I Once Was Lost,But Now I'm Found by PrincessKaylee

Kaylee.She'd been country,always taken the blame and got the beating.that enabled her to fight hard and long,even with much blood loss.She'd been a sister role model,sassy and full of sprit. She'd been decisive, clever and amazing.Her blue eyes captivated people when they looked at her, she was wonderful with animals,and loyal to the end and beyond.she dreamed of being a  knight,but feared that would not happen,for she was just a country girl,rancher.But She would sing and dance her heart away to ease her worries and fears.She would dance and sing fpr others entertainment,and almost always had a smile on her face.

and dreams do come true indeed...to a degree...

After being stuck down with a series of arrows magic and strikes,she collasped.an soilder raised his sword to anniahlate her.but somone appeared and saved her.they bandaged her. she doesn't know who she really is...or that someone she never knew is her family,and they have been waiting ten years for her.

She is fifthteen,with long slightly wavy auburn hair,blue eyes and a pale complexion,wich also captivated people-her outside beauty.

but what about...what about the inner woman,the inner beauty?And who,who is she really? what path will she take?light or dark,fire or ice,royal or maiden,rancher or adventurer,pure and good,or blackened and dark?

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 isNo,anything in the games that i use is  not  mine.oh and,if my story stinks,please be honest and tell me.but i really do try.and i don't bother with capital letter,no complaints there k?
the beginning... by PrincessKaylee
Author's Notes:
i hate this it SUCKS!
My home was ambushed.we had them We had the last spritual stone,the sapphire.I'd awoken to the sounds of meatal clashing,drawstring letting,rocks hurling,the pound of flesh against flesh and screaming.they were here,that i surely could say.My family had been warned along with comrades and close friends, but we were the guardians of the stone.our friends were loyal,our comrsdes brave.we had 5 gorons,a couple of twilli,6 gerudo,3 kokiri.The kokiri would take out anything small that escaped the main formations.the gorns would crushed colums of them while a kokiri with a couple of gerudos were collecting dropped weapons and supplies.the twilli of cousre used magic.the other 4 gerudo would use jump attacks on enemies who'd dropped their guard.and they would do thrusts.

I was supposed to be the next violet maiden.But-i was not so composed as the other heirs to the titles and the maidens themselves. i was-a...fighter.i would practice hand on hand combat with boys five years older than me daily.that was when i was a little girl. now i did acrechy as a tween.and i just completed four years of sword training.

i ran out after grabbing my crossbow and sword.somehow,i had no shield.

"you will not take the sapphire!"my feistyness emerged once more.I crouched down and aimed at a hoarde of moblins who surrouded a kokiri boy.three out of nine dead.2 draws later,they were all dead.i ran out into the middle of the fieldand did a flaming spin attack. i jump thrusted an gibdos and down thrust 2 moblins. i used ice arrows on a couple of gurudos.i jumped down and burned another couple of gibdos. i swipped out five octorok in one shot.

but i'd taken damagre too.arrows too the back of my shoulder,one to the center of my back,one ti my right hip sd three to my left leg. my left arm had a deep full arm gash in it with a not so deep one crossing it in the center.while an arrow was still in my shoulder,a blades flat side shoved it deeper.i'd been nicked in the ear by a lance and that same lance cut across my face three times.fire arrow hit the right side of my chest and an ice to the left.a lighting ball hit me flat in the chest.and i was roundhouse kicked on my side and stabbed with a stilletto in the stomach.i got two arrows getting my forehead with a sideswipe.one was very deep-the one from the front.the other two weren't deep.

"arrghhh..."I groaned.I'd started to have blurry vision from blood loss.and i was so drenched in it that i loked like a murderer.when i was about to collaspe hylian guards arrived.i feeblely jumped off of the cliff i was standing on and rolled,leaving a trail of blood.

"They're all gone sirs..the monsters...is..everyone ok...i..have..to..know if they are..."weak.the one word describing me at the time.instead of helping,the giards geabbed hold of me.

"you did this to innocients?"

"no.to octoroks,moblins,boblins,bits and bot,ache,darhria,stalfos,gibdo,moldorms,poes,wolfos in white and brown,and so forth misters.now, would you please let me go?"


"Godessess...this might be the end of me..."a guard raised a sword to annialate me.the last thing i saw was a young man fighting them off.
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yeah..bad right..?please tell me how bad it was!
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