House Hylia by Emilee o
Summary: Deri and Fraya aka the king and Queen are killed their daughter Zelda spared.Zelda Hylia is the future queen living with her servant Ike.She must get through 7th grade with her fiance and a boy named Link.
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A sad day for Hyrule by Emilee o
Hyrule 12 years ago.
This day King Deri was in his office was in his office he was attacked by bandits then Queen Fraya came in with 1 year old Zelda.She was gunned down They asked their killers to spare Zelda which they did.But this is not what happend.
"Don't hurt my family." screamed Deri. Suddenly the attacker pinned down Fraya Zelda in her room sleeping.Are you going to let Zelda marry Marth or not."Never."hissed Deri spitting in Noble man Kane 's face leader of house blood.Kane took out a knife cutting a bit of Frayas throat."Ahhhh."screamed Fraya."Come on".siad Kane in a annoyed voice.Getting tired Kane pulled out a gun and shot Fraya.Deri screamed Kane shot Deri and walked out he climbed it the window and got in his car and left.

House blood 12 years ago
Kane enterd the manor quietly he enterd his room his wife Hia was sleeping.He went to go check on his son Marth.He enterd the nursery.Baby Marth was wide awake staring at his father like he had known what he had done.Kane did not sleep that night he was just staring at the celling.
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