The Machine that crossed worlds by Sad Mask being
Summary: A machine that can bring live beings to other deminsions has been found by the british army in Tunisia in World War 2.
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1. Chapter 1The Discovery by Sad Mask being

2. Chapter 2 The New Place by Sad Mask being

3. Chapter 3 "Where are we?" by Sad Mask being

4. Chapter 4 The Green Kid by Sad Mask being

Chapter 1The Discovery by Sad Mask being
      "Right chaps, we'll secure this military base and wait for our armor to pull in," said lieutenant Doyle to his troops. He didn't want them to just sit around doing nothing, the Germans might attack and if they did, they'd be prepared. They stockpiled many crates of ammo for their Lee Enfields and sten guns, and in total, they had a great supply. "Jerry won't pull his face around here!" said the supply officer, Hendricks. The men looked dusty, in their desert combat fatigues and their helmets, they really looked like they had been through hell. "Tunisia hasn't been fair to you boys, has it?" Doyle spun around saluting and barking, "Attenshun!" The captain, also known as captain Lolly by the men, was standing, he was about six feet tall and looked very strong. He had a grey beard and always had somthing odd to say (hence the name lolly). "We're gonn eat steak tonight," he yelled profoundly. The men gave an " OORAH!" to that and went on with their business. Later that night, after the celebration and partying had died down, Doyle was summoned to a special officers meeting in the base they had just captured. "Gentlemen," the captain began gravely, " I have called you here tonight to inform you that our armor will not be coming here." cries of outrage burst out from the crowed of people, if they had no armor, how were they to stand a chance against the German artillery and Panzer tanks they kept sending their way? "However," the captain yelled over all other voices," we have found a machine that may turn the tide of the war." Complete silence filled the room, as though all life had been annihilated in a single moment. "We believe that this creation may very well be a teleportation device that can get us into Berlin befroe the bastards know what hit them!" Slamming his hand on the table he said this with vigor in his heart and rage in his eyes. "We don't know if we'll be able to recieve you in the device," he started, his voice sothing lower in colume, "but you should be able to take out the enemy without their noticing and kill Hitler before the Americans and the Russians. Any Volunteers?"
Chapter 2 The New Place by Sad Mask being

    "I volunteer!" said a voice above the crowed. It was Doyle! He was determined to win the war and be a hero for his country. He was the only one to do this though, and he was greeted with handshakes and hi-fives. He walked upp to the podium where the captain was standing whom informed him about the mission. He was told to be in the barracks at 5 in the morning, not a problem for him and his men, as they were always up at 4:30 to stretch and excercise. In the morning the 30-man group walks over to the barracks where they see a military policeman standing outside the door. He sees their identification and allows them to move along. When they get inside they gasp in unison. A red pod, big enough to hold a sherman tank was there right in front of them! None of them could believe their eyes and a few of them rubbed their eyes to see if they were dreaming. The captain gave them the usual speech, I am proud of each and every one of you... the usual stuff. Then he wishes each man good luck on their mission and the soldiers pack into the confined area. It wasn't as crowded as they once thought, in fact it wasn't very warm! They waved goodbye to the military scientists seeing them off and finally a bright greenswirly ray of light erupted from the exact middle of the pod and a blackness over took each soldiers conciousness's. One by one, the soldiers went out like a light.

    When they woke up, they were in a field with the sun shineing around them.A bird of some kind was flying above their heads. This wasn't Germany!

Chapter 3 "Where are we?" by Sad Mask being
    "What the hell?!" exclaimed a master sargeant. "Stifle it," said Doyle, "we're moving out now!" The men made no reply as they started marching towards the nearest sign of life. As they were walking, the sun began to creep towards the west, the sun was going down. "We'd better make some shelter." the lieutenant thought to himself as his stumbled across a small, circular hole in the ground.Almost after he thought that, he noticed a small lantern floating in front of his face. "Hello?" Doyle called out as there was no one to behold. Suddenly a cloak apeared out of nothing and two burning yellow eyes, filled with hate, seared into his very soul. The creature let out an ear-splitting shriek and charged him, spinning the lantern. "OPEN FIRE!" he squealed in fear. A shot passed harmlessly through the beast and there seemed to be no way to kill the bugger. Finally, as if a sign from god appeared, a single bullet passed through the things eye and it disentigrated, the light falling from its slowly-dissapearing body. breaking on the ground a small fire started, then dissapeared as fast as it had come. "We'll set up camp here, you two!"the sargeant motioned for two privates to hurry over, "sit in the front of the camp and guard it, you see another on of those things you know what to do." The pair nodded, almost in unison and trodded off slowly. Doyle sighed and closed his eyes, putting his rifle on his bedpost. It was going to be a long night.
Chapter 4 The Green Kid by Sad Mask being
Author's Notes:
By the way NCO stands for non-commissioned officer.
    In the middle of the night, Doyle awoke to a man screaming, "God, get the buggers off of me!" He was in such a hurry, sprinting down the rows of tent that he didn't notice the hole in the ground. He tripped, tumbling until he fell into the hole, and a moan erupted from the spot. "Mate, are you okay?" one of the NCO's called out. The poor man groaned again and, with the rope that they had, they eventually pulled him out. There was a plat, about the size of a planting pot, sticking out of his stomach. The medic had no idea what kind it was and when he asked him how that had happened, he said he saw somthing flyigng, raised his gun, fired and missed. Before he could reload his bolt, the thing attached itself to him.Other than the plant the man had a cracked rib and his left leg was broken. This is a dangerous place, thought Doyle. After walking for what seemed like hours, they came across a village with a windmill on a hill in the background. The people took sideways glances at them and clearly spoke in english, but didn't interact with the soldiers. Finally a rather large man wearing a green tunic and hat walked up to them and asked if they were fighting Ganondorf too. "Gano- wah?" was the reply of the men. Well you do know don't you. The men leaned in closer.
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