The Vendetta and ending of a stalchild by Sad Mask being
Summary: A stalchild of Majora's is overcome with sadness that his world is gone and decides to try and kill Link whom is killed and goes on a quest to try and bring himself and his family back.
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1. The encounter, The beggining by Sad Mask being

2. The Quest by Sad Mask being

3. The friend by Sad Mask being

4. The gem of Mercy's power by Sad Mask being

5. Monkey see, Monkey do by Sad Mask being

6. Farewell to Group by Sad Mask being

The encounter, The beggining by Sad Mask being
Author's Notes:
The meeting of link and this stalchild
In a cave about 5 miles from clock town I,Darmana Shunam paced the floor of the rocky side and watched the countryside for the person they call the hero of time. Being a stalchild, I was sure I would fail in dispatching my foe, indisputably he had murdered my entire family, killed my master Majora, and made our home a place of light when it had been in the dark for so long. I was about to give up and move on, when suddenly, out of the blue, the neigh of a horse could be heard. I could barely contain myself, here was my most hated enemy, about to be taken down and ended with a fatal blow from a weak opponent. I would have screamed for joy had he not been near. I crept into the shadows and waited, I could almost hear his breath. I had this all planned out, he would get hungry or tired like every human does, then in the dead of night, or while he was eating his meal I would slit his throat and my family would have vengeance. His footsteps were faint as he was wearing light shoes and his horse was there, even so, I could still hear him. I saw a green cloak walk into my cave and I quickly flew backward to avoid him seeing me. It worked, but he heard my bones clatter and hoarsely yelled to see if anything was inside the cave. I stopped and silently sat, devoid of all thought but one, "This is it." His back turned as he was admiring the scenery of Termina for one last time. I slowly pulled a knife from its sheath and charged the boy. He heard me and turned, pulling his sword from its sheath. "Too late!" I yelled to try and stop him from swinging, to demoralize him into believing my words. It was in vain, with one clean blow my torso was sawn in two and I fell to the floor. I fell slowly, thought flew into my head, the first time I saw my family and consciously knew they were my family, my first birthday, the king of Ikana greeting me and telling my he had a great feeling about me, the day everything died. Then I clattered to the floor, I had no feeling in my bones so I didn't cry out. I yelled at the figure looming over me,"You monster, how dare you stop me from stealing your life as you stole my family's life from them, WHY?" He grunted but said nothing, I could have sworn he was crying in a way, as if he knew how I was suffering right now. He took a look at me and I heard him speak, "Why? Many people ask that question and yet no answer appears. I will tell you why. You are dead and you are jealous. that is why your people started attacking the living in Ikana canyon. Now I feel for you and your people, but I saw you murdering them, taking away their life, their soul and laughing about it." "No," I replied,"that can't be." But in the eyes of my end I knew he was speaking the truth. "No!" I screamed "I was not there I was in the castle guar..."I remembered that I was there during the great slaughter,I remembered the blood and the screams, the agonizing screams of terror and mourning that husbands and sons had died protecting the women and daughters in vain. I nodded slowly and whipered,"Please, just end my life." A single fake tear in my mind streaked down my face and onto the floor. He cleared his throat, raised his sword and swung. Everything went black and the mighty warrior fell to the ground.
End Notes:
I loved this story.
The Quest by Sad Mask being
Author's Notes:
He was in heaven and is sent back on a quest
I woke up In a field of fresh green grass with small yellow grasshoppers that jump around and fly every where. I know exactly where I am and the minute I saw the man I knew who he was. "Hello kind sir,"I sighed while bowing,"it has been a while hasn't it?" He didn't speak until a few minutes afterward. "You have never seen me, I am taking on a shape that suits YOU, I am here to restore you and your family. Your didn't partake in the massacre in Ikana and I respect that. However, I cannot give life for free, I am sending you to the temple of snow to find a pearl I left there as a souvenir and you seem to now have your original form back so how about it, will you do it?" He didn't even need to ask, as he stuck his hand out for a shake, I reached over and hugged him,"Thank you, god of mercy." was all I could say for a while. Then he explained that I could stay for one night and then I had to leave. We had a great time, we drank clear spring water and ate fresh chicken sandwiches. When it was over I had to say good bye. I left for the vast unknown waiting for any sign of hope that I could complete this task. When I awoke, I was in the body of my childhood human years. I knew what I had to do, so I set off not realizing the horror I was about to have myself.
The friend by Sad Mask being
   I had just left the cave and was looking for a sign from mercy, when I saw two people fighting. They started drawing swords when I ran over and yelled "STOP! What in the name of the giants themselves are you two doing?!" To which they replied they were fighting over who got the daughters hand of the mayor. What they didn't realize was, she was already married! I burst out laughing, I couldn't help myself. They looked over to see what was wrong with me and I told them that she was already engaged to Kafei, to which their faces dropped.They ran off crying to see if I spoke the truth. I heard a rustling behind me and jumped, ready for everything, or so I thought. A boy about my age 14 or 15 emerged from the bushes behind me. His clothes were ripped and tattered he looked rugged. He yelled, "NOW!" and my vision plunged into darkness as something jumped on me and my face met the ground. Thinking of it now I can see that conversation, "Hello ground." "Hello face, nice to meetcha." Anyway when I woke up, three hours later, I was on a wagon with one person in it whom I recognized as that boy. I went to attack him but I was weak with agony and I fell over groaning. He looked at me and said,"Hi, sorry for the pain and stuff, but we weren't sure if you would come with us or not.""With you!" I exclaimed suddenly cross,"maybe if you hadn't hit me in the head with whomever did it!" He apologized and he told his sister to take a break. She walked in and I fell deep into the confines of love. She was 13, the same age as I was and she was beautiful, she had brown hair, tan face, and when she smiled at me I felt so warm.She told me she was used to being around boys and that she wasn't interested as my face told her everything apparently. I blushed and looked away. She suddenly laughed and said that she was kidding. She was interested in me! She apologized for knocking me unconscious and I told her it was no biggee. We were on our way to the same goal! Little did I know that her brother would play a big role in an end to my story.
The gem of Mercy's power by Sad Mask being
In the evenings we would stop the wagon to eat dinner and pitch camp. We were on the doorstep of the mountain we needed to be and it was getting colder by the day. Strangely enough The horses weren't effected as I thought they would be, they had huge fur coats though so I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised. I t was hard and long getting up the mountain, we had to stop a few times because his sister, Leona, was tired or sick. I cared for her all the way and she commented that I was her Guardian angel. I blushed and kept moving, I figured I was ugly compared to her, I had Short brown hair that was at my forhead, I was pale like a vampire, I was wierd in society. I voiced my worries to her brother Gyuart who said that she used to be like me so I had nothing to worry about. We had arrived the goron shrine when I saw the stone of Mercy.
Monkey see, Monkey do by Sad Mask being
We were marveled at the size of it, it was a bright green emerald, gentle on the eyes and no one noticed at first, but it was almost too perfect. I didn't like it, but Gyuart and Leona took it without noticing. I knew it was a decoy, but I didn't want to ruin the fun of the moment, so I kept my mouth shut. We took the sight of the emerald in for a little bit longer then we set off to find a hostel. It took about five minutes strolling through the great mountain for us to get lost, there were buildings made of sand everywhere and we had to draw a map to get to the hotel where we were staying. "Geez, you'd think they'd let the minotuar loose in this city," fumed Gyuart,"I've never seen a place so winding and curving." But I was too busy lost in thought to pay attention. It was going to be valentines day soon and I was wondering what I wanted to get Leona. I was appearently making a huge fuss over it that he told me to not worry about it and that she'd be fine with whatever it was. I had been out in te bazaar to see what I could fine, and the only thing I saw that she might like was a little wooden doll with yellow squiggles for hair. I knew she probably would hate me after that, so I shrugged and moved on. I was almost in another shop, when a monkey flew out of nowhere and hit me, square in the chest. My breath was knocked out of me and I fell wheezing for air. I picked up the monkey, he was a brown, almost red, monkey who had intelligence in his eyes. It took one look at the contents in his hands to make me realize what to do, I threw him onto the floor and told him about a hiding spot I had found that he could squeeze into. He nodded and crept off. I walked into the shop and saw an assortment of hats, naturally I believed I had come to the right place. I spent some time looking around, a lot of the hats were boring and I was sure she wouldn't like them. The goron shop owner clearly saw my frustration, because she said in a scratchy old voice, "Need help son?" I told her my dilemma and she pointed out a hat that was perfect. The very next week, it was the day I handed her the present blushed then ran out of the room, I heard a squeal of delight and she ran at my arms flailing. "Darmana,"she exclaimed,"thank you so much." She thought about it for a second, walked up to me, and brushed my lips up against hers. It was the warmest I ever remember feeling in my short life but I looked into her eye after wards and she was clearly as smitten as I was. For the first time since meeting the two I was heavily upbeat. I walked out because I needed to chill and think. I walked all the way to the stone before I saw it, the monkey had followed me, all through the mountain. I told him to do a back flip, he did. I picked up a rock pointed at the glass hesitantlyhe walked up and broke it. I was beginning to think things through, I was starting to like this guy.
Farewell to Group by Sad Mask being
  In the dead of night, two black figures crept up to the castle in the shrine and silently broke the glass. They crept in, a guard walk up and before he had time to react, he was erased from life.I crept out of the shadows, knife in hand and went to search for the stone. I wlked a ways and saw it, the real stone. It was a nice shade of blue and dispersed azure moonlight into the room. I called the monkey to finish the job which he did and as I did so I didn't notice a lone figure slinking along behind me. I turned around just in time to see a thing clad in blue and gold armor, clutching a sword in a gauntlet raised high in the air. He swung but missed. I rolled to my left, pulling my knife from the sheath, and swung with all my might. I would have killed him had he not been in armor, but the force of my blow was enough to knock his helmet of and when I saw what was under it, I gasped in horror. It was Gyuart, laughing as he recovered from the hit I gave him, and I nearly fell over in despair. "Gyuart, don't do this," I muttered weakly, "we can still be friends." He merely shrugged it off and went for the finishing move. I saw the sword move slowly as it moved toward me and I welcome death as an old friend. I heard a clang, and opened my eyes. There, in plain view, was Leona, clad in smaller, lighter armor. They glared at each other for a moment or two, then she whispered slowly,"I cannot let you do this brother." To which he shoved her aside and went for the kill. As I was about to die, a blinding ray of light flew to me and touched me, right before I dissapeared, Leona yelled somthing,  think it was I love you but all I heard was,"I lo-" then a flash of light and sound cut her off, and I appeared in the land known as hyrule. I have made a peaceful life here, but every single day I remember and relive that past, I miss her with all my heart. As I lay in my death bed thinking about, what I have done, there is only one thing I regret and that thing is: I never really told her how I felt about her. Seeing as this is the last page of my journal, I will stop here. Remember, if you get ahold of this book, cherish it, it will teach you several life stories.                                 THE END
End Notes:
I hope you enjoyed the story, peace.
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