leave!" shouted Archer.
"Agghhhhhh!!!" screamed Jacob. He then held up his hand and gathered energy. He then used the energy to vanish, leaving the mask behind.
When Jacob reappeared in his masters castle, he realized he had been tricked. He wanted to go back but he was exhausted.

"What the hell was that?" asked Will.
"You let him take the mask and then he started running around the room screaming." Saria stated scratching the back of her head.
"Uh-oh, the kids awake." sighed Will as he grabbed his face. He then pulled it off revealing Mido.
"What happened?" asked Mido, looking around.
"Not much." Archer answered, smiling as he walked towards his fellow Kokiri.
"Wait, you're the one that ran into the forest!" exclaimed Mido grabbing his hair.
"Mido relax." stated Archer holding Mido's shoulders.
"Head back to the village. The Deku Tree should be open now that the forest is safe." suggested Saria.
"Right." nodded Mido. He then ran outside towards the village.
Archer turned to smile at Saria, but the smile quickly turned into a look of pure terror. Saria was unaware of the danger she was in. A skeleton in armor grabbed her. It's blue eyes burning like fire. Archer quickly pulled a small bow from a hidden pocket in his tunic. He notched the arrow and fired it towards the ceiling.

Beat awoke to see Saria being grabbed by a Bone Soldier. He then saw Archer fire an arrow at the ceiling. "What's he doing?" thought Beat. He then watched the arrow ricochet off the ceiling, and go through the helmet of the Bone Soldier.
"Yes!" cheered Beat watching the skeleton fall apart. He climbed to his feet, staggering towards his friends. He was relieved they were safe.
"Beat I did it!" laughed Archer. He saw Beat like his brother, even though they were just becoming friends.
"Great job buddy!" congratulated Beat hoisting his young friend onto his shoulders. "You ok Saria?"
"I am. But I don't think you will."
"Why?" he asked dropping Archer.
Archer fell onto the armor of the skeleton he killed. Curiosity filled Archer, so he started looking through the remains. He found a pouch full of bombs hidden in the armor. He was about to show Beat when his friend screamed.
"WHAT??? They crushed my violin?" Beat then started running around the chamber crushing any skeletal remains he found. "Bastards! They will pay!"

Saria was shocked as she watched the Gerudo rampaging around the room. She then sighed looking to Archer. He was examining something he found in a pouch. A bottle containing a green flame.
"Hey Beat! Do you know what this is?" shouted Archer.
Beat snapped out of his frenzy at the sound of Archer's voice. He walked towards his friend, noting the bottle.
"This is the original spirit of the person. He was killed and then had a bone from the Skull King's armor jammed into his body. It's how Bone Soldiers are made. They keep the spirits with them for some reason." explained Beat. "Open the bottle please. Saria, play these notes on your ocarina." he asked drawing musical notes on the floor.
Archer opened the bottle releasing the spirit. The spirit formed the body of a race unknown to Hyrule. The spirit had a beak above his mouth. He also had feathers on his head.
"Thank you, for freeing me. I am a traveler far from his home. I am a Rito, a race of people who have learned how to soar through the heavens. If you can sooth my spirit, I will assist you as well as I can." explained the spirit.
"Rest peacefully spirit, my friend here will sooth your soul." nodded Beat.
Saria then played the notes of the Song of Healing. She was playing it well, the notes echoing through the temple. Beat and Archer felt the peacefulness of the song wash over them. As she played the final notes the spirit shone bright, and then fell to the ground as a mask.
"Wow!" gasped Archer staring at the mask that had fallen. It showed the face of the Rito, his eyes filled with appreciation.
"That song was the the reversed notes of my song." stated Saria, clutching her ocarina close to her heart.
"Hmmm, well I think Archer deserves the mask." Beat suggested clapping Archer on his back. "You did kill the Bone Soldier."
"Right, grab the mask and follow me." ordered Saria.
After Archer grabbed the masks, they followed Saria down an elevator. It led them to a room with walls that looked light enough to be pushed by the stones jutting out. She led them to a large door and opened it. They followed her into a large room with a light shining in the center of the Triforce etched into the floor. She stepped into it and vanished. The two boys looked at each other, looked at the portal, and jumped into it together. They regretted doing that.
They were encased in the same small blue crystal, that carried them through the roof without breaking anything. A bright flash filled their eyes. They now stood in a large chamber, with the sounds of waterfalls echoing throughout the peaceful darkness. They stood in between a hexagon of different colored platforms. Beat saw a golden yellow, a forest green on which Saria stood, a fiery red, a serene blue, a mysterious shadowy purple, and a desert orange.
"Welcome to the Chamber of Sages. Saria greeted. "Archer, please step forward."
Archer kneeled before Saria, his head bowed low. Beat stood back, his hands behind his head. He watched Saria materialize a hookshot out of green light. "Don't question it Grimsley." he muttered.
"With this Forest Hookshot, I entrust my life in your hands." Saria stated, handing the hookshot to Archer.
"Saria, I will work as hard as I can to protect both you and your temple. No one will stop me from fulfilling my destiny!" he confidently replied.
"Yeah!" cheered Beat. This caused the Kokiri children to laugh.
A bright light filled the chamber, and the three reappeared outside the Deku Tree's Meadow. Mido was organizing a group to raise the Deku Sprout.
"Yo, Sprout! It's safe!" shouted Beat.
The group pulling on the sprout were then launched into the air by the sprout popping up.
"Good. They were pulling my leaves off." muttered the guardian.
"Hey, Archer's gonna come with me, if it's alright sir." Beat stated as he walked up to the sprout.
"But he'll die!" shouted the Know-it-All Brothers.
"Archer can't leave, he just rejoined the village!" exclaimed the shop keeper.
"People please stop!" requested Saria.
Not many heard, but Mido and Archer did. They then shouted in unison "All of you quit it!". This caused the village's inhabitants to stop.
"Deku Sprout, I think it's time you told them." Beat advised.
"Very true, Mr. Grimsley. Children, it's a lie. You can leave the forest whenever you want. I only said that to protect you. Or my older self did. There was a war going on when all of you were younger. I had said that so you wouldn't be harmed by the war. But now it's safe for you to leave. Just remember to return every now and then." explained the Deku Sprout.
"What about outsiders?" asked Mido.
"They only change if they stay in Lost Woods. They are safe if they enter the village." answered the Deku Sprout. "Now how about we show our appreciation of Beat, for bringing Archer back to us, and saving us from an army of skeletons."
The children then began to cheer for their new friend. Beat was happy to have helped, but at what cost? His precious violin was destroyed.
"Mr. Grimsley, we're going to throw a celebratory feast, and we wanted to know if you'd be our guest of honor." giggled one of the twins.
"You could get your friend that's waiting outside the entrance." added the other.
"Richard!" Beat gasped. He ran through the village towards the entrance. He bolted across the bridge, and barreled into Richard.
"Beat? Your alive!" Richard shouted tears filling his eyes.
"Oh please, wait... How'd you know I was in danger? And where's the twins?"
"Well, several things happened. I'll explain on our way. Where's Navi, and the guy you went in to get?"
"Oh right! It's safe for you to enter the forest, and we've been invited to a party to thank me for saving their village."
"Great! I think I left all the food in the cart the twins took."
End Notes:
At last, a peaceful village. Get ready, a new friend is joining Beat's little army.
A Meeting of Heroes by Beat15
Author's Notes:
Kokiri, free to wander Hyrule now. Travelers now free to visit the forest village. And a meeting of heroes that is sure to start a great friendship.
As the duo entered the forest they were greeted by many happy children. Several were running to the exit to witness a sunset for the first time, or at least one without trees blocking the view. Richard told Beat about his suspicion of Gwen and her showing up at their campground. Beat shook his head in frustration.
"Mr. Grimsley!" shouted a black haired boy.
"Hey Archer." greeted Beat, looking distant.
"Oh you must be Richard, it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Archer." greeted the boy shaking Richard's hand.
"I'm happy to meet you Archer." replied Richard looking at Beat. Something was wrong.

Beat stormed off leaving Archer and Richard to explore the village. Beat was still mourning his violin. He also remembered he lost his knife to that dragon. Archer had offered to make him a bow, but Beat denied the request. He pulled out Will's Mask, and examined his friends face.
"That's a strange mask." stated a voice behind Beat.
"Oh, trust me, you have no idea." Beat said turning towards the person speaking to him. He saw a blonde Kokiri, who looked older than the rest of the villagers.
"I doubt it. I've had strange times with masks. Nothing about them surprises me." laughed the boy.
"I'm Beat." introduced Beat.
"Link." replied the boy.
"You're Link?" gasped Beat.
"You've heard of me?"
"We share some similar friends."
"Saria, Zelda, Malon, Mido, should I go on?"
"You've met Zelda?"
"Yeah, sorta had to."
"I've recently became involved in royalty. I'm the new Gerudo king."
"You should follow me. I have someone you may want to see."
"Ok." sighed Link.

Richard and Archer were being led around by the twins. They kept them away from the Deku Tree's Meadow, but showed them the village. Archer had gotten a new tunic, now he wore a dark green tunic.
"I must admit, the tour is fun." Richard whispered to Archer.
Archer nodded in agreement.
Navi was assisting Saria, Mido, and the Deku Sprout in their little idea to thank Beat. They quickly had to hide the present though for Beat was shouting for Navi.
"Go stop him!" hissed Mido.
"Ok." nodded Navi. She then flew right into Beat.
"Navi, watch it!" he muttered rubbing his face.
"Sorry, but you were calling for me." she reminded.
"Right, right, right. Sorry. Navi may I present," he then stopped to make a trumpet sound. "Link, the Hero of Time!" he laughed pulling Link from behind a tree.
"Navi!" he exclaimed. His face turned into a giant grin. "I've looked all over Hyrule for you. I even looked in another world for you." he cried in joy.
"Link? How'd you meet Beat?" she asked.
"He snuck up on me." laughed Beat.
"We talked about masks." added Link.
"Everyone said you were searching for me." Navi said turning a light blue.
Link looked at Beat for some hint as to what was happening. When Beat shrugged, Link got worried. Suddenly an ear-ringing screech pierced the twilight air. Beat and Link fell to the ground covering their ears. They kicked and shouted for her to stop. They kept wiggling on the ground until Saria came to their rescue.

Saria saw Beat and a Kokiri boy writhing in pain on the forest floor. She then saw Navi's color. "Wonderful, Navi started crying!" she then whispered"Calming Breath," and a soothing breeze blew across them and silenced Navi.
"Thank you!" gasped Beat grabbing her leg.
"That's pretty cool." laughed his friend.
When Saria realized who it was she screamed. She ran up to her old friend and hugged him by his neck.
"Saria, can't breath! Crushing windpipe!" gasped Link.
"Sorry Link, it's just so good to see you." she laughed.
"That had to hurt. Just wait till Malon or Zelda find you safe and sound. You'll be broken by Malon, and suffocated by Zelda's perfume." laughed out Beat. But then he remembered what happened the last time he saw Malon, and broke down. "Damn you Ingo!" he muttered as he began to shiver.

Richard and Archer had gotten some supplies from the shop and carried them to their cart. They then noticed a small brown horse with a white mane tied to a nearby tree.
"That wasn't there when you came here, was it?" asked Archer.
"No, but I think it might belong to the people who attacked the forest. We should go warn Beat!" Richard stated.
They ran towards the village, but as they passed Mido's house a high pitched ringing sound hit them making them fall to their knees. It was then ceased and they sat down in a daze.
"That had to be some kind of weapon!" shouted Archer.
They then ran towards the source of the sound. There they found Beat on the ground shivering. He was surrounded by Navi, Saria, and a blonde boy in Kokiri clothing.
"What happened? Who did this?" asked Archer grabbing the boy by his shoulders and shaking him.
"I don't know!" cried the boy. "Why do people keep choking me? First the mask salesmen, then Saria now you!"
"He talked about Malon." sighed Navi. "He brought it upon himself."
"You idiot." sighed Richard. He then nudged Beat with his foot. "Quit beating yourself up. You did good not to kill that man."
"Who?" asked the three children around them.
"A farmhand named Ingo. He threatened our friend Malon, so Beat tackled him to the ground and threatened to kill Ingo." explained Navi.
"Ingo did what?" asked Link, fires lighting in his eyes.
"Relax, I'm pretty sure Talon took care of Ingo." reassured Richard.

Mido then came running to see the strange group. "Oh look, the boy who was ditched by his fairy! What are you doing back..." he didn't get to continue because Beat punched him in his stomach.
"Don't you dare insult him! He went through a hard enough time, and he doesn't need any bullshit from you!" barked Beat. His left hand faintly glowing.
" Li..Link." stammered Mido between breaths.
"Beat, that was uncalled for!" shouted Richard.
"You know what? Screw it! I'm leaving this forest. You can all go have fun! I've been going through hell since I got here!" Beat snapped. He had gone through too much too quickly to control himself. "I am going to..."
"Snap out of it!" shouted Archer. He stared into Beat's eyes, and saw no sign of the kind friend he had just made.
"Sorry kid." Beat said turning around. He stormed off towards the exit revealing a small skulltula that was made out of bones. It was embedded into Beat's neck!
Archer then pulled out a small slingshot and shot a deku-seed at the bug. He hit it spot on. The bones fell to the ground and burned in green flames.
"Anyone wanna explain what happened, cause I just blacked out?" said Beat shaking his head.
"Just calm down. You were being controlled by a spider made of bones." suggested Richard patting his friends shoulder.
"What happened to Mido?" asked Beat.
"You punched him." answered Navi.
"Sorry Mido!" he apologized.
"S'okay." he replied. "Oh wait I just remembered! Saria! Navi! I finished it. We'll give it to him after the feast."
"Ooh, and now we have another reason to celebrate!" added Navi hovering over Link.
"Why don't we have a giant party in the Deku Tree's Meadow? If we have it there, even the Deku Sprout can join in." Saria suggested.

Knowing that they were going to be ignored Richard, Beat, Link, and Archer all headed to Link's house.
They decided to talk about the journey Link had. He spoke of Termina, and it's calamity it faced. He told of how he was cursed to be a Deku Shrub, but then learned the Song of Healing and returned to normal. He explained how he got the Kokiri sword turned into a golden, razor-sharp blade. He told them about the two fairies named Tatl and Tael, and their friend the Skull Kid. He went on about reliving the same three days over and over again, and how he used that to get some cool things. He had gotten a mask that turned him into a Goron, and one that turned him into a Zora, and he even had one that was full of great power. He then described how he gave up his masks he gathered to get the Fierce Deity Mask, and how he used that to defeat the evil mask. He was surprised when Richard recounted the encounter he and Beat had with the mask salesman.
"That jerk sold my masks!" Link shouted jumping to his feet.
"Actually he gave them to us for free. I got the Mask of Truth, Richard got the Stone Mask, and our friend Peter got the Blast Mask." Beat explained.
"That's worse!" cried Link.
"Maybe, but I feel like we'll run into him again, so why don't you come with us?" suggested Richard.
"I may take up that offer. So tell me about your quest." replied Link.
"Well I think it will be easier to explain after the feast. It should be ready now." Beat said while standing up. As he rose his stomach growled. This made the guys laugh uncontrollably.
They hopped out of Link's treehouse, and headed for the Deku Sprout's home.
End Notes:
A party set to celebrate the return of Link, his reunion with Navi, the arrival of Archer, and Beat's heroics. Whew, those kids sure can pick good times to celebrate.
The Morning After by Beat15
Author's Notes:
A party for the ages. Sorry, too lazy to write about the party. May showup as a side story.
The feast was a complete success. The Kokiri celebrated the return of Link, the heroic actions of Beat, and the arrival of Archer. Richard wasn't as celebrated as his friends, but he didn't mind.�
The food was mainly vegetarian, but it was still one of the greatest meals Beat had. He had never had this kind of fun at a festival, but that was because this one was thrown by children, it was supposed to be fun.�
Archer had been reintroduced to every Kokiri, and he had faint memories of them. He forgot how long he had spent alone in those woods.
Richard had sampled each dish brought to the table. And he somehow managed to do it all while using his manners. This made him a target to ameteur cooks needing positive feedback. He advised the young chefs as well as he could. He had to admit though, even though the Know-It-All Brothers were supposed to know everything, they didn't know a thing about cooking. That angered the Brothers, but made everyone nearby crack up.

Now the night is over. And everyone is waking up in unfamiliar locations.�
Beat found himself dangling from the old Deku Tree, his feet bound by a vine. He was suspended above the Deku Sprout, who seemed to not notice him. Beat shouted to get attention, but no one else was nearby.
Link was lying on the roof of the twins' house. Sleeping in his hat was his old friend Navi. They had reunited, at last!
Richard found himself inside a large cauldron inside the Know-It-All Brothers' house. Richard climbed out slowly trying to not wake the children who put him there.
Saria was sleeping under the feasting table. She discovered this by hitting her head on the underside of the table. She crawled out from underneath to find Archer curled up like a dog, on the table. He looked like he slept there as a guard to protect her.
Mido woke up half in the stream going through the village. He was caught between two rocks that kept the stream from disturbing him.
All in different areas, they all said the same thing, "That was one hell of a night!"

Archer was stiff from laying curled up like he did. Saria massaged his back to try to sooth her guardian.
Link and Navi climbed, or fell, down the roof.
Once Richard got outside, he headed to the stream to splash some water on his face. He saw Mido passed out in the water, so he fished the child out of the water and shook him awake.
"Help me!!!" shouted Beat.
Saria and Archer were first to find Beat.
"Why is he tied upside down?" asked Archer.�
"He passed out up there. He was climbing the branches and then fell and got tangled up in vines." explained the Deku Sprout.
"It's nice to know how I got up here, but hurry up and get me down!" screamed Beat squirming madly.
"Ha, Grimsley looks like a pi�ata!" laughed Link, as he and Navi joined the group staring at Beat
"Let's beat him with a Deku Stick!" suggested Saria.
"Noo! Don't you dare! I am royalty, don't you even try to, wait get that thing away from me!" cried Beat as Archer swung at him.
"What the hell are you doing?" asked Richard as he and Mido arrived.
"Trying to break him open to see what falls out of this pi�ata!" laughed Navi.
"Save me!" begged Beat. "Hey no aiming for the face!"
"Hmmm, no. I wanna whack at you!" laughed Richard grabbing the stick from Archer.
"You bastard!" moaned Beat. "What will I tell Zelda if I can't get the sage warriors?"
"What are sage warriors?" asked Mido.
Richard looked to Saria and Link, they both read the question in his eyes, and nodded. He then swung the stick at Mido, knocking him out cold.
"Can you not tell the entire forest?" shouted Navi.
"Please, it won't bother the children." replied a mysterious voice.�
Suddenly a strange boy fell from the treetop above. While he fell past the vine holding Beat, he cut it with a flick of his wrist. As he landed on his feet, Beat fell on his face.
"Ow." gasped Beat.
"Sorry." apologized the boy. "I'm here to inform you that Zelda is aware of you awakening the Forest's Sage Warrior."
"Well, long time no see Sheik." whistled Link.�
"Link, you're back!" gasped the strange boy.
"Well, that's nice," muttered Beat dusting himself off, "Quick question. Any specific order to waking these Sage Warrior people?"
"No, why?" asked Sheik.
Beat sensed something familiar from Sheik. He looked into the red eyes of the Sheikah. He stared until he remembered he was supposed to answer a question. "I was planning on going to Gerudo Valley. My people need a protector. So I plan on heading there."
"I advise against that." stated Sheik.
"Why is that?" growled Beat.
"Well, the rebels there have taken control. The few loyal to you are penned up in the Spirit Temple. The four of you wouldn't stop a fraction of them, seeing as you will probably not be killing any of them."
"Oh really? They've killed hundreds of the people loyal to me! I would be crazy not to avenge their deaths, the ones killed were the peace-loving kind Gerudo. They were the shopkeepers, the doctors, the potion-makers, the few men were probably killed along with them!" shouted Beat. His royalty showing how protective he was of those precious to him. "I'm going there, alone. I just need to find someone. And besides, a village of some friends of mine are a few days away from the fortress. Link, can I trust you to find some help for my little cavalry?"
"Oh course. You saved my home, I owe it to you to save your home. I'll head to Kakiriko, the Gorons will be happy to help, the chief is my Sworn Brother."
"Hmm, Beat. I think I'm forgetting something." whispered Richard nudging Beat.
"What is it Richard?"
"I just..." he then gasped, "I left Peter and Penny with Gwen!"
"You what?!?" shouted Beat, interrupting Link.
"I saved them from starvation?" asked Link.
"Not you, Richard, what did you do?" cried Beat shaking his head.
"When we saw you get dropped by that dragon thing I told Peter to take his cart and protect Penny and Gwen. They were headed towards Kakiriko." explained Richard.
"You don't stand a chance against that army. They constantly guard the temple, waiting for somebody to try leaving. Even my method of transportation can't get you there safely." explained Sheik.
"Fine, I'll wait." growled Beat.

Peter was not in the situation his friends were scared of. He was actually enjoying himself. Gwen knew there was no time to fool around. She was actually showing her sane side. She helped prepare their meals and tucked Penny in at night.�
They were camped out about a days walk from Kakiriko Village. Peter sat at the back of the cart, rapier at his side. Gwen smiled at his determination to protect his sister. She walked up to Peter and wrapped a blanket around him.
"You should keep warm." she advised.
"I can't, I always fall asleep when I'm warm. Cold keeps me awake." he replied, removing the blanket from his shoulders.
"I'll stay up with you then. You shouldn't be cold and alone during the night."
"Fine, I'll let you stay up with me."
"I'll get another blanket, we can both be warm and cozy." she laughed.
"Only two of them. You wear it."
"I've got an idea. We'll share it."�
She then sat next to Peter and wrapped the blanket around them.
"Will you talk with me?"�
"Of course Peter. What do you wanna talk about?"
"I dunno. Just, talk, as friends." he said with a small smile. "You think he's alright?"
"Beat? He probably survived. It's weird though. I feel like something in me is drawn to him. Not in an affectionate way though."
"But you do have feelings for him. Right?"
"No, I don't. He's just a little too mysterious. I don't know anything about his past. He could be a prince for all I know!" she sighed in exasperation.
"Or a king." muttered Peter. "Hey Gwen, how'd you find us?"
"Oh that? I was given a ride by a blue-haired guy on a white horse. I didn't get any other details about him. But he seemed to know where you guys were headed. So I asked if I could join him. He gave me a ride and then vanished. I saw Richard and decided to say hello."
"Oh, that's how."

Beat helped pack the supplies given by the village children. Archer had returned Beat's hookshot to him. Link had given the Gilded Sword to Mido, since Mido was actually nice to Link now. Richard went to Archer's old home to get a bow big enough for him to use. They were all prepared to head off to find their other friends. But before they left, Archer had to try the Rito Mask.
He found he could fly easily, and he could use the bombs he got from the Bone Soldier to attack from the sky. That will help a lot, thought Beat.
"Wait!" shouted Mido. "We forgot to give you his!"
Beat took the wrapped object from Mido, eyeing it suspiciously. He slowly unwrapped it to reveal a new violin.
"We repaired it using as much from the original violin as we could. The entire long parts the original." explained Saria.
"We used the bark from the old Deku Tree to replace some parts." added Mido.
"We based it on as much as I could remember of your violin Talon gave you." Navi stated landing on Beat's shoulder.
"But we decided to carve the Kokiri emblem on it's side. We also painted into the engraving to make it stand out more." Saria said, pointing out the new addition.
"Do you like it?" Mido asked, shaking with suspense.
"No." replied Beat coldly. Mido and Saria looked down. Navi turned a lighter blue. Only Link, Archer, and Shiek saw the smile he hid. "I LOVE IT!!!"
He grabbed Mido and Saria and hugged them tightly. He cried with joy as he spun them around. "Oh thank you so much! I have to thank Sprout two." �he then dropped them and ran to the Deku Sprout.
"Navi, have Link teach him the forest's warp song. I have to leave now." Sheik requested as he prepared to leave. "Zelda will kill me if I'm late."
"Saria already taught him it." Navi answered.�
"Oh. Well then, tell him i said goodbye." Sheik then threw a Deku Nut to the ground and vanished.
"How do they do that?" asked Link.
End Notes:
Yes Link, how do they do that. And why did Beat climb the Deku Tree? Too many unanswered questions! Definatly writing the party as it's own story. End of this story.
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