Link gets kid-napped by Abyss Knight, dragonbot
Summary: Link,Malon,Saria,Zelda goto lake hylia for a day to swim then they go home link gets knocked out and is held hostage by an unknown person read to find out who knocked and kid napped link!
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physchoness occurs in this chapter very funny and laughable story have fun readers
The ransom by Abyss Knight

2 mins Passed and the king was on his way towards the hideout adriana sent a guide to guide him towards the hideout when he got there the girl stood outside with link unconciuos still tied up  so you brought the money for your hero ? she asked the king nodded handing him over then one of the knights sped off with him and then the king left but 2 of the knights stayed to take care of her

when link woke up he noticed he was untied and he also noticed he was in the castle he sighed with relief because it all has been a dream then he layed back down and fell asleep the next day was exciting link proposed to zelda askign her to be his wife 

 3 weeks later

link was surpirsed that the 3 weeks passed so fast because today was his wedding with zelda rauru was the one marrying all link heard was blah blah blahhhh blahhhhhhhhhhhh then he heard i now pronounce man and wife they kissed and lived a happy marriage

End Notes:
don't be to harsh this is the first tiem ive wrote a story pls don't be harsh pls
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