The Machine that crossed worlds by Sad Mask being
Summary: A machine that can bring live beings to other deminsions has been found by the british army in Tunisia in World War 2.
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Chapter 3 "Where are we?" by Sad Mask being
    "What the hell?!" exclaimed a master sargeant. "Stifle it," said Doyle, "we're moving out now!" The men made no reply as they started marching towards the nearest sign of life. As they were walking, the sun began to creep towards the west, the sun was going down. "We'd better make some shelter." the lieutenant thought to himself as his stumbled across a small, circular hole in the ground.Almost after he thought that, he noticed a small lantern floating in front of his face. "Hello?" Doyle called out as there was no one to behold. Suddenly a cloak apeared out of nothing and two burning yellow eyes, filled with hate, seared into his very soul. The creature let out an ear-splitting shriek and charged him, spinning the lantern. "OPEN FIRE!" he squealed in fear. A shot passed harmlessly through the beast and there seemed to be no way to kill the bugger. Finally, as if a sign from god appeared, a single bullet passed through the things eye and it disentigrated, the light falling from its slowly-dissapearing body. breaking on the ground a small fire started, then dissapeared as fast as it had come. "We'll set up camp here, you two!"the sargeant motioned for two privates to hurry over, "sit in the front of the camp and guard it, you see another on of those things you know what to do." The pair nodded, almost in unison and trodded off slowly. Doyle sighed and closed his eyes, putting his rifle on his bedpost. It was going to be a long night.
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