Emerald and Link by PrincessKaylee
Summary: not fighty bloody and all that.
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1. Chapter 1 by PrincessKaylee

2. Chapter 2 by PrincessKaylee

Chapter 1 by PrincessKaylee
ten years ago i had run away.run away from all i had ever known. from fear of being killed, for i had the sprit of the white pearl in me. war had been fought for me-because of my beauty-and i would not let any more blood be shed for this.i was not worth it, and i never was.it all sickened me.

and the sprit of the white pearl was passed on to my daughter. i was more afraid than ever, but not for me, for my young daughther.her father died in a war, but before he did, he handed me our daughter. she would have the white pearl soon...i knew that the enemy was hunting for me,and that they would kill me soon.

i brought her to the great deku tree,where i gently set her down on the ground next to a baby boy with a green hat. then i ran off to face death,all so that they wouldn't happen to kill my daughter.she was my life. and if i had to die for her,i wold gladly do so,as did her father.

a long ten years passed,and i saw the pearls beauty emerge clearly and purely in her.she had skin that was almost white,eyes of a deep and passionate ocean blue,and long,wavy dark brunnete hair that reached her waist.and she was definitly different from the others.so was the boy i'd set her by.

the deku tree raised all of the kokiri lovenly,as well as my daughter.i was grateful for the selflessness he had towards others. the blessing he gave to the forest.it breathed life into all in its land. i was quite glad i had gotten my daughter to this serene place. i trusted she would have a peaceful life here.

"Mido, leave Link alone!I don't understand why the Great Deku Tree raised you kindly!"

"Link's not a real Kokiri!He doesn't even have a fairy!"

"Fairy or not, he is much better than the likes of you!"

"Since when?every real Kokiri has their own fairy."

"I am proud of Link for being strong despite the pain that being different has brought him.I don't have a fairy,yet you aren't mean to me.why is that Mido!"

"Who cares about you Emerald!all you do is scold and lecture.you are no fun!"

"Link is a wonderful kokiri,i know he is destined for greatness."

"Ember...please calm down.Please?"

"F-Fine Link.but only for you and Saria."

"That's right!run away losers!"

I twisted a short peice of my hair around in frustration. they really weren't worth it, so why did i bother to fuss?because Link was my friend. beacause friends will protect each other.

"Ember,why do you always get worked up when Mido starts?"

"I'm not totaly sure Saria.Maybe it is beacause Link is my friend, and i feel the need to help him,and to protect him how i can."

"Hmm.sounds resonable enough."

"did you two even notice i was here?"

"you snuck in,so we would know how Link?"

"saria, you have the best hearing of any kokiri i know."


"anyway,its getting late,so i better get going home now."

"Bye Link."

"Bye Ember,Saria."

The great Deku tree sent both of them faries.together,along with a useless Mido,they defeated Gohma,morpheel,byrinade,and manay others as children. now how about the master sword?when they arrived?yes, she was with him.
Chapter 2 by PrincessKaylee
"Link...are you sure that's safe?"

"i have a destiny as the hero of time emerald.i think i can."

"i wish i could,but it is hard to belive you completely."

"i can see you as the hero of time,though.you've got a great setiny."

he smiled at her."thanks."with all of his might, he pulled the sword.a bright white light spread from the pedestal,and they both turned away thier heads some and shielded their faces.

"Has the Hero of time finally come?"

"Awaken as the Hero of time..."



"Link,where are you?"

"You are too youngn to face him right now...you will go into an magical sleep for seven years..."

"and who is that girl...?"

"Ganondorf...is he taking the triforce?!"

"Awaken in seven years,young hero..."


as said,seven years passed for them.and when they awoke, thier appearences were quite different. link now had a hylian shield and the master sword in an elaborate sheath.my daughter emerald, she had an elaborate golden,glided bow,as well as two small swords.Link also had a bow, but sinifigantly stronger than hers.they had both trained with bows as young children.Link had some experience with a sword,a bit more than Emerald.

"I am Raru,one of the ancient sages who guarded this temple."

"What are you?"

"and who are you to interupt me girl?"

"free speech."


"i know that!"

"Link,as you probably have already noticed,you are not really a kokiri.royal hylian blood flows through your veins, just like princess zelda."

"I'm a hylian..."

"The great deku tree already knew you're destiny.your father died in a battle called the imprisioning war several years ago. even though your mother was mortally wounded,she took you into the forbidden woods before she passed away.when the great deku tree saw you,he knew you were destined to be great.he took you in and raised you lovingly like all the other kokiri."

"Why didn't he tell me...?"

"Because it was best for you to discover it on your own.now, you should be going now."

Link nodded.so did Emerald.side by side,bow and arrows and a sword in hands.
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